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  1. TBH, I'm happy for Hyun Bin. He deserves to be happy. For Kyo, she will heal and then find true love. Let's not resort into ship wars guys. Let's respect. Love you, guys!!!!
  2. I also like that Han Jimin was mentioned in the interview. I like HJM. I remember, when HB was asked in one of his Guerrilla Date guestings, who was the most beautiful actress that he has worked with, he shyly answered, HJM. But in my mind and in my heart, as an HB stan for so long, I know he meant KYO. LOL. Peace, Binnie. Love you. Hahaha (Just for fun guys.. No pun intended)
  3. Hyun Bin was asked in the Esquire Korea interview about CLOY and his co-star because if you remember, he was also the cover of Esquire in September 2019 while he was filming the drama which was also for OMEGA. The transition was mentioned from filming the drama to ending it and then filming his latest movie, Bargaining. In the second part of the interview, he was asked about Bargaining - how the filming went in Jordan, Hwang Jung Min, weather condition, etc. Few actors that he worked with were mentioned as well. I like how casual the interview went reading the Esquire Kr article. I can't wait
  4. Wow. Bin and Kyo are definitely rocking their magazine covers, and both are for January 2021 issue at that. It's definitely a good new 2021 for all of us then! I already purchased HB's magazine via a third-party portal. Can someone tell me where to get Kyo's?
  5. Hi guys, How are you all doing? I hope all is well. I hope everyone's "DEGREE" of health and sanity is still okay considering the pandemic the world is facing. Hahaha. @KimSooHanMoo your posted photos of Hyun Bin and Kyo are all beautiful. Atleast we get to see beautiful people in this chaotic world from time to time. I'm swamped with work but reading your posts when I have the time.
  6. Oh I got it. OYS of Korean Odyssey. She is also the girl who was offered to join Swindler's cast in 2016, but NANA got the role. She's really pretty. There is no smoke if there's no fire. Hmm. But if it's true, I'm happy for HB... finally! You are right guys, then it's time for HB and SHK to make a drama or movie together. Lol
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