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  1. Hi~ I really understand your frustration as I do feel the same when I found the thread and even when Ep. 12, interviews, YYS feeding the shippers and special videos on Channel 15ya, they still believe JW will suddenly end up with SH. It is true that we see parallelism in HosPlay with Reply series, but I think it is because Lee Woojung has a thing with nostalgia, classic old songs and countryside characters. All the characters in Reply series has those elements. But at the same time, the reason why it is called Reply series is because the main trigger of the plot is to guess who is
  2. It is coming ~~ Officially on June 17th https://youtu.be/iaKyDZGC2Eg
  3. Ooooh!!! Just read the tweet and her replies, some of her tweets after that mention Hospital Playlist as well! OP said AJW and JGU were shooting for ep 4, she saw JGU got off from the van looking so beautiful (but OP doesn't mention the location in case it could be spoiler) She also tweeted that she might see more of HosPlay shooting bc she often goes to the area~~
  4. apparently, she is watching KBS Drama Awards but rly hoping she put two screens watching KBS and SBS Drama Awards simultaneously hemm
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