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  1. Maybe he has played golf from day to day, 6 days per week until now
  2. So why he has to deny that he is dating with her? Not 1 but 4-5 times
  3. Happy 500 pages! Congratulation Worlds within in real life
  4. Long and tiring love, as President Park said haha
  5. This picture is still on her instagram. The post is on 2nd, November 2019
  6. At this time, exh was very busy with fan meeting, filming Cf after the success of DOTS. Maybe he don't know the encounter in Jeju haha
  7. She is busy to cook some meals for daddy. Maybe daddy is very tired after filming hahaa, oh my delulu
  8. Can u add me to the club? I’m not long time member of soompi but really support Binkyo
  9. In my opinion, i don’t think Kyo marry SJK because of the shippers. It’s only a part which make her belive in her choice. As a fan of Kyo, i used to read some pages about SSC. At this time, exh always show sweet gestures to her. And as the letter Kyo wrote for her fan after annoucing marriage, she mentioned that for long time, exh alaways show the sincere behavior and belive in her. But everything is not as her wish. Actually, I don’t think exh is suitable for her. They have different chartacters, one is honest and one is always behave cleaverly. So this is the reason why I support Binkyo, because maybe they have the same mind and thinkings.
  10. Why they behave unfair between men and women? When exh has rumors about new GF, they said something like “congrast him, be happy blah blah”. And with Kyo, they will use harash words to talk about that. Why men can have new life after divorce and women can’t. Almost haters are women.
  11. Kyo is always a big star of Hallyu for many years. In my country, eventhough many people at the age of 50-55 know her and has seen at least 1 film of her. So they can’t tell Kyo is riding from HB popularity. Actually, the famous is as the circle. When you have famous drama or movie, at this time, you can see many good things about you on articles. But is it last forever? No, when other drama will release, everything can change. So keeping the famous as Kyo for many years is not easy
  12. And make video call with daddy haha, my delu
  13. For the haters, I’m sorry to say that but maybe almost them are teenagers or at very young age. So they can easy to bash a person with some reasons as “ she had many BF, or she is divorce woman blah blah”. So I want to ask how many of you can marry with your first love? And marriage life is not easy as they image. If they have terrible husband, they will try to live with them forever? Hahaa
  14. I am also a divorce woman and also has a child. Now I am coming back with my ex BF, he is my first love and he is still single since we broke up.
  15. @anony-mouse if a man is really in love, nothing can’t prevent him from his lover. Especially in modern society, parents may can’t force their son with marriage decision. HB is nearly 40 years old, he is mature enough to decide his life
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