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  1. Now I rmb sumthin seeing LMH and KGE hand pose.... I often watch korean varshow such as talk show where it discusses how celebrities dating. One of it is giving a secret sign when they are on broadcast or post something on social media... is the hand pose that kind of secret sign?? lol also, LMH post with the flower is like he teases his fans or kind of giving a clue to his fans (?). well, just makin wild assumption here lol
  2. Talking abt Max/Benjamin, do you think LMH regularly visit him/her (is it female or male I forgot lmao)? you know, it could be another date course, visiting Benjamin
  3. I wonder why the caption is omg, it seems like he went to shop but he doesn't know the store is closed. that's why omg lmao lemme add, so while ggone did her hair, lmh went to SSG but it's closed hemmm
  4. Oh yes, of course we will see much better things ahead of them, I have said before I am excited to see Jeongwon & Gyeoul dynamic as first timer in relationship in S2. It's a daily life drama, so I am sure we will see their development. So what I mean is Writer Lee told YYS in special behind the scenes Ep. 3, that in S1 the focus is Jeongwon and she emphasised to him that this character is important for S1. Therefore, as Jeongwon was alrd the focus in S1, he might not be the centre of the story again in S2. You know, since 5 of them are the main characters, I assume S2 focus wou
  5. Everyone, I would like to share my thoughts after watching the special eps from ep 1-6. First, I believe all the love line shown in S1 is already fixed. First, Writer Lee told SHB that she will have love line with Jeongwon, then Shin PD added that the romance actually won't be dramatic as it's daily life drama so the romance is seen as slow burn. So, the keywords about Hospital Playlist melo plot are 'not dramatic' and 'slow romance'. Thinking of it now, Writer Lee told YYS that on S1, the focus is Jeongwon. So I think ShinLee wrapped the ending
  6. Exactly!!! YYS knew it all along he will have love line. But I think he then knew it will be with Gyeoul after several meetings, seeing how he analysed the script on point he def knew alrd it's Gyeoul. Then Writer Lee told SHB she will be close to two main characters, Lee Ikjun and Jeongwon. They specifically mentioned she will have 'melo' plot with Jeongwon, but then Shin PD said that they won't focus on the melo much as it is seasonal drama. Gosh, Winter Garden is already sailing even before the drama started filming
  7. I don't know why IG translator is so so much terrible. But, srly don't trust it. the caption never said I am sorry or it's a joke, all the caption says mostly an information for whom the flower is given to. If you want to know the meaning, it's better for you to use papago, not even google translator
  8. @MinGoLove Oh yes! I've mentioned it on pg. 957, it seems he has been following ggone since TKEM....
  9. Oh YES! I felt this as well, but I was more into this on ep 9 forward I think. Because after that first kiss scene and the 'saranghae' which irks me with the strange feeling led me to the BTS, press conf and now I am in this ship so the next eps were easier lmao I rmb when ppl accused Ahn JAehyun and Goo Hyesun had no chemistry in Blood, it turned out they were in a courting phase and then they dated and some ppl thought their chemistry was off bc they tried hard not too obvious with their real feelings on the drama. So I conclude perhaps the awkwardness of their on screen romantic
  10. Writer Lee mentioned that AJW has love line in the ep 3 of the special YT series when they had a meeting for the first time, but I am not sure if he knew it from the start that Gyeoul would be his love interest. However, seeing how YYS was so meticulous discussing the script of the scene where he followed along Dr. Bong to ER, I think he knew it alr. He pointed out that AJW went to ER to check what would Gyeoul do bc actually he didn't even need to go there as well, right? Ugh YYS is indeed hiding the truth from the start! *accidentally put spoiler tab, how to delete it???
  11. He is a photographer, it seems LMH always brings shin kihoon as his staff photographer. So yes, the bodyguard is not his personal bodyguard bc as you can see he is also often hired by other actors. from my analysis for KGE, she has her own team fixed who works with her for a long time; the manager and her stylists, while LMH team arrangement could be different for each project except his personal manager and the photographer....
  12. I have confession to make. I am not someone who drag my withdrawal symptoms from a drama too long, so I cope it by watching my fav old dramas and I easily moved on from The King. However, what I found difficult to move on is THIS LOVELY LMH X KGE! How can I?? Esp. after that 2 July post!!! But then, finally this week I decided to rewatch The King. Now Idk how KES did give KGE and LMH personal references in the lines! In ep 3, when JTE tried to attract the high school boys to join the Taekwondo Academy, she found her plan is a failure and protesting how she should have a
  13. YES! I have been focusing on our couple every time I watch BTS, but when I watch the Swoon ver as it's clearer I can see the surrounding as well! I was like, whoopsies look at these staff, they know sumthin
  14. Maybe as today's raining, just checked yes Seoul is raining today LMH asked KGE to have a rain driving and this song is one of KGE playlist and then LMH decided to post it as the song suits the mood. alright, bye~ ps. : the song is legendary in SK originally from Kim Hyunsik (?) like 80s golden oldies song, many singers has sung it and the ver. which LMH post is from Brilliant Heritage OST. It's a family drama with double digits rating. does he enjoy watching this kind of family drama? or this song appears in his playlist recommendations?
  15. I am sorry if I only quote this one. But thank you so much for your insight of this ship and korean minoz pov. It's indeed quite ashamed how the K-industry works toward celebrity dating. They are very bias, for some couple they may love it but then for some they may hate it and the hate might unbearably vicious which could lead to their break up. That's why when I decided to board this ship, I don't want them to go public ever, except when they will get married. Ugh I said it too much alrd. We have seen how they develop from Oct to early this year, then the unusual pre
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