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  1. It’s so interesting to see that both of them posted on 2-8 (August 2) day LOL V posted during 11:11 while R posted at 17:17. Same hour, same minute! It really makes me wonder— are these all just a coincidence or do both of them actually pay attention to time stamps and leave subtle hints for us?
  2. Of course, our V had to post something on the 28th day~ The numbers 2 & 8 have been especially meaningful for us GR fans lol. https://m.weibo.cn/1965715555/4531794131294074
  3. Good news and bad news. The 26th Shanghai TV Festival (which was supposed to happen back in June) just announced that Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book aka Eternal Love of Dream is awarded as one of the best online dramas of the year. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis and for the sake of everyone’s safety, no red carpet and awards ceremony will be held. The organizers already postponed the event but I guess they had no choice but to resort to an online ceremony instead. The most we can get are separate thank you videos of V and D (throwback to that promotional clip for ELOD’s broadcast in Malaysia!) but there could be none of those at all. Still, we could have seen them together physically. Pain— all I can feel is unbearable pain. What an unfortunate timing, really. Not only were we robbed of public events for ELOD promotion, we’re now also losing the possibility of them attending award shows for the success that ELOD garnered this year. They really deserve to be praised for their hard work— the fellow actors, the director, the entire production team, and the staff too. Now that both are working in different dramas, it will be even harder for us to witness V and D together in public. My only hope is to see them in award shows but that is also proving to be difficult given the situation at hand. I do perfectly understand why such events have to be cancelled though, it’s just quite saddening for me personally, as a XWB. That being said, I hope ELOD gets to win more awards in the future because the more wins, the more chances of them appearing in an award show later on, no? (If such an event were to be permitted of course.) Oh and I earnestly hope to see them in variety shows. Both only appeared together in two variety shows: Happy Camp and Trump vs Trump, not to mention all of these happened over three years ago. :,( We’re definitely in need of new crumbs! I hope everyone’s doing well here. Stay healthy and safe! source: https://m.weibo.cn/1642592432/4528842729593852
  4. This will never be not funny to me. Remember when Li Weijia, one of the HC hosts, asked V which of the actresses he has worked with was his favorite and he answered YM, and when LWJ asked who else besides YM, V still answered YM? (Such a safe answer! We all know the real answer to this though .) Now both V and YM are in this upcoming episode! I wonder how R will react! I’m so stoked to watch! I personally think the HC PD and staff like inviting V to be part of the guest list— even if he’s not actively promoting a drama— because they saw his potential in variety. His first HC appearance was back in 2017 for Eternal Love promotions but he was never invited in 2018 nor 2019. Jaywalk also played quite a huge a role in this because they haven’t pushed V enough for the past few years. However, it’s already his third HC episode this year alone and we’re only halfway done with 2020! I wish V can attend variety shows regularly so more people could recognize him and that he could likewise be remembered well. He may appear to be awkward at times but he does have a knack for being absolutely funny on TV. Don’t get me wrong, I love V in dramas but I’m so ready for our Variety King’s comeback. (Shout out to the “I am waiting for you at the Summer Palace” variety show as well!) He may already be in his late thirties but he’s one of this year’s rising stars! Hopefully V will be on the trending list again like last time. Even though he doesn’t really need to prove himself to R or anyone else for this matter, but for the sake of some ALS who still doubt and bash V— because apparently for them, V isn’t deserving of a superstar like R— I sure do hope they change their minds because V is already an accomplished and a capable man. He can very well provide for the two of them without the help of R’s black card and huge bank account. I also hope there will be GR moments that we can extract from this episode because HC does have a history of pushing the couple together LOL. This is making me crazy. I will legit cry if this happens. ok cheonsa out
  5. I- I didn’t expect what I wrote would have moved anyone to tears. I hope you’re okay! I’m not a writer heh, I’m still lacking in many ways (ノ゚Д゚)八(゚Д゚ )ノbut thank you still, for thinking of me in that way, I’ll take it as a compliment and try to improve myself more and more! Also yes, the 小/xiao in Xiao Bai literally means small/little. And of course, the Bai is taken from Fengjiu’s family name. Usually, when xiao is attached to a name, that person is being called endearingly or in a cute way, “xiao + (given name)” becomes a nickname of some sort. Another endearing term would be 儿/er, “(given name) + er” which also represents a close relationship between the speaker and the one being called the nickname; xiao and er are commonly used between family, friends, and lovers. Fun fact (if you haven’t known this yet)! In the Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book novel, Fengjiu is referred to as Feng’er by her mother, and Jiu’er by her maternal grandmother in Qingqiu. Thank you again! Much appreciated. Thank you so much! This warms my heart and motivates me to write more, really. I’m just glad to be part of a community full of people whom I share interests with. I love that the members of this forum are supportive of one another and whenever there are times when misunderstandings and slight mishaps occur, the members would resolve them peacefully and maturely— very different from the fandom culture where I came from (coughs kpop twitter coughs). But I presume— and I guess this is quite a bold presumption of me— that majority of the members here are adults, and with age comes wisdom. So I’ve never witnessed arguments escalating, nor do I wish for them to happen at all! I think the members in this forum are reasonable and welcoming— it’s what made me sign up here in the first place, heh. Here’s to hoping our healthy and loving environment goes a long way because I do enjoy visiting this forum and reading all of your posts about GR. This forum is a mine full of dog treats and sweets. I simply could not resist logging in. (ꈍᴗꈍ)
  6. Hi, sorry for the sudden post. But have you guys seen D’s pictures from her Mikimoto event today? I cannot believe— I simple cannot believe that such a person exists! I am on the floor just from admiring her beauty and her overall look today! She looks crazy beautiful. I really want to meet her in person someday and get an autograph. At this point, I swear I don’t know who’s luckier, V or D. Their visual harmony is just insane! And that’s me being a whole ALS, TTQ, and a XWB together lol. I love and respect them as professional individuals yet I also love them as a couple! I consider myself fortunate enough to get to know them through the small screen. How auspicious it is that both V and D exist in this lifetime, in our generation. It’s such a truly remarkable event that these two individuals, hailing from opposite sides of China, in the east and west, were fated to have met in Beijing, the heart (capital, center) of China. Together, they have created years and years worth of memories that are cherished not only by them, but their family and close friends, as well as fans who support them from all over the world. Destiny is really something, huh? I earnestly wish they would create more lifelong memories together, love each other more in the pouring rain and warm sunshine. I’m certain that I will bawl my eyes out when they announce gx. Again, sorry for being sappy tonight. I was just listening to TMOPB and ELOD’s OSTs when the gorgeous photos were uploaded; I was busy fangirling and wanted to share these thoughts with you. However while writing this post and listening to the songs (especially that song that’s always been played every time DongFeng had a scene in TMOPB), I eventually became sentimental, hence the cheesy lines at the end. I initially only planned to post about D’s appearance today, but when I think about D, I also think about V and vice versa. And it’s a spiral from then on. Photos posted by D’s studio: https://m.weibo.cn/6269329742/4522358231479191
  7. !nstagram posts are temporarily banned for the meantime as per soompi forum rules. The deletion of pages was probably due to this. That being said, please do abide by the forum rules. Thank you very much and have a nice day everyone!
  8. You’re right. In that post, OP was saying that a “personal enemy” of GG (allegedly MM) robbed his phone. The first photo shows how GG uses only one emoji in his replies 99% of the time. The second photo shows how MM uses a lot of emojis in her responses. The third photo has a caption that goes like: “So who’s making these replies behind the screen? Why did it take ten days to get back to these people?” Btw, the people they replied to are: Cath禤; LEON贾苏; 唐滤晶; 秦岚 Don’t know how these people are related to GR but it might be worth investigating too lol.
  9. Based on the english translations of the actual chinese titles... Eternal Love/EL is Three Lives Three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and it’s sequel Eternal Love of Dream/ELOD is Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book Both are 3L3W. It’s just that for promotional purposes of ELOD, they created 4L4W (aka Eternal Love in Reality): these are short clips where V and R create skits related to the drama itself. Sometimes they react on the episodes and other times they perform parodies of some scenes in the drama. It’s probably called Four Lives Four Worlds because in addition to experiencing three lives in three worlds, the actors get to become their respective roles one more time. Only this time, the roles are acted in modern times and in our current setting. 4L4W’s english title alone (ELIR) is a clear giveaway on what it’s all about. Hope this clears the confusion.
  10. And their last public appearance was on December 28, 2019 for the Tencent Video All Star Awards... Honestly wish some company picks them as brand ambassadors (like Cleaneed) so we’d be able to see them together again with a “proper” excuse. I also wished for a magazine shoot of them together— some form of promotion perhaps after the release of ELOD drama. But it’s Donghua Dijun and Yan Chiwu (V & LRL) who had that photoshoot instead.
  11. Hm, I’ve written a few long posts here but all the posts showed up immediately when I hit publish. I hope you didn’t lose it Tencent posted those pictures in their WB. https://m.weibo.cn/2591595652/4516836009953463 男 - man 女 - woman 小羊 - kid
  12. I saw that tweet on twitter but I couldn’t understand it so I just set it aside But since you provided english translations (thanks btw), I finally understood and hurried to check R’s weibo followings. I also did not find V’s account in her following list. However, since I follow both R and V, V’s account appeared in the common following list. Suspicious indeed! I remember an interview where R shared that she has another account which she uses to view other people’s blogs. This being said, it’s possible that V has another account as well. Both of them mostly have work-related and fan service posts on their respective accounts but not much of their personal lives are mixed in any of the posts. Would be nice if both of them also follow each other on their “private” accounts (given that V does have another account), and share cute stuff and mention each other on comments like they used to do years before when they were still pretty lowkey celebrities
  13. The drama is called “The Ladder of Love” There are english subtitles available online. Even R is also in the same drama! GR will have cute moments in the episodes 35 & 36 of the drama.
  14. Same! I can’t help but think of V with the kind of answers she’s been giving. She says she doesn’t like dirty, unkempt guys but she will understand if they’re close or if the guy‘s work condition makes him easily dirtied (SCREAMS Zhegu Shao! V’s role in CITT where he hasn’t tidied himself for a few days just to get the role and where he had to roll around dirt many times in the duration of the filming!) We all know V is totally hygienic, which is why the director of CITT wasn’t able to envision him as Zhegu Shao at first. (Reference: his HC episode) She says she doesn’t like guys with fat sticking out in their bellies and that the guys shouldn’t be that young. Once again, R solidifies her ideal type as someone who is relatively older than her and someone who’s righteous, filial, and kind. Well here’s V, a man in his prime thirties with no amount of excess fat in his stomach. Look at that bod! We all know V has all of those 3 characteristics, especially being a filial son. He tends to mention his parents a lot in interviews— wishing to travel with them more, loves his mom’s cooking, etc. We can also see his kindness shining through when he’s interacting with Donuts! And those are all just the tip of the iceberg for a man like V. There are plenty of things we don’t see off camera but I think R is already extremely pleased with V’s personality. R also mentioned that they have to share 5 physical characteristics. Well, that is quite easy to enumerate! 1. Sharp nose with high bridge 2. Big, double-lidded eyes 3. Fair-skinned 4. Tall (R is 169 cm, V is 191 cm) 5. Having a fit body And there is no need to go on a speed dating event if you’re already dating someone But honestly, R is in a level where she’s more likely the one being pursued instead of her pursuing anyone so the speed dating thing is really nonsensical. She says she’s been happy lately. Still in honeymoon phase of her marriage life perhaps? (If the 2018 wedding rumors were true.)
  15. Shortly after RB got 70M weibo followers, our V too, has finally reached 9M followers. Big congratulations to the couple!
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