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  1. @RosesAreRed chinggu, the video MYM requested to have removed or taken down is LMH's greeting for MINOZ 11th membership as today is the beginning of the 11th membership.
  2. 1. What were you two doing or talking about playfully at the beach set? 2. Question to KGE: What was your first reaction about LMH posting Dancing Universe on your birthday?
  3. Finally, it's up again!!! Kept refreshing the page! I wonder if our King or Queen updated while this forum was down and we all didn't know where to go
  4. Actually, some of the lyrics of Taylor Swift's Cornelia Street kindda seems similar to the deep meaning of the song LMH posted: And I hope I never lose you, hope it never endsI'd never walk Cornelia Street againThat's the kind of heartbreak time could never mendI'd never walk Cornelia Street again
  5. I love you co-capt! and yes, I waited for you to slap me with this. Okay, I'm good now. Some ladies do love to listen to sad love songs while it's raining and it doesn't mean they are heartbroken. It's just for the feels I guess.
  6. This is like the opposite of Dancing Universe. Uggh, and with that raindrops on a window makes it more sad
  7. We have a new song now huh. We can't even move on from Dancing Universe just yet, sir, and now you drop this, this... romantic new song to us.
  8. Wonderful playlist, chingu! I've added three songs including Best Part by Daniel Cesar ft H.E.R. It's the song KGE covered on her IG live before
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