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  1. Belated Happy Lunar New Year, Friends! It's been a while since I posted anything on the forum. Works has been CRAZY!!! and probably will be for me until June. :(. I log in from time to time to read and lurk. Grateful nonetheless for all the wonderful insights here. @hrkharis @fiona628 @Siomara @Jimmy Greene @janeozten @SexyDolceVita @nyzah13 and everyone, Thank you for keeping this ship sailing! My take on our V Day IG post is this: they posted almost at the same time, and pictures of them individually. This they did for their individual fans. But there seems to be a theme:
  2. Yey to all of us reaching our 100th page!!!!!!! I re-discovered a song from when I was *much* younger that describes how I feel about our OPT. Sharing it here. My video making skills are nil to none, but if anyone would like to make a video of HeonHye with this song, please do. It’s Christopher Cross “Swept Away” https://youtu.be/rkvFxbue5DM
  3. Agreeing with everyone here on respecting SJH fans, SSH and fellow shippers. As a ship let us LIMIT our interactions with their protective fans and respect that this is how fandom is, K-style. We in this forum come from different countries and cultures and realistically we are considered "outsiders". So, I understand these fans to be very very VERY protective. Let's just do our own thing, our own research. My 2 cents: if you get blocked by them, move on. They will most likely unfollow you. Fine. Don't take things personally. To them this is how they do business. Be respectful of what they post
  4. I'm in for sending them a one year anniversary gift from our ship. Agree that we will need someone local from SK--- maybe through the SJH or SSH fan clubs? Good luck to SSH on filming "Voice 4". I might have said this in an previous post---I think either both of them or SSH already live on Jeju. So no commuting back to Seoul except for business. Also, its winter during a pandemic, would anyone in their right mind be commuting by car or by plane? SSH being a practical man (with the financial means) probably has invested in a place in Jeju. I'm giving him some credit here as he is one smart
  5. For anyone who is still searching for "evidence" of a REAL relationship (Not me...LOL) @Siomara post above does a GREAT job compiling evidence. Thank you! Take care ALL!
  6. I posted while back that my theory is that SSH and SJH met BEFORE the first script reading of DM based on how quickly they went from "considering" to "accepting" the lead roles. History: Remember "Summer Scent" that SSH did with Son Ye Jin in 2003? There might be a connection here. Jan 29, 2020 - they are both "considering" DM per Soompi. Remember SJH is still filming CLOY. I think CLOY's cast party was Feb 16, 2020, and she only had a month before DM started production in March 2020. SSH finished with "The Great Show" sometime in October 2019, which means he was between productions
  7. So much insight from everyone!! Love it! @fiona628 My theory is they are traveling or travelled to Australia, hence the MIA status on IG for both of them, and that SSH has someone updating his IG for him. My guess is SSH already has a place on Jeju Island. Although I read that He probably rented the house where he did ILA. Yes, agree that his long term goal is to live there. So maybe, he already bought a place. I read too that most of the filming for Voice 4 will be on Jeju, it could be one of the reasons that he accepted the role. SSH too mentioned in an interview th
  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you, EVERYONE for all your input and awesome investigative work! You guys are AWESOME! I was mulling about our HeonHye couple, and from the DM BTS it is obvious that there is THAT chemistry (and we've been saying this all along). SSH, being the man and learning from his past experience, actively showing SJH his feelings. He doesn't want to make the same mistake with SJH. And SJH despite her "holding back" obviously feels something too--- she's playfully hitting him, teasing, and jokes around with him, even though she IS the cautious one. Yes, both of them would
  9. @huckleberrymoonriver YEY, SSH updates! The hanging yellow roses is from "Summer Scent" (2003) that SSH did with Son Ye Jin (yet another BinJin connection). Found an "old" still of the hanging roses with SSH and SYJ and posted it on IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKQAxa6pQLG/ ....okay SJH, your turn to update IG. If you'd like to watch "Summer Scent" you might be able to watch all of it on YouTube. A fan of SSH posted the entire drama, I'm not sure though if it's still available. I read that a lot of the up and coming actors and actresses wanted to work with Director PD Yoon
  10. @fiona628 and @Siomara Maybe our OPT will be the next couple to "announce". Don't we all wish, right? I've already dreamt of their wedding day---- what he's wearing, her gown, the bouquet of flowers she's holding, the song for their first dance. How they are dancing like it's only the two of them. SIGH. I miss them.
  11. Shippers based outside SKorea--- FYI. I noticed today that DM is now a "VIP" access only on iQIY. I read that you can try the VIP access free for 30 days, then after that you pay. DM used to be "free". In reading the fine print--- VIP access does not guarantee commercial free viewing. say WHAT?! So, you want me to pay and still have to view ads? WOW! I do hope the contract with iQIY is temporary and expires soon. WE WANT DINNERMATE on NETFLIX!!! iQIY is so inferior in its delivery and distribution compared to NETFLIX. Hands down!
  12. @hrkharis Love the "imaginary conversation". wink, wink. @fiona628 Yes, Yes, Yes! @Siomara Brito Great theory! I posted a while back that I think SSH and SJH were already introduced prior to the first reading of the DM script, because they do move in essentially within the same circle of K-ent friends...friends of friends, other stars who they worked together with, etc. To me the degrees of separation between them is too small. Happy weekend to all! It seems to be a chilly one all over---- so keep warm friends!
  13. @fiona628 With SSH's posting of the "cookbook" in Oct, AND the current pandemic that has all of us sheltering in place, it is VERY possible that there's a lot of cooking going on privately. Explains the chubby cheeks and happy smiles that both of them are wearing right now. AND yes, let's not forget the walks along the Han River; walks to see the the night lights; and watching the sunrise by the ocean.
  14. @huckleberrymoonriver @fiona628 Hhhmmm--- I've read this article regarding SSH being CEO of BlackSmith Restaurant and wondered if it was the same place they filmed the "Italian" restaurant scene in DM (the one after KHK found out who WDH really was). It wasn't. So I did additional snooping around and found a Facebook page for Black Smith that said it Closed on April 27, 2014. https://www.facebook.com/BSsinsa/
  15. @hrkharis So along the same vein as "9. They upload cute photos with secret love messages Many idols begin posting cute love-related photos and messages on social media as a way to express their feelings. They may also become super cute and display aegyo on camera. The two also allegedly had many secret “codes” that fans have since deciphered." SSH's post of the cookbook on Oct 22,this could be a message to SJH--- "Cooking, shall we learn together?" , Right? And SSH's latest post of the sunrise could be interpreted as "I'm spending the New Year with her"--- as we recall
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