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  1. @RosesAreRed chinggu, the video MYM requested to have removed or taken down is LMH's greeting for MINOZ 11th membership as today is the beginning of the 11th membership.
  2. 1. What were you two doing or talking about playfully at the beach set? 2. Question to KGE: What was your first reaction about LMH posting Dancing Universe on your birthday?
  3. Finally, it's up again!!! Kept refreshing the page! I wonder if our King or Queen updated while this forum was down and we all didn't know where to go
  4. Actually, some of the lyrics of Taylor Swift's Cornelia Street kindda seems similar to the deep meaning of the song LMH posted: And I hope I never lose you, hope it never endsI'd never walk Cornelia Street againThat's the kind of heartbreak time could never mendI'd never walk Cornelia Street again
  5. I love you co-capt! and yes, I waited for you to slap me with this. Okay, I'm good now. Some ladies do love to listen to sad love songs while it's raining and it doesn't mean they are heartbroken. It's just for the feels I guess.
  6. This is like the opposite of Dancing Universe. Uggh, and with that raindrops on a window makes it more sad
  7. We have a new song now huh. We can't even move on from Dancing Universe just yet, sir, and now you drop this, this... romantic new song to us.
  8. Wonderful playlist, chingu! I've added three songs including Best Part by Daniel Cesar ft H.E.R. It's the song KGE covered on her IG live before
  9. Ikr. If we all die with just this low key confession of love by the Captain, how are we all gonna take it when they reveal they're together?!! How? His post maybe cryptic but I love how low key it is and still very romantic with the view and music. I can't with this guy.
  10. Yes, it seems he's on a bike. How many minutes away is his house from KGE's again? Are they going to check the LED lights bday ad made for her? Ugggh my heart, my head!
  11. Hi @kdeuramafan this is so beautiful. Plus, I love Ed Sheeran's Kiss Me as it holds a sentimental meaning for me. This was played on my wedding day while my husband and I had our first dance. This is very romantic and sexy at the same time. I hope our royal couple sees this! And they'll play this on their wedding day too!
  12. lurker here but wanted to share this if not yet. saw this funny IG post today. It's the video that's supposed to be taken down but apparently some fans made a meme with this instead. btw, I love the interactions in this forum. I support y'all and of course LMX x KGE!
  13. Hi. New here and been following this thread since the beginning. If not discussed yet, I just noticed that Prince Bu yeong's son in the night of the treason who was the one who helped LL escape was young but on baby LG's coronation day (1st ep behind Prince Bu Yeong as LG walked the aisle), the son was the old version holding the hand of his daughter probably Se Jin, the supposed to be heir? If anybody can do some clarification on this, that would help! Many thanks! I can't post the photos but if somebody could, many thanks as well.
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