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  1. Hi @Intuition1, this is in reply to my post. I just had trouble viewing IG likes and the other posters have helped me out. All the photos and likes are still in place. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Ah, fair question. I was actually making a table of the photos she liked to (1) check for a pattern (for my own consumption) and (2) make a collage (for sharing, if I could make one that looked good). It was nice to see that she spread the love, liking from different countries. As I was gathering data, I happened to check one account for the yejinhand like and I didn't see it. I was surprised so I went back through the list solely for thoroughness and completion. Blanks in a table bug me! That's all!
  3. Deleted my post to prevent any further confusion. Thanks to @QueenieBee, @CLOY Nified, @celest1al, @wolfie26, @SHpectator, and @cat2020 for the replies! All good in the 'hood!
  4. Funny in that one interview when HB was left speechless when SYJ mentioned that they were in talks for possible projects but HB didn't do them. All he could do was drink soju! Curious to know what those projects might have been. Simply as a matter of curiosity though, not regrets. As in most things, timing is everything!
  5. First time poster here. I just want to say thank you to this community for providing a welcoming and overall positive venue for BinJin fans to show their support for the couple and to share our thoughts. I have enjoyed reading the posts here, many of which have been quite insightful. Thank you!! Here are some of my thoughts: SHIP IS SAILING I agree with all the posts that say the ship is sailing steadily based on all the receipts previously presented (exchange of glances on stage, the post-show TikTok couple speech, matching RL outfits, etc.). Both their stylists (officially affiliated with them) have posted their couple photo on IG. If either HB or SYJ did not want that to be part of the narrative, they could insist on their stylists posting only solo photos. I also want to highlight the insight of another poster who stated that these two celebrities, who reportedly want to be married in the next few years, would not allow themselves to be caught up in unfounded rumors for this long. SYJ has denied other rumors before. This one would have been easy to deny at any time. Now to the question even some in this forum ask about whether they EVER dated, that to me seems indisputable. They have surely dated, again based on previously presented receipts, chiefly the grocery photos. Even looking at SYJ’s IG, she took selfies with other actors but not as many, none as sweet (literal heart over the two of them), and none on significant holidays. Based solely on her IG, I would even go so far as to say SYJ, while not outright admitting anything, was quite openly acknowledging her relationship. No doubt whatsoever that they dated. WHY DO WE CARE SO MUCH Even as I ship this couple, I find myself challenging my own interest in these two celebrities whose relationship does not directly affect my life. I have admired other celebrity couples before but none to this degree. Why do I care so much? My answer is that these two individuals, separately, have shown themselves to be humble, generous, hardworking, and, yes, beautiful, among other admirable qualities. That they should find each other at the right time in their lives and careers, be so well matched, encourage the other to be even better, and appear to truly care for one another, is quite a beautiful sight to behold. Also, since their characters in CLOY are similar to their real-life personalities, it is very easy for us fans to conflate the characters and the people. Watching CLOY seems to be a peek into their private lives, not completely without basis, and makes us feel connected to them more than other couples. The way they have conducted themselves in interviews and other public appearances portray a connected and passionate yet wholesome couple. Whether or not this image is completely true, it is this wholesomeness that attracts even casual or first-time k-drama viewers and keeps them invested in the outcome of this relationship. It inspires us on their behalf and maybe even in our own relationships and that is good enough reason to keep shipping. Here's hoping the waters are calm as we continue to sail along!