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  1. Now that HB is doing the sequel for the Confidential Assignment, I wonder if we will see again the actor (Jeon Gook-Hwan) who played his father in CLOY. In the first Confidential Assignment, the same actor played the North Korean general who ordered HB's character to go to South Korea. Here he is 0:56 of the below video.
  2. Oh happy day to see this beautiful couple. This is the first time we see them together since the Baeksang Awards and after they confirmed they are a couple. They look so good together. They are like twin souls that look as if they were made for each other. A great Valentine's gift to the fans. Look how they don't even have space between them. SYJ was wearing a very similar sweatshirt for her Chinese social media. Maybe they bought it as a matching top.
  3. Congratulations to HB for winning the Daeksang. He deserved the best award. Like everyone else, I liked his speech. From what I understood through the translation of his speech, HB did not shy away thanking his leading lady and emphasized how SYJ's amazing performance as Yoon Seri helped improve his performance. I watched almost all the nominated dramas this year, and I can say comfortably SYJ's CLOY performance was better than all the other lead actresses. I cannot understand why she did not sweep the best actress awards.
  4. One of my favorite videos about Binjin is the one posted a week after the Baeksang Awards. This video proved without doubt Binjin was a couple. At a time when many people claimed they were cold with each other, especially accusing HB trying to distance himself from SYJ, this video showed the opposite. At the time we all talked about how HB said WE when he spoke of their future plans. How could he speak of her future plans if she was just a costar? The way he spoke made it seem like his and her plans were aligned. We all knew he spoke as if they were an item, and now we know they were dating. F
  5. @Nor Salimah Hassan Grateful for the video you shared with us. It is a beautiful video. The compilation of their interviews throughout the years gives so much insight of the kind of love they were looking for. As they grew older, their view of who they were looking for evolved. At first, SYJ did not want to be romantically involved with an actor, but as time went on, she became more openminded about this. I think she might have understood that an actor might suit her better because he would understand the demands of her job and the irregular hours they work. I wonder if they would have hit it
  6. Thank you @HannaBanana for showing us the continuous appreciation CLOY has been receiving all over the world. This drama is indeed one of a kind. The best drama produced in Korea in a very long time and definitely the best in 2020 by a huge margin. Audiences all over the world recognized how amazing CLOY is. It is too bad the Korean award organizations were blind of its greatness. From what I remember, the bus videos were taken by TN promotional staff and they sent them to different TV channels during the tours. SYJ referenced fans would shout they looked good together during the prom
  7. What an interesting turn of events I am just learning now. So, SYJ posted a thank you video with audio for all the great gifts she received, then she deleted the video and reposted it without the audio. I listened to the audio very intently, but there is a lot of background noise that makes the voices hard to hear. It looks like there were two people talking, a female and a male. As most people here, I am guessing the voices belong to Binjin. But I do not understand why she deleted the original post with the audio, after all, their relationship is public now. I am now curious of the words they
  8. The top three most watched videos in The Swoon YouTube channel are all Binjin videos. In first place is the [Behind the Scene] Hyun Bin & Son Ye-jin video with over 11 million views, second is the Crash Landing on You #SwoonWorthy moments with 9.2 million views and in third place is their couch talk video with 8.3 million views. With so many Korean actors and dramas featured in the Swoon, the popularity of Binjin content shows how amazing their performance was in Crash Landing on You. It is going to be hard to top this drama for many years. It should have been given the Daesang and many mo
  9. I am not sure when this photo was taken, but it was not at the VIP premiere of A Moment to Remember, because SYJ wore a purple turtle neck with the black blazer and long earrings. Did HB wear the same outfit at another time and photobombed SYJ? That would be an amazing coincidence.
  10. Happy birthday Son Eon Jin aka Son Ye Jin. Your hard work has given happiness to so many people all over the world. I hope you have a happy birthday with your loved ones.
  11. According to the popular days in this thread, the day of their announcement (January 1st) is the fourth most popular day. June 5th, the Baeksang day, is still the most popular, followed by June 9th, which most likely was related to the Baeksang awards and SYJ's IG liking spree, and then the third most popular day was February 18th, CLOY's finale and the wrap-up party. I would have assumed the announcement day to be the most popular day. Can someone elucidate the reason for this? I am looking forward to the day they announce their marriage.
  12. I can't help but think of HB reading this interview at the time and taking notes. I imagine he could have thought they were both looking for similar things in their partner. I am sure he fulfilled all the criteria's she had and she did the same. I believe they are tailor made for each other. This reminds me of the lyrics in Tailor Made by Colbie Caillat.
  13. You bring up good points. Do Korean wives take their husband's last name? I know female celebrities usually keep their names because it is an important aspect of their fame and bankability. Binjin might be like many couples who use romantic words like honey or love instead of calling each other by name. When I researched on Korean culture, I learned that Koreans follow Confucian traditions more than any Asian country. This is why they are strict with practicing formal and informal speech depending on age and position hierarchy. But I don't know if this is also practiced in North K
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