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  1. Soompi's new interface is hard to see. It is too darkMy laptop is too bright October, come quickly. I want to see GoEun advertise Hero. I want the girl on the King of Mask Singer show. Goeun has a great voice.Everyone will be surprised by Goeun's singing
  2. No, I don't want Park Ji eun. I think she has the same writing style as KES. CLOY has so many holes, it's famous for the lead couple. I still prefer KES. KES wrote Goblin and mr sunshine very well. That is a masterpiece. I don't know how she could write The King like that. If I can choose, I'd like her to collaborate with writer Park Hae Young (My Mister, Oh Hae Young Again). She writes stories about women very well. Writer Noh Hee-kyung is also very good. (Live, The Most Beautiful Goodbye), Im Sang-Choon (When the Camellia Blooms, Fight for My Way). I also don't need famous writers, I want her to do dramas like The Light in Your Eyes, Hot Stove League. It is very meaningful. And if GoEun, want to act romance drama again. I prefer writer Lee Kyoung-Hee. Maybe her style is a bit old but she has very good character building (Chocolate, Uncontrollably Fond)
  3. I think Money Heist is a safe choice. I am not sure the Korean version will be better than the original version. I saw the original, it's quite good, it's a real brainstorming battle, so it's refreshing if Go eun wants to try new genres. It shows on netfilx so Go eun will be less pressured with rating issues. She will be co-starring with the BH ENT cast where she will learn a lot. And more importantly, this film is produced by BH, no matter what, BH will never give a bad script to their artists. It will ruin their reputation and their artists. About the return drama of GoEun. Honestly,Go eun has a very long break between projects. She is picky about the script too. Maybe it will take a long time for us to see her on drama. This is just my personal opinion. I think she should focus on movies more. Honestly, GoEun is so popular but she only has 3 dramas. She doesn't really have much experience to choose good script. This is quite scary. Because there are great scripts on paper only. In my opnion, Go eun's choice about dramas is a bit safe. It all has the participation of a famous director or famous screenwriter. And all her characters were only well written in the first 6 episodes. It hasn't performed her best yet. So, Go eun"s next drama project is very important. It must prove her best for her to overcome all criticism and get recognition . At the same time, it is not the fantasy genre anymore
  4. But I like her in CITT. In CITT, she is really cute. She dresses perfectly. I am very happy for your comments. It makes me better. My life is very bad now. I am working in a very large corporation, but things are terrible. Talking about Go eun helps me get through everything. Sometimes, I feel so sorry for GoEun. She went through so many bad things that a 29 year old girl shouldn't have. GoEun has never done anything evil, or hurt anyone, but why people like to downplay her. I still remember she had to delete her post because of the negative comments about her appearance. At that time, I loved her heartless. Now, I just wish she had a peaceful and happy life. No need to be too famous and money. I just want her to act in a movie and live up to her passion. Everything will be OK For fun, everyone told GoEun got a new project. And we all expect it to be Money Heist. It's Netfix, Go Eun will be less stressful and happier. I hope GoEun will act with BH ent actors like Lee Byung Hun, Han Hyo joo, Han Ji Min. I love The affection of the Bh actresses for each other. Seeing them on a project makes me happy
  5. I really don't want to say this. But these are my sincere thoughts. I write down so we can share it together Yesterday was Go Eun's birthday, everyone should focus on Go eun. Go eun should only receive wishes and love. But on that day, Minho posted on IG and with imagination, people thought it was related to Goeun. And on IG's MinHo post, there are many comments about Go eun's birthday. Min Ho's fans got angry. Some Minho fans started saying bad things about Go eun. They said that Go eun has no fans, her fans are all shipper, she has no real fans, her fans don't talk about her new projects and a lot of pain from fans of other actor That's not right. I know GoEun fans are much less than MinHo. But we love her so much, every day we say we look forward to her movie Hero. How do we expect the movie. I wish her fans just focused on her. Go eun is very cute, beautiful, lovely. We can talk about her every day, without having to talk about anyone else. I don't hate shipper, there are some shipper accounts I like very much. But Go eun is receiving too much unnecessary criticism. As a fan, I am very sad. If they don't like shipper, they can talk about shipper but they drag GoEun in too. So I wish we just focused on Go eun.
  6. Everyone says Go eun has a new project All Go Eun fans knew Go eun likes long hair. She only cuts her hair when she has a new project Maybe Tokyo I look forward to her new work Miss Han Hyo Joo commented Go Eun IG : "Happy birthday!" Oh. So sweet. I wish they had a project together in dramas or movies
  7. I know it is late but Happy birthday! Wishing you more and more success and beautiful. I wish you a peaceful and happy life. At the same time, I feel happy to feel the love of the fans for you. Love everyone. https://twitter.com/gonahlia/status/1278342602526347265
  8. Hello. I love Rom-com. I like Jeong Tae-Ra. I think everyone's reaction is very good. I like Go Eun playing that role. But don't worry. Go Eun isn't picky when acting in movies. She is more comfortable. Just a good director. So you can still hope. About the drama. I think it will be hard to see her in Romcom. I don't even know how long Go Eun will be filming dramas again. Maybe very long times. Go Eun is very picky about the script. But I'm also looking forward to her next work
  9. Hero originally aired in August. But it was pushed back. Rumor that it will be broadcast on Chuseok day (1/10/2020). I think this is an extremely good time to broadcast this movie. During the year, there are only 2 suitable times to show the movie: August and October. August 15 is Korea's independence anniversary. October 3 is the national founding day, and also the anniversary of the country's escape from the yoke of Japanese Empire. This is perfect time. I am happy to seeing in this movie. I hope it will succeed. I really believe in the director. I do not want to experience emotions like having experienced a king. Please succeed.
  10. Goeun comment on wdohwan IG ggonekim: are you feeling restless... wdohwan: no ㅋㅋㅋ it's just pretty Mass is not proportional to volume A girl as small as a violet A girl who moves like a flower petal is pulling me towards her with more force than her mass. Just then, I am Like Newtons Apple I rolled towards her without stopping Until I fell on her With a thump, with a thump My heart Keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground It was my first love. Goblin. My favorite poem.I love this poem too. Go Eun is too cute.
  11. 2 more days to go. I hope she will be more and more beautiful, successful and happy. No matter how things turn out later, I will support her. I hope she is happy and lovely life. Everything will be fine and I hope she gets stronger and stronger Hero is the first big-budget film she plays. I hope it will succeed. I hope it truly succeeds. That was my little wish. Although, I know everything is very difficult now.
  12. Thank you for all your kind words. This is the HaeMin forum so I won't mention GoEun anymore. As for Ji Min, this is just my opinion, women are always being criticized. I have watched OSN and STITR dramas and I understand why there is a comparison. But using those words to to a woman, that's not a good thing. And sadly, these words came from women . Actually Ji Min is very beautiful, kind, good acting . Maybe she doesn't look classy in OSN but that's how she shows the character. I admire all her efforts. She works hard every day. Our society are quite unfairly with women. When a drama is successful, they always mention the male lead and rarely mention the female lead. But when a drama fails, the female lead is always criticized. For me, I'm glad Ji Min paired up with junior actors like Hae In and Nam Joo Huyk. Ji Min and Hae In are really beautiful together. Please forget me. Everyone should focus and Ji Min and Hae In. Thanks so much. Thanks for all comments. I will always support Ji Min and Hae In. I also find it strange . Thank you very much Please forget me. Everyone should focus and Ji Min and Hae In. Thanks so much. Thanks for all comments. I will always support Ji Min and Hae In. I also find it strange to talk . Thank you very much Please forget me. Everyone should focus and Ji Min and Hae In. Thanks so much. Thanks for all comments. I will always support Ji Min and Hae In. I also find it strange to talk to people about Go Eun. Thank you very much
  13. I love our girl. She is so sweet and lovely. The way she comments about the ads is so sweet. The way she treats her fan is also lovely. Yesterday I watched The sunset in my hometown. I really love that. To my honest, i wish she will do more movies. She is very picky when she is choose what she acts. She has only 3 dramas and 10 movies. It's quite a bit little, compared to her popularity and her years of experience. I know she's hurt and self-deprecating because of the malicious comments after the Goblin so she hasn't acted in 2 years. But to be honest, she should do more movies. She has a reputation in movies. I watched the ticket sales all her works. Actually, all her movies have good ticket sales, are appreciated despite not being invested much, her co-stars are not extremely famous actors like when she acted in dramas. I wish she had confidence in herself. Honestly, with her influence, she can make 2 to 3 movies a year. Actors in the films industry all do that. She should be more confident in herself. As I said, I don't want her to act in dramas anymore but I want her to act more in movies. I want her to play more genres and roles: like horror, action, fiction, war, ... I want her to be more and more complete. No need to join big project. Just try your best and improve. I want to show everyone that she can act and act well to overcome criticism. I wish she could someday receive a prestigious award, participating in the highly rated film. I really hope she doesn't have a low self-esteem about herself after she acts the King like she has in goblin. But the king had to face so much criticism I can only hope on the Hero to be well and i am very worry . I really love her and want to see her more. I wish she acted more movies and have successfully. But if she disappears after like a goblin, I'll accept it.
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