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  1. love this animated film. Hahahha and i am still a fan of that genius person who recognized the cute similarities of a bunny and ggone!
  2. Troot to the ultimate receipt! You cant ignore that gesture on july 2. some people just have no faith to that july 2 gesture of LMH. but i feel sad that fans are sad and provoked. finding evidences actually for real will always be futile....because from the start the source we have is a fiction drama. acting too real is actually the skill they should achieve. So general people would relate to the story. but for the many kdramas some people saw and bts along with it. I think its not wrong to compare and observe. because we humans are naturally curious. And its nice to
  3. Omg. I am really in gutterland. I dont know why that LIKING made me for me this is a loaf! Btw your research is just exceptional! Please continue... hahahahah! btw the heat of negativity of this visibility of ggones appa are appearing in socmed. For me, ggone appa is smart and siMply a stage father. Its true for me. But to the haters...ggone father is just SUPER PROUD and that this actress is actually his work of art. This person is 50 percent from his dna. He knows that. And he wants everybody to know that. Why wouldnt he be? She can be glamorous with chungmuro lights everywhere a
  4. Watching train to busan then this https://www.allhorror.com/public/uploads/2018/10/train-to-busan-ml.jpg ohh KGE could’ve played her!!!! mahbrain again oh the topic of new building for BH. the rumor that the reason they moved, its kind of farfetched. Its just to superficial for a billion-worth companies to do strategies based on the said idea. Most people are smart and most people does not give a damn about buildings. Hahahah! hey to those haters, if LMHxKGE are dating, even if their agency buildings are thousands miles awa
  5. I am watching a random episode of TKEM. And noticed that KGE was really SUPER PRETTY in this series. Hahahahah. I am weird. I know pips! The episode was when she went around for the first time in corea. Mah gad mah brain. i thought all this time she was cute *goblin pa rin. and also...*influenced by sooooo many photos i saw that is not related to TKEM.of course she is soooooo beautiful in those. Then i remembered why i wasnt looking at her particularly... i was looking at the van too LMH! Joke to the haters! of course i was looking at you Lee mi
  6. Why is this sooo cutttteeee. I cant. Why do fans come up with so much more from a mere BTS??? wWHYY???how can i move on. Can they just announce that they are just acting??? So i can stop mahbrain now. Please. Hahhaha. I gibup. Joke. Still part of my daily prayer is LMHxKGE forevermore!
  7. Hwow. Amazing article by pinkvilla. They used the fans. Lazy and Pathetic. Plot twist!Maybe the writer’s feelings Pinkvilla is a desperate and crazy fan of LMHxKGE too. The writer is just like us desperate for news. HAHAHHAH! but i know the real reason this media did this. I bet you the article that was most viewed in this website had LMH topic in it. And i bet you if we audit their website, that article would have been in historical proportion of numbers for them. So for awhile now nobody is reading nor visiting there site. And they know the strategy for good publicity. LMH will
  8. I love the scare feeling of horror movies. Where my heart rate jacked up for few seconds! Then laugh after because it sooo scary! Try it! You forget TKEM for awhile! Hahahah! But JUON is some !@$! story. Its not the scary typical zombie ghost story. Not recommend it to depressed pips. Do not watch if you are emotional. Hahahahah! Its a very sad story. i love shutter!!! Hahahah!!! He actually deserve it! That is my take to it until today when i recall it. So i am actually happy after watching it!!! Hahah. Mahbrain is weird.
  9. Same here friend. Its not TKEM anymore. Its LMHxKGE! Hahahahah! Cant stop seeing both of them on other actors! Oh mah brain.
  10. @extrodinairey thailand scary movies are also legit scary films. And they have the same way of telling stories by shadowing the bad reality of human relationships in the world by putting ghosts and monsters in it. Hahaha. btw i saw the latest one in netflix “the maid” its a suspense but too slow for me.didnt get scared too much. At least i was not sad after finishing it, unlike juon series. and I actually liked the main actor. Cute like KGE! Hahaha! Oh mahbrain still cant focus sometimes.
  11. Its a ghost story from japan. It spawned several movies for many years and netflix got its right to produce the origin story of it. Not a fan of the films but i am aware of its existence. So i just tried it, Because I like scary thriller stuffs. And it is actually a short series. And appears to be a long movie as a whole, because its just chopped in 6 episodes. And per episode is just 30 mins long. 3 hrs only. Well its kinda ahhhh...dont watch it if you dont want to feel sad. Hahahahahah. Be ready for something sweet to eat after per episode i guess. i recommend you do that so
  12. Can i suggest your next binge worthy series? juon orig series!!! Hahahahahahahhaha! opposite poles friend! You will kinda forget EVRYTHING after even maybe your name. After watching it, *didnt understand half of it. Need to read something about it for help! Hahahahah! but obviously just eat some sweets and browse socmed again. You are actually giddy again. But at least you get some reminders in your consciousness that you have that memory of juon. In small doses! It helped me moved on from too much TKEM! Hahahaha!
  13. Hey! Wow that post by LMH. Hey they said its a very popular song in SK. At least 50 covers were done for it. LMHxKGE like it. Like singing with it *its a popular song. Soooo.... The song may have been really about the mood of the moment. Btw in east asia and southeast asia it had been raining for the past 2-3weeks. Maybe the Raining left that mood. And That song is really appropriate. Just saying. I know in different countries with different culture we might have that similarities about music choices at least?that sometimes You just sing songs that was very familiar when y
  14. Omg we are the same!!! A friend recommended something in the rain. I refused any korean series and most particularly with romantic theme to watch now. Cant move on. I cant even rewatch TKEM. I feel so helpless. I watched juon orig *a very disturbing series...and wow i jmagined KGE and LMH in it that they could act on it. My brain needs rewiring i guess. i know that the only solution for me is...a very urgent news from them. Get married na! Hahahahah! This is soooo witty. https://twitter.com/darnmysecret12/status/1281869526775336961?s=21
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