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  1. I always love this piece of article.. also, i love the way the artist portray Ggone.. it's so different from other actresses where the emphasized their strengest features (deep eyes, childalike, etc).. Ggones was pictured with an abstarct artwork and the intreperation blows my mind.. it really is Ggone, in my opinion.. she has always been exploring new role, new character.. uri Ggone JJANG!!! Graphic designer Lee Ki-jun . Major works include Yooyu's books and Minumsa's murmurs. He opened the <Book Notice> exhibition to imagine the new landscape of the book, and wrote the prose book <I'm Sorry>. “With a circle, a triangle, and a square, you can contain the whole world. The fun of exploring the unique appearance and atmosphere of a specific person with landscapes and shapes was fun. I still don't know if it was appropriate to paint the lilies that make up the skeleton of the face white or if it had to be black.”
  2. before i went to sleep, i was thinking "How will LMH look in RED shorts? why is it always black?"...and then i had a dream about me buying a new red liptcik.. Oh okay.. gotta do online shopping now.. maybe if i bought the red lipstick, he'll come to my dream wearing red shorts.. teeheeeee
  3. just saying..not asking.. how many of you actually post music video mimicking your heartbreak? i would not, coz i'll be surely too busy crying or being in denial or being angry.. so lets say less than 10%.. esp. men.. how many of you feeling romantic in rainy days? even if you're single AF? i'd say, 90%.. esp. women.. so you dont have to be in a relationship to be feeling romantic.. how many of you actually post a video while listening to music and PURPOSEDLY waited for certain lyrics from the music to convey in a social media post? I bet it'll be less than 10% of us.. and it's us women.. for men it will be less than 1%, i believe.. so, it's the vibe of the music in general yes? not certain lyrics which i believe was there accidentally.. if it's the lyrics that i want to convey, i will post the lyrics.. in writing.. full stop.. How many of you thinking about your ex when you're feeling a romantic vibe from a song? esp you longtime ex.. and especially when it seemed like you've shown symptomps of falling in love recently?? my conclusion.. we can be sure he's just feeling the music, perfect for the rainy days.. what happened in his mind,we dont know.. but lets say we dont want to analyze it too much so we agreed that it's not related to his current ladylove (whomever it is), but i unrefutedly thinkit cannot be about ex.. it will be the 0,0001% from the deduction.. Can we move on from the song and what it could be or could not?
  4. Yaass!!! i agree.. I would love my daughter to marry someone as sweet as JHI.. well, i consider Ggone my daughter as well.. HAHAHHAHAHAHA..
  5. dont you guys think the parking area is awfully empty??? what a perfect spot to have a secret date.. especially with rain.. also, that other car, i dont think it was leaving.. more like, it just came and tried to park near his car... so maybe he's waiting for her while listening to the song.. and yes there she is! i am waiting for the next fan fiction ttiled "OUR SECRET PARKING LOT BECAME NOT SO SECRET ANYMORE THANKS TO CRAZY SHIPPERS"
  6. Ahhhh... i see... so maybe our captain is getting himself familiar with the singer and his songs because she has recommended this Jihoon guy to sing on their wedding day.. dont judge me, i just believe what i want to believe.. i am cray cray in love.. dont bother to correct my delulu..
  7. EXACTLY!!! hahahahahahahha i think she might be there... she's the one choosing the song playlist.. LOOLLL i mean, one of Ggone fave singer is Lee Soo Ra.. She thought her songs accompanied her for her whole life.. and her favorite song is PLEASE DONT GO AWAY FROM MY SIDE..Notice any resemblance, shippers?? the title of these two songs are kinda.. THE SAME.. hahaha how you like that? PS: I am one who loves sentimental songs.. i might listen to it whenever i like.. it doesnt have to mimick my current mood.. so yeah.. LMH might post it just because he likes it..
  8. WTH?? one minute i was happy.. now i am sad-anxious.. GOSH THIS SHIP!!!!!!! on another thought, maybe they're having their first couple fight? and this is him apologizing? *this post contains delulu*
  9. i believe all the FBI aka MinEun STANS are now busy finding which app to scrape off the water drops on that car window so we could see whether there is a reflection on that side mirror.. i mean, the title is MY LOVE BY MY SIDE.. i think she's literally there.. I am supporting WEIBO STAN, PLEASE PROCEED THE INVESTIGATION!
  10. I SECOND THIS!!!! Goshhh.. this draught.. btw, i just finished two epi of DMZ.. the BIGGEST REVELATION for me is that LMH HAS SKIN PORE Y'AALLL !!! HAHAHAHHAHHA.. It made me feel a lil bit better about my pore LOL
  11. OMOOOO!!! i just cracked LMH's IG post with romantic song.. the sub ship is sailing further and further!! with maximum speed!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY THE UNBREAKABLE SWORD!!! Enjoy your "DANCING UNIVERSE" with your one and only.. the whole romantic post and the song.. all is for Do Hwan guys.. @Heerayaay.. thank you dear!
  12. LADIES!!! URGENT!! Where can i watch LMH's DMZ documentation?? Anybody knows? with SUB please... Coz I am in serious need of my LMH-KGE fix..Right now! Grrr... I cant watch anything else now, thanks to these two!! On side note, when i browsed LMH's pic (pls dont judge me!!), I cannot help but thinking "How does it feel to wake up to THIS face every morning?"..Hmm.. too yummy.. But then i think again.. I wont envy Ggone tho.. I kinda "pity" her actually... hahahha.. I mean, if i have this drop gorgeous man to be mine.. FIRST I dont think i'll be able to function every morning.. So bye bye my productive morning.. SECOND i think i will start having trust issue LOL.. esp. to ALL women, young, old, baby, teenagers, single, taken, sexually active, sexually frustrated, menopause.. Lets say i trust him to be 100% faithful to me, yess.. BUT there is no waaaaay i am gonna trust those bishes out there to not droll and try to snatch my boo.. .. Oh Ggone.. Ottokeeee... why cant you find someone less attractive.. hahahaha
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