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  1. Hi guys, so.... we're here at the final damn what do I do with life now. I want to share my thought on the final episode. This series has many flaws, indeed. They should have more episodes, 20 maybe. There so many to explore yet so little time. I guess I just not yet ready to say goodbye but I feel great about how the story ends. First, I know we all want JTE and LG to rule the kingdom as king and his beloved queen, we all indeed like to witness some baby making process and the holy birth of the royal heirs. But I see here that KES actually gives us openly happy ending and I personally love it. They show us happy moments of our OTP's life but still left us so much for our imagination. I mean, they should be have babies at some times in their life for they are so in love, I'd like to think that they went on dates and make love in every universe they visited (that's what I've been imagine since the shows end ). I also think, at this point, they aren't just humans, they have superpowers to travel through times and spaces and they keep the world in balance. They could've just lived in KOC, they could go in certain time when Luna in KOC still young and haven't meet KSY dan her mom yet and then throw her to another universe so that JTE wont have any counterparts in KOC, but yet they didn't. Unlike LL, they didn't sacrifice others life to achieve their goals, instead they protect and save lives. Their love story is on another level. And I never get tired saying this, this series has THE BEST HUGS in all history of kdramas, LMH and KGE chemistry is out of this world. Also is there anyone here care to make a good ff continuation of the kiss in CCTV Room? Like what happen after? Did they make it to the glorious king's chamber or what? Anyone care to elaborate? I'm gonna miss this series. Gonna miss the cast. Lee Min Ho charisma and Kim Go Eun charms. Their kisses and hugs, their adorable BTS. I'm so emotional right now, I went bipolar in one night!!!
  2. He's an Indonesian selebgram. And yes he comments on all lmh's posts, seems like he's a fan. His comments mostly admiring lmh's visual and kge&lmh chemistry but he would say it is such fun remarks so we indonesian will laugh at most of his comments. These days seems like he turns himself as shipper too cant blame him lmh and kge are too shippable
  3. Hi, everyone. I've been stalking this forum for months now I decide greet you guys. I've never been a shipper before, so this is my first ship. So when I found this forum, I was shocked, the things you guys do, the gifs, observation and everything, just wow, you guys jjang... I watch TKEM because of KGE, she's an amazing actress and I love all her works. But then I start to love all the cast, and of course our lovely couple LeeEul and MinGo. However I just want to say hello to you guys and let's keep pray for a happy ending for LeeEul and pray for happy life for MinGo couple last episode really hit me bad I was crying the whole nigh. I don't know if you guys already talked about this, we all are know our couple has the best hug scene in the entire kdramas universe. but I notice that their hugs even get better and deeper each scene. I mean just compare their very first hug to their last hug. With the storyline, I think that make sense if there is any significant differences in every hugs as their relationship also getting deeper. But my delulu mind taking over, I think it's just LMH and KGE, beside being great actor and actress, they are just getting comfortable to hug each other passionately I mean in their hug in front of hospital, she even reach for his neck, damn her hand on the back of his neck. It suppose to be a sad hug full of longing and crying but I feel there also some sexual tension is that even normal? this couple turn me into a pervert
  4. Yes, there is text preview for eps. 14. I think those line isn't for tae eul. A few days back we have spoilers where lee gon seems facing Lady Noh with serious face. I think lee gon ask lady noh to let him go to finally go to his destiny. Tae eul never mention nor know anything about lee gon and his destiny. Also there this scene when lee gon just came back from visiting tae eul, he once asked lady noh why she doesn't ask him where he go, lady noh answer were just "i know where you go, to your destiny."
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