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  1. I saw one of the fan acc on igs screenshot that before...i think its at the midnight lmh follow kge acc then a fews minutes or hours later he unfollow after some of the fans post and share the screencap on igs..if i'm not wrong, the fan acc didn't delete the post, she/he made it private after that. I think i am also saw that lmh's igs acc follow 3 acc but i dont bother to check before coz i am too focus to the TKEM drama at that time...
  2. hahaha how much visible his waistband or how thin his shirt....glowing in the waist. this make my brain *cough*
  3. Guys, can someone try to zoom on lmh, under wdh left hand inside lmh's shirt..its like phone screen light and i saw something. My eyes could be wrong or my phone.
  4. First sentence is they conversation about their fate if it can be change...Gon looked at sleeping TE. Gon quietly kissed tae eul cheek...
  5. Off topic...kge emoticon comment on wdh post got almost 20k likes....look like most of us missed her so bad..
  6. I read the news from naver, that 12 major films including Hero is for the Cannes Film Festival's online film market (due to covid) will be held from 22th to 26th.
  7. "Director Yoon Je-gyun 's 'Hero' preparing for release in the second half is a full-fledged musical film that transfers a hit musical of the same name to the screen." Rough transilation to the highlighten words.
  8. Haha...finally i found a words that i am always used. Our king and queen can't resist for each other.
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