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  1. Going into the weekend with a happy thoughts, hope you all enjoy!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkXgX2-VHI8 for SJH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RztJJh7aVRQ for SSH Would like to see these two do more comedy together! :) THANK YOU, GLUTI NOOCH!
  2. They both have the look of being taken, when photos taken with friends. Keep the ship sailing!
  3. So appreciative of all of your efforts, pls keep fighting!! From the beginning, she has not treated him cautiously but has been only her real self. I think SSH was looking for this, especially since he requested the song he did on the radio interview. They both were looking for realness and sincerity.
  4. His friends sure noticed and laughed with him about his flower pattern in the BTS. And SJH had a good time with poking fun as well.
  5. Like how they are secure enough to be completely themselves with each other. Fierce and independent!
  6. Not sure of this thread is followed anymore. But just found it GHJ and Lee Kwang Soo are going to be on the new season of Three Meals a Day. Here to hoping JIS is a guest of one of them. So fun to see them interact .
  7. Here it is 2020, just watched IOTL. Sooo goood for so many reasons, most of all JIS and GHJ. I have some questions, hopefully Someone has answers. They both seem so similar to BinJin in CLOY in how they portray their actions with each other. So close to reel to real life, you cannot tell the difference. Hence the ‘Tarzan Look’ and how GHJ looks at JIS. Like SDI said, you can’t act this way w/o relationship. Watching the directors cut interviews, their reactions were very real to each other, on/off screen. SDI mentions this then, and then at a latter interview that he would have married GH
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