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  1. ahhh you're right. so once LG & JY successfully kill LL, we're probably gonna see a huge butterfly effect play out. WELP. I better use the next week to stock up on tissues in preparation for the finale
  2. Ugh I am so heartbroken after today's episode... BUT GUYS!! After looking at the ep 16 preview, where we see LG in the coat of doom with the flowers at TE's house, the windows don't have the colorful "Hero Taekwondo Center" stickers on them anymore??? Windows on finale Preview: https://imgur.com/oB3dA46 OG Windows: https://imgur.com/zMr6Avh WHAT COULD THIS MEANNNNNN?? did the future change too much???
  3. OMGGG @Heretorant I am fangirling. I've been following your posts on here & on the shippers page LOLOL love all your analysis here & there in our delulu land but YESSS. I agree with you 10000%. I especially love what you said in the highlighted portion. That really connected what I've been trying to process this entire day. I'm guessing we're gonna be catching up to the "future LG" tmrw since coat of doom makes its appearance again in ep 15 preview dundundun **edit: almost forgot but I AM A LOSER
  4. Came out of lurking to join you guys finally, especially since the end is near Although I've been lurking (since like page 200), yall best believe I was right there with you guys holding funerals for TE to counting abs on LG in the hospital bed to putting on my clown makeup for theories. Episode 14 was one wild ride - I had to keep replaying scenes over and over again cuz I was confuzzled to the max but seriously living for every moment. One thing I do want to share about how I understood the timeline. Also, I think there was someone asking about the balloons. BoD wrote a pretty good theory about it: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2020/06/01/the-king-the-balloons/ Excited to see what KES has in store for us for the last 2 eps. Her mind is brilliant & every plot is unpredictable. I am joining the prayer circle for a happy ending. OH AND I LOST LMAO & Happy 700+ pages!! Can't believe how LTE this thread has been going...
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