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  1. You are definitely not alone chingu! I tried to watch other Kdramas, but at the end of the day, before going to sleep I always HAVE TO consume my daily dose of MinEun: BTS, fan made MV, my fave scene from TKEM, anything. And then I imagine what LMH and KGE are doing at the moment and I giggle like crazy..... and I still have a longing feeling crawling inside me everytime I hear Paul Kim's Dream. It's not that I can not move on from TKEM. It's my concious decision to not move on from MinEun and TKEM and I live my live happily with this.
  2. yeah for sure! honestly I even think about something more dramatic like epinephrine injection in case they go straight to anaphylactic shock haha please don't judge me, I mostly work in critical care LOL btw so nice to meet fellow pharmacist in shipper thread
  3. I'm joining the tired ahjumma eyes line. I even started to suspect my hubby and my boss were blackmailing Soompi in some way so that I will spend less hours in here haha. About the HERO movie premiere, so we don't know the exact date yet? I miss seeing Ggone in public and I think she will wear another fab Chanel dress again? Captain must be so happy haha
  4. hahaha yesss chicken satay! btw another legendary thing abt the late actress is she eat raw flowers like jasmine, roses, and kanthil (dunno what is the English word for this flower) in her real life, and btw this flowers usually used in sesajen (offerings for the deaths).
  5. my sub ship is sailing and I'm hella happy (not to mention WDH's hands in 2nd pic) TBH this sub ship is deffo more promising. just sayin LOL.
  6. I second you chingu. I swear this is my first (and will be the only one) time to pray for someone other than me and my family or friends (well sometimes I also pray for the world and its peace when I'm sane enough - thank you Holy Spirit). In this Sunday's (online) mass I pray that if it is His will I believe KGE and LMH will be together and live happily ever after. Oh and I also sincerely pray that Captain will stop dropping bomb in midnight and dawn time and let me sleep peacefully, as peaceful as it can be for a working mom with toddler and no nanny. Amen.
  7. I bet his next post(s) will be a set of 3 photos, the second being in a frame. Like he wants to tell us 'hey guys chill this is just my new normal' Btw, he got a long gap of his bday post to the KGE-bday-morning post, but now he's suddenly so active again in IG. Haha Capt, everything you do is basically suspicious in shipper's mind
  8. So I survived July 2, 2020 with a lot of Chesire's cat smiles under my mask. I have to walk thru a bridge of a small river to reach office from train station, yesterday with Dancing Universe playing in my ear and I swear I giggled like crazy!! I just imagined LMH pouring his emotion in the video and that was super duper sweet. I swear this is also going to be my last shipping business, like some of you also said for yourselves. Last time I ship couple was back to my younger days in 2009: We Got Married's Yonghwa and Seohyun. Got into this ship with LMH and KGE are surely a good source to boost up my serotonin level, remind me to the feeling of fall in love I do have my worry that things will not go as I want it to be for them. Haha honestly if that day ever come I will cry one litre of tears for one or two days LOL. But!! Lt. Jeong Tae-Eul gave us a lifetime advice: Don't be scared in advanced, it's not even happened yet. So yeah, now I'm gonna live this ship believing what I believe that they are into each other with those bunch of evidences. Sorry for my rambling chingus, LMH video and Dancing Universe surely was not compatible with this PMS days of mine. Oh I blame you my hormones!
  9. Okay, so LMH originally only post today's video in his IG. And after 30,000 comments in which 90 percent of them congratulate Ggone bday AND giving their 'approval' for this pairing, he decided to ALSO upload it in his Weibo and FB. I mean!!! Don't you guys think it makes it MORE obvious? Our Captain really aware of how netizen in IG react to his post and he spread it even to FB and Weibo. OMG. I. JUST. CAN'T.
  10. Now now good luck to everyone here who's going to work, or to class, or to sleep. It is basically hard to do our routine today without any giggling and smiling and repeating the Dancing Universe. If you happened to meet/work with other people today please keep your mask on. It helps you to prevent germs spreading AND to hide your ear-to-ear grin
  11. And the song is in the album called LOVER... Coincidence, ahem!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR QUEEN KIM GO-EUN!! I tried so damn hard to chill about his so-early-in-the-morning-with-such-a-lovely-background-song post, but I JUST CAN'T. What a very lowkey statement from our Captain. You sure read this forum, Capt! Haha. Thanks for giving us a healthy breakfast! And finally I have a new song to be repeatedly played aside from TKEM OSTs haha.. At the end of this day I guess my spotify will break down from uncountable replay of Yoon Hyun Sang's Dancing Universe~~
  12. Dear MinHo-ssi, if you happened to lurk in this forum please take our WDH-KGE topic today as a trigger for you to post something cryptic for Ggone bday tomorrow (clarification purpose)!! You don't want us to shift the ship, do you?
  13. Oh wow this naengmyeon things quite shaken my day (so I decided to unlurk again LOL) I'm going with what @Kaydeelee said , LMH maybe there as well but the resto owner keep his signature for him/herself LOL. And I think KGE and WDH maybe went there with their crew (i.e. not just the two of them). But my instinct said KGE-WDH interaction is more like very-good-friend vibe. So I'm still hold to this believe that no news from uri couple is indeed a good news. But I maybe go with @Heretorant to the OIM side if it turns to be WDH lol jk. I'm everything for our queen's happiness and that happiness is undoubtedly Lee MinHo out of topic, but my workplace is a shipper paradise. almost all my female colleagues watched TKEM and they ship LMH-KGE too. in between our hospital shift we dissect the BTS and replaying the lovely TKEM scene and even have kinda group discussion for every crumbs we got. oh and not to mention we work in critical care area hahaha so it's reaaaalllly our source of joy and happiness during this endless pandemic
  14. omooooo now I imagine how KGE will lean on LMH's shoulder affectionally when it's just the two of them........ and I'm in the middle of my lunch break....... surely this is the side effect of rewatching the slowmo, zoomed vers of their kisses for the zillionth times.
  15. love love love this video @bpwinces! it's gold in case you haven't watched it, please watch. it will really brighten up your day as a LMH×KGE shipper OOT: btw, speaking from a healthcare worker point of view, to deal with withdrawal syndrome (in regards to the use of medication) is to reduce the dose gradually, not abruptly. so maybe one can use this approach to deal with withdrawal syndrome of tkem just don't stop to see/hear/feel anything about it in instance, reduce the attachment gradually so it will be less painful sorry if it's very oot, please don't whip me ladies!
  16. @jy_cohh thank you for all the translations you've provided they made my day! stay healthy and happy to you too, and maybe you may want to check in here on June 22 and July 2. maybe we got something those days tee hee one can always hope rite
  17. RCLadies... What's with the mood? I saw your post here before I watched the bts then I felt sooo gloomy, but then after I watched, I feel totally fine!!! It's just 9 minutes out of all the BTS and interviews we got so far, so why we drop the conclusion that this ship is over? First I agree with some of you, the BTS feel so rushed. Maybe they need to finish filming fast, remember that the finale date should be on June 6 before SBS move it to June 12 because of they air the Contagion movie. So actually their dateline is June 6 and thats why everyone was rushing (and maybe full of tension? just like when we need to submit task or assignments?) For the last scene, I can see ggone is soo sad because it was the very last time they film. Even her eyes were puffy. So for me it's so understandable if she wasn't as playful as before. In conclusion, I still believe that they have crush to each other. We may not get many breadcrumbs for this moment onward, but this ship will never sink unless one of them declare that they date other person. Sorry for my rambling
  18. Maybe SBS told him that they're not gonna drop the ep 16 BTS today, that's why he decided to feed our delulu mind to prevent us from malnutrition.... what a thoughtful king!! But no, SBS have to give us something!!!
  19. Oh sure I need all the cold water in the world!! Can’t really functioning well at office because all speculations in my mind!! thanks chinggu now I can back to work thingy peacefully (but I doubt myself LOL)
  20. Do you guys remember KGE staff posted something about holiday in Jeju after the final shooting day but she then erased it? so if the cafe is really in Jeju, does it mean KGE were really in Jeju back then having a holiday with LMH? I LOST MY SANITY.
  21. LOOOLLLL at the comment sections!! All caps around It feels like a mass protest against tyrant is happening there Like JTE said: "I didn't pray. I THREATENED"
  22. OMG me too!! I caught the bouquet on my cousin's wedding and I was single at that moment. Then I met this man, dating for 2 years, and now he's my hubby. I hope this will be the case for KGE and LMH too!!
  23. I just realised there are only 2 selfies in LMH IG feeds in which he was with someone else. The first selfie was from 208 weeks ago when he held a trophy (so sorry I don't know the other gentleman's name), and the most recent one was with Woo Do Hwan, with Woo Do Hwan himself holding the camera. Oh gosh. Turns out I was in wrong ship for this while! Ladies, please count me in when you'll sail the LMH-WDH ship, I'm so in!
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