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  1. My goodness. This got me out of my slumber. It makes me smile that they have been consistently sticking to each other like glue. It makes me flutter how they just cannot help but be happy when together. And then i laugh because it must be hard to fall in love and try to date during pandemic. Look at that social distancing. If it weren't for this effin virus, we're probably be dead by now coz I'm sure these 2 don't have any concept of space towards each other.
  2. My heart skipped a beat when i saw this photo. This is too... REAL. They should include all the sunset and beach photos in their future engagement photo album. I swear, it feels like we are witnessing the greatest prelude to a royal engagement.
  3. @RosesAreRed you know what this reminds me of? It looks like an effing wedding album. My wedding album looks similar. I ---
  4. I will concentrate 90% of my talismans for this. Amen indeed. The other 10% for some crumbs along the way and more lovestagram. They gotta let us live. Imma bout to buy a whole a** magnifying glass.
  5. I laughed out loud on his ig story. It's like, heeeey that looks like fun (shippers's investigative skills on soc med), lemme do it too. And being the self-loving dork he is, he spied his own self, put a circle on it, and posted it. We love you too wdh. But be a good dear and give us an outtake, candid photo of the royal couple becoz we know you have them. Haha
  6. I cannot with you fam. I woke up 6am to find out lmh posted a romantic video clip in his ig. On kge bday. On kge's birthday. Actual birthday, not days after. With that song. I died. Then i immediately went to this forum to find out i have more than 5 pages to catch up on. Then i need to face the reality that i need to work. But im forever distracted coz i just cant catch up. This thread is on fire. 14 hours later, after laughing, crying, obsessing, and dying with you guys, ive finally caught up! Happy birthday to our baby girl! Thank you captain lmh for ensuring that our hearts are taken cared of today. This is beyooond our expectations. Thank you for all the talismans and prayers. Thank you kes. Thank you universe! I hope we get an engagement news next. Im more than happy to sacrifice my working hours. RCLs rock!
  7. Nah. No amount of naengmyeon can change the way i see kge and wdh relationship. It's screaming F-R-I-E-N-D-S. I feel like it was wdh's last shooting day. They got closer during the filming. They must've wanted to celebrate a bit and went to the noodle place near their location. The whole interaction in ig shows "we're friends" vibes. Lmh and kge both described wdh as the friendliest during the swoon interview. So i do expect things like this from them. He had a photo with kkn with the paris shirt and we're not toppling over it. Oh but ooohhh... new ship. Wdhxkkn.
  8. The new fancams are giving me life. I love all of them. I realized, i love lmh smile the most when he is with kge and family. He looks really happy and content. Like a man who is finally complete.
  9. @MinGoLove i only watched hit and run squad just for that ending. And boi... im now deperate for a bad boss richard simmons role for kge. Please chungmuro gods.. oceans 8 type of movie please. Reunion movie with kim hye soo and jang do yeon. I can just imagine, they wouldnt know what hit them. Facts.
  10. Maybe i should have said "is it creepy that i think her ankles look so sexy in heels?" I'd better balance things off. *runs to look at lmh's dimples.
  11. I think i have a thing with kge and heels. Man. Is it normal that i think her ankles look so sexy in heels? Do i need a checkup? Somebody help me.
  12. Kge posted. Finally. Huh. It's a throwback. Aaaaww.. the city of love. Are you telling us where your heart is right now ggone? In... love?
  13. Oh my goodness. The meanings of the flowers are consistent with courtship and love. Dying.
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