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  1. I think yj is good man's four leaf clover ! He shines with her around.. like how capt ri protect seri all the time even when they didn't know each other
  2. I think it's the tv on and the guy sounds abit like good man but too short to confirm
  3. Some people says this is like kdrama with the sudden twist. If you watch enough Kdrama you will realised. All the shows will end with the main leads being together despite having alot of interference. . So no worries. This ship will sail.
  4. One more subtle line was after the boat scene Seri mention do you think this is Hollywood? Capt Ri says I have never been to Hollywood. But they were caught in LA grocery shopping ..
  5. I was wondering why they need to mention that ! Haha . But i bet she is receiving good recommandation for investment from the expert building Investor hb
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