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  1. 46 minutes ago, Kari said:

    A fan translated Yejin's most recent Japanese interview. I saw this on Twitter and also another Soompi member posted in another thread. Sharing it here. I am just so in awe of her professionalism and talent. She is not only a tremendous actress, she also has the insight of a creative. 


    I really wish we got a CLOY dvd because I find her insights into scenes and her characters really interesting (like how she was the one who suggested dual roles in The Classic). She has so many ideas and the chops to execute them excellently. Hope we hear more from her in the fanmeet and casting news for a film soon! 

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  2. She is super cute in that Zoom meeting! I wish we get to see more of her casual looks if/when she becomes active on IG again. Or a guesting on Um Jeewon’s vlog with the other Cinderellas would be great too :fullofhearts:

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  3. 15 minutes ago, ILSYJSG said:


    YJ is really very very professional and always gives her best in whatever she does --> she challenges herself by doing the entire voice-over on her own.


    On the other hand, we can also see her dorky and cute side when she "unexpectedly posted" her Ducati BTS on her IG --> Spoiler Queen. 


    Though I must say, I am a teeny weeny bit disappointed that Smart brought YJ onboard only after fans requested "so that Capt Ri would not be lonely". Nevertheless, it is still a great blessing that we can see BinJin together again in the same frame soon (after Baeksang)!! 



    I agree! I was so looking forward to hearing her speak in English for this CF since we got Hollywood news, but she blew me away by doing the complete voice over! And it’s soooo good.


    And it is a bit sad that it wasn’t in their initial plans but it all works out in the end! They surely get their money’s worth by having SYJ as an endorser

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