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  1. @nyzah13 and @fiona628 THANK YOU, for the recommendations! Me too!!! At first I would re-watch my favorite heart fluttering scenes, but lately re-watched it for the 2 or 3rd time. Like your friend, CLOY was my favorite (and first after a lllloonnnggg hiatus from kdramas) and could not get over it even if I watched countless kdramas before DM. Safe to say that I've moved passed CLOY, still shipping BINJIN though albeit from afar. HEONHYE personally seems more my speed.
  2. @Call Me By My Real Name Thank you for posting the "True" FMV video--- love it!! Saved it on my Favorites so I can listen and watch it over and over, BTW, can anyone tell me how I can download / or where to buy the DM OST online? I typically buy songs off from iTunes, but can't find the OST album there or any of the individual songs. Any recommendation would be great! Thanks in advance. Rewatching DM for the 2nd (or is it 3rd) time. Continue to stay safe and healthy.
  3. @PreciousByTheBay and @akhenaten I agree with both of your observations regarding SSH and SJH during DM's shooting, and the non-disclosure agreement clause signed by those involved. They really *tried* to be discrete with all their actions to each other off camera. Also, after the Song-song incident, I think leads are more careful about these personal situations. BUT....once the drama was over, notice how both of them went on print and on air *complementing* each other?! It's as if they were trying to send message to their DM fans (and maybe each other) of their intentions. Is this part of a promotional stunt or not? My best guess--- this ship has pulled anchor, the passengers are on board, and now last minutes "checks" are taking place. Wouldn't be surprised if this ship has already sailed. I would also add that if indeed they are sailing, this will be a very private affair. We as their fans should respect this at all cost. If there's nothing then, I'll just keep on re-watching DM, and reliving the sweet and heart fluttering moments they gave us.
  4. @akhenaten TOTALLY agree with you on the chemistry between SJH and KJH; and the "fire" between SSH and SJH. In my opinion, SSH knows what he wants (probably because he is older and ready to settle down), and SJH, perhaps because she is more conservative, is a little bit more cautious. If they've been moving in the same actor/actress social circle, SJH probably knows SSH's history. She's probably asked SYJ about him (since she's worked with him in "Summer Scent"). Isn't this what women do when a man is interested in them? I just remembered SYJ and SJH were together at Baeksang not too long ago, right? And they stood together for the winner's photo. My first reaction regarding the BTS skinship take when it came to SSH was "oh, boy, you're a naughty and obvious one, aren't you?!" And SJH was a little more reserved. Sometimes though that is exactly what is called for between these types of relationships.
  5. Hi All, First time to post on this ship. Coming clean to say that I'm also shipping another couple--- the CLOY one, you all probably know who they are. I've come to join this ship as well because, yes, I binged on DM, loved, loved IT!!! It doesn't take an expert to notice the strong chemistry between SSH & SJH, and just like that other couple the BTS and interviews were very telling. There seems to be a close tie between the pairs--- early in their careers, SSH and SYJ did "Summer Scent," and not too long ago SJH and HB did "Rampant". Of course we all know that SJH was with both of them in CLOY. (And there's also SSH' best buddy SJS doing "Be with you" with SYJ). And the four of them started all around the same time, right? Makes me wonder if the foursome are friends and perhaps share a meal (maybe dinner) together?! Wouldn't that be lovely?! I'm not comparing couples here, just pointing out similarities. BTW, there seems a few SongSeo promising couple receipts already --- 1) the pictures SSH has taken of SJH with his phone; 2) SSH's radio interview; 3) the way they act together when the cameras stop rolling; 4) didn't they say they want to work together on another project. Someone said earlier that now that DM is over, maybe...just maybe they're keeping it on the low, since both are uber private peolple. Peace out.
  6. @Beadharmony @celest1al @CartPusherInLA @Nenski I'm in CA too and open to a BINJIN meet up. It would be nice though if our OTP would consider doing a fan meet up on our continent. Yes, yes, I know they travel to North America for some quiet R&R and to get away from the hustle and bustle. Pretty please, spreads some BINJIN fan dust our way....
  7. @CartPusherInLA and @Beadharmony Representing Gen X here! My hubby (who is a Boomer) has accepted the fact that I've gone off the deep end. He calls me "THE KOREAN". I sneak peeks on IG, and YT for updates and videos, and when he's not watching me, I'll re-watch my favorite episodes from CLOY. Btw, BinJin made it as an entry to the UrbanDictionary. Fandom GOALS! LOL https://www.instagram.com/p/CC9Li2MJ6a1/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  8. @ElectricHearts @Walk Kindly My husband's hobby like HB is photography--- he started out with Canon and now has Leica, which seems like most respected and established brands out there for hobbyist. When I noticed the Leica M being used in CLOY, I showed my hubby, and he confirmed it and said "Oh I have that model"...my assumption is that it is his own Leica. From my estimation HB has at least 2: the camera he has in the "Confidential Assignment" photo looks like an older Leica model as well. Correct me if I'm wrong...
  9. @CartPusherInLA Yes, yes, yes! And to add, it WILL never be answered. We ALL have theories and dates of how, when, where, etc. and we should be content with that. For the "newbie" shippers who ask WHY DON'T THEY ADMIT THEIR RELATIONSHIP? Two words: OPEN SECRET. It's out in the open, they aren't hiding it per se, BUT they are safe guarding it from the PUBLIC. Why? because they cherish their privacy. AND to tie everything together, it it because of their privacy WE will not know how long they've been dating for. We can only hope that some time in the FUTURE, they will reveal it. Happy Shipping all!!! Please, please be safe, stay healthy, and stay well!
  10. @ElectricHearts Well, that's an understatement...I can say that because it takes one to know one, but I don't live there. No judgement here, just sayin' . So...(chum, chum, chum)
  11. @jamy47 I saw this clip as soon as i woke up, and thought "hhhmmm, dudes you look familiar...oh...I see what's going on here. This is your side hustle. well, played, fellas, well played." LOL. Then again, we had this receipt in our pocket from wwwwaayyy back. Remember, In bodyguard we trust? Regardng "married" trending---- I get how fans get excited, and are just overjoyed. And yes, this is all part of fandom. At this point, I think BIN & JIN collectively and individually and their agencies really haven't done much about it post CLOY. There's really no reason to deny or admit. First off, why deny it? It generates business for the company that they are endorsing. Isn't that why they chose them to "represent " their product? To generate BUZZ. Presently, there's no reason to admit anything either--- BIN is in Jordan, and JIN is working and keeping busy. They are doing their own projects, and not together. Kinda anti-climactic if they did. So....just let "married" trend and it will loose steam naturally. On the other hand, personally as a FAN, I would NOT go that far. But, that is my personal choice. My 2 cents.
  12. @BinjinHAB and @Krystal. - agree on "THEM" trolling us. We must be their entertainment 24/7 since we come from all over the world. WE'VE BECOME THEIR source of NEWS and LAUGHTER. ha, ha, ha.
  13. From watching all the airport videos, I can safely conclude that Binnie is not your average Asian male-- he's much taller and broader, built like a swimmer. From what I've watched in his earlier interviews, he was a competitive swimmer for 10 years (~maybe from 6-16) before becoming an actor. Towards the ends, he hated it, and would skip practice. He would wet his hair trying to fool his Mom that he attended practice, but forgot to wet the back of his head. There's pool scene in MLSS where Binnie is swimming--- his technique and form says yes, he is a swimmer. His Mom always caught him though. LOL. Being a Mom of "retired" swimmer, this made me laugh. The videos from his early days portrays him as more easy going, talkative, and fun. I noticed the change in the videos after the 2 years compulsory military service. I've been told that most k-pop artists, actors, mature after they complete their service. My husband reminded me that SK and NK are in the "state of war" and since the establishment of the demilitarized zone are in a continued "stand off". I bet you this is drilled to the young men when they do their compulsory service. Yeah, I would loose my "jam" too and mature quickly as well, knowing this reality. My thoughts during this time of drought. LOL
  14. Okay. Since I've mentioned Spain's version of our BINJIN ---- Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, I found an article analyzing their body language when they are together, indicating the strength of their relationship. I'm posting it here since a lot of it we shippers have observed in our OTP. READY. SET. ANALYZE!! https://www.womenshealthmag.com/relationships/g32390371/penelope-cruz-and-javier-bardem-body-language-analysis/ CHEERS!
  15. @lovelyz EXACTLY! When they were filming NT, I imagine it was "easier" to act bec 1) they were acting through the monitors; 2) there was no skinship, physicality; 3) they probably were still getting to know each other as actors / colleagues and in a sense trying to "impress" each other. Although, as they admitted that they've been each other's biggest fan...for years. HB & SYJ, I think is Korea's version of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. (and yes, I've been following their careers in Spain in my younger days, as well)
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