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  1. SYJ will be doing a radio ad for YoungLim to be aired this August. You can see the article Here I hope we hear news about movie projects soon!
  2. She is super cute in that Zoom meeting! I wish we get to see more of her casual looks if/when she becomes active on IG again. Or a guesting on Um Jeewon’s vlog with the other Cinderellas would be great too
  3. I agree! I was so looking forward to hearing her speak in English for this CF since we got Hollywood news, but she blew me away by doing the complete voice over! And it’s soooo good. And it is a bit sad that it wasn’t in their initial plans but it all works out in the end! They surely get their money’s worth by having SYJ as an endorser
  4. Short and sweet article about SYJ’s Smart commercial. She’s an English queen! Hollywood better be ready for her https://www.wheninmanila.com/5-fun-facts-about-son-ye-jin-smart-commercial/
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