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  1. I see a lot of questions regarding filming timelines and was wondering if anyone knew of a website that records this. I search timelines on the internet, but most websites only mention the release dates. Not the start and end of filming. Wikipedia sometimes adds the filming dates, but it is not consistent. I think establishing timelines help shippers like us understand more how our OTP's relationship might have started and developed.
  2. My favorite Son Ye Jin dramas are: Summer Scent, Alone in Love, Personal Taste, Something in the Rain and Crash Landing on You (the best). Favorite films by Son Ye Jin: Lover's Concerto, The Classic, A Moment to Remember (the best), Spellbound, The Tower, Blood and Ties, The Pirates, The Last Princess, and Be with You.
  3. @ElectricHearts I watched it so long ago, but what I remember is SYJ's character was friends with the main male lead who was in love with the female lead. There was a lot of conflicts and complicated story lines. Since, I was only interested in SYJ's character, I was skipping many of the scenes she was not in. It was hard to watch, because it never engaged me. I quit watching it after a while.
  4. @bin-jin Was the Twitter post about a movie scene HB did? What movie is this?
  5. I watched Delicious Proposal on Netflix DVD, and Sunhee and Jinhee on a website I cannot remember. But I watched them several years ago. The stories for both were interesting. I wish the lead men were different. For example, it would have been better if Su Ji Sub was the lead and romantic interest for SYJ in Delicious Proposal.
  6. I watched several episodes of Great Ambition when it was available online. It is very long and SYJ is not part of the lead. She plays a female disguised as a male. I was only interested in it because SYJ was in it. I always wanted to watch Painted Fire, but never had the chance. I watched Delicious Proposal and Sun-hee and Jin-hee a few years ago. I tried to watch Secret Tears, but lost interest when I realized SYJ was voice acting, but was not there. It was an odd movie that I could not understand. The leading man in it is also in Sun-hee and Jin-hee.
  7. Do you know when Spellbound was filmed? This movie would have been perfect for HB as costar for SYJ. I did not think there was much chemistry with her leading man in that movie and imagined HB in it. I know HB was busy doing Secret Garden in 2010, plus he was not single at the time.
  8. I just finished reading what fanney wrote. I am still unconvinced, because if this happened and she knew HB declined projects with her because she declined to go out with him, SYJ would not have brought it up so casually and blame him for not accepting the projects. Moreover, she said in the Guru Show she was lonely around that time since no one asked her to go out. Why would she deny she was asked out? Can someone post the Guru Show where she said no one asked her out for several years? I really need to know how long this was and from what year to what year. I starting to doubt my own memory.
  9. I liked SITR, but wished they developed the sexual harassment part better. It would have been exciting to see SYJ's character causing those guys to lose their jobs and changing things. I know every story needs a conflict to overcome, and this conflict could have been this topic. But they gave this message you cannot win in sexual harassment cases and SYJ''s character did not seem to have overcome the conflict in the office and with her mother. It felt unfinished or an after thought for the writers. I wondered what was the point of the story then? Nonetheless, SYJ acted beautifully in this drama and solely carried it. @Helena The two actresses who are number 1 and 2 are around 10 years older than Son Ye Jin and have been in the industry over 10 years before her. This makes her achievement even greater. She is in the leagues with seniors in the industry. I believe she will become the number one actress in Korea very soon.
  10. Thank you for these insights. I assumed the audio commentary would have been around the same time as the video commentary. SYJ and HB are major stars who have tight schedules, so booking them to do more work, productions would work on getting everything done within a short amount of time.
  11. I see. So they asked them to do the audio commentary another time? I thought all the commentary both audio and video were done around the same time.
  12. Just based on SYJ's hair length and color as well as how she is dressed in the commentary video for the Negotiation, I think this was before the promos. I would guess around the time she was filming SITR. I will post some picks to show what I mean. Hyun Bin also has the same hair length he had in the film. I guess he cut his hair after TN re-shoots ended. SITR's last day of filmin in May. https://koreandramaland.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/20180521_171704_4981.jpg TN commentary. SYJ's hair during TN promotions. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/8sLRLnjtnLk/maxresdefault.jpg
  13. But that is speculation that has no proof behind it. I highly doubt this happened, because Son Ye Jin said in The Guru Show interview, no one asked her to go out from 2003 to 2006 (or 2002 to 2005, just remembered she said 3 years). She further said she did not have any celeb friends for a long time and this is the reason she was so busy working. This is the period Hyun Bin supposedly asked her out. I imagine her friends were in Daegu where she grew up. In Seoul, she must have felt lonely in the first years of her career.
  14. This shyness was also in western celeb couples and movies a long time ago, but as time went on, there was this trend to push the envelope and normalize overt sexuality. One of the reasons why Korean entertainment is more appealing to me is the fact that I can be comfortable watching it with friends and family. I won't be nervous to see inappropriate content that I have to skip through. If Korean entertainment becomes more raunchy, it would loose its appeal for me. As the saying goes, if it works, no need to fix it. I prefer Korean dramas over western TV series for this reason and another reason is having an ending. I have been so frustrated with western series that I loved so much and could not wait for the upcoming season only to hear they were cancelled. Leaving viewers hanging without an ending. I am starting to see seasons in Korean dramas now. I hope they do not leave viewers hanging like western TV series have done over and over.
  15. In Korea, couples' wear matching clothing, so I think them wearing similar outfits at the wrap-up party is not a coincidence. Can you imagine coincidentally wearing matching coats, turtle necks and jeans? I think it was a non-verbal way to say they are a couple. I am sure it did not go unnoticed at the wrap up party. Then at the Baeksang Awards, they did the same thing confirming again they are a couple. There are many non-verbal confirmations they did and you have listed several of them. So, now we are just waiting for the verbal confirmation. I believe we are all here because we witnessed a beautiful love story unfolding in front of our eyes. Everyone here watched Korean dramas and movies and saw how they beautifully render romantic stories. For me, their love story is more exciting than any drama or movie I watched. I am just waiting for the happy ending where they marry, and hope later they will have children and live together for the rest of their lives.
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