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  1. Woah jennyhouse_jenny also likes bin’s solo pics as well?!?!? https://twitter.com/binjinmagic/status/1282195961842810881?s=21
  2. SAME HAHAHAHAHA I PANICKED WHEN I COULDNT ACCESS THE FORUM KFJAKFJKWJ Im so glad its back tho! This forum is a must read everyday for me and it feels great to have people like me who are crazy over them both as a couple and individually. Been lurking silently for awhile now... i just created an acc so that i can start posting here as well hehe I have no idea how this forum works but i hope i will get to learn more along the way! Happy shipping!
  3. Hihi i just wanted to ask about how do we properly credit people here on soompi Ive posted numerous times of some content from here onto my twitter but i only included the person's soompi username that is shown at the top of the post. Is that enough or do i need to do anything more to properly promote op's post? Thankyou
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