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  1. LOL.. i agree with you.. as much as i want LMH to be Jessi's guest (that will be SUPER EPIC but 99% impossibe, i believe), lets wish for Gonie instead.. maybe she became friends with Jessi already after recording together.. one can wish..
  2. Completely agree with you! TKEM cast is really special to my heart.. I know Gonie always keeps her friendship with he rprevious co-stars.. she's seen with LDW, GY, all the gank from movie "sunset in my hometown".. But seeing her interactions with WoDoHwan in IG is giving me warm feelings.. before this picture came, WoDoHwan replied to her comment on his IG about asking her to cook the spicy braised chicken.. is it the one on the table?? So Gonie actually cooked for them, eh? AWWWWWW.. they are very close then.. My heart.. PS: Does anyone here have link to
  3. hi ladiess... been quite some times... I read that we were discussing the micro bang.. i might have unpopular opinion but i think it's so cute on her... make her looks 10 years younger, while we all agree that she alway looks like a 20 yo Do we have update on the release date of Hero? Goshh...
  4. still cant believe yesterday happened.. how could a gathering of a group of friends could make me screaming like a child?! cant imagine whats gonna be like in this ship WHEN the announcement comes..
  5. Girlss.... if it's Gonie's house, we be like "Awwwww.. looks like someone is gonna stay longer than the others.. " If it's Euncha's house "Awwww.. they both must come together and he's gonna drop her off to her apt later.." Really.. This ship will always win..
  6. If i were the photographer, i would have a heart attack here.. someone pls check Gonie's heart now please..
  7. I AM LITERALLY CRYING NOW!!!!! Guysss.... i love you... cant believe my eyes when i saw them posting... I've been trying to not posting anything here and be a lurker these past few months.. but really, today is a happy day and i have no intention to move on!!! HUGS FOR ALL MY FELLAS HERE!! The old ahjumaas gank and also the new ones!!
  8. OH WOW.. why is she doing this? She teases alot lately, dont we agree.. remember the LV post by LMH which was then followed by her posting Chanel.. and then here comes her cover magazine "FALL IN LOVE".. and to add more fuel, during the Untact presscon, Ggone was teased by the PDnim and MC as the pretty one, the expert in love story, and PD nim consulted her on love story.. I was like, WHY UNIVERSE WHY???? STOP DOING THIS TO OUR HEART!!! Okay,, so when is the wedding invitation again guys? the great makhsimus has be
  9. Hi ladies!! so the illegal passangers have been thrown out to the open water or what? LOL I read in twitter some people are speculating Ggone is having a couple photoshot.. But it's with Maximus.. Why they love teasing us like this... okay, ladies please wake me up when they're sending out wedding invitation, kay?
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