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  1. Today is January 4st, 2021. So it nearly 12 years since their first official dating. Past is still the past. All the things, including sadness and happiness are moved on. I think at this time, who bash who, who behaved dishonest is not important. Both of them have their own way. I wish him happily with his new GF. HB in the past was more suitable with Kyo. But you know, time can change everything. Maybe at this time, he feel that he has similarities with his GF. And he should have a partner who is radiant like her. When the whole worlds congratulated new couple, we also wish them happy.
  2. Thank you Jenny for a nice post! Actually, we shared almost our 2020 with BK couple. Luckily, this long and tiring journey ended in the first day of 2021. These days, I used to think so much about BK. And I realized that past is only the past. It's 12 years old since their first dating. We still give emotions for them until now. Maybe it's not the feelings for Binkyo, it's our love for Ji Oh sunbae and Yoon Jung. Binkyo met each other when they were young and in the most successful period in their career. Innocent Kyo and young Hyun Bin. Let's make these images as our beautif
  3. Happy 12nd annivesary. Wishing our couple always smile like this. Be happy!
  4. So what is the reason why a couple who were expected to break up from 10 years ago can be sticky name together? Moreover, it is Tatler, one of the most high end magazine not only in Hong Kong but also in Asia. If you don't believe, you can google with key word " Tatler magazine", no need to pay fee , so don't scare
  5. Love our Big Panda Actually, they laugh at animal, flowers.. because they only like children, private weeding, bright and groom.
  6. @Hevielen As other boat, Hyun Bin already had many childrens. And "his wife" also got pregnant from October 2018 but now their baby is not born. I can't image any woman can pregnant over 9 months haha
  7. For me, WW is special drama. It is a part of my youth. I have many memories with this drama. And I think many of us, when seeing WW, can think back about our youth, or our first love, too. I have supported them for many years. 8-9 years ago, when internet and sns was not developed in my country, soompi was the only way I could look for Binkyo information. I was sad when they first broke up and then all of them have another partner. At May, when I heard about Binkyo reconciliation rumor, at first, it was as in dream for me. I can't believe. But when I started to observe crumbs with my lo
  8. I'm not good at technology to edit the pictures. I'm also not good at literature to write these kinds of fan fictions as: Male lead is playboy and FmL is innocent girls. After meeting Fml, ML changed blah blah... So becoming Binkyo shipper/supporter is best for me .
  9. The happiness of Binkyo supporter sometime is only simple like this. We don't need to learn photoshop to edit the picture of happy family with many children blah blah. We also don't need to learn literature to write romantic script . If our Kyo is having a good time, she will have special way to express her feelings for us. It's very surprise that with an account which have 10.7m followers, there are not fan service posts. Have a nice weekend my friends
  10. We are here because we are Binkyo supporters, not only shippers. Binkyo was the real couple. Their relationship is real, not base on the delulu. And of course, we are matured people. So we little know how to observe the emotion of people. And we don’t like to write any fan fictions. We believe in them. And of coursethat, we are not “sons or daughters” of them, don’t need to call them by mum or somthing like that haha
  11. "In my eyes, everything about her is pretty" "I'm so shy when watching this scence, but I love it" haha
  12. Unforgetable memories. A drama with a lot of smiles, not only on film scenes but also in bts scenes
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