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  1. The many faces of Park Seo Joon in cfs. I wouldn't be surprised if all the brands we know especially Europe brand will be under his line-up. when will you be sold out dude psj?!...
  2. I can't imagine myself not drinking any fluid for 24 hours. But in our minds and hearts, it feels dehydrated not seeing them update...
  3. If you can't control it, enjoy it. Indeed, they will just flying around dropping by in someone else nest and makes a mess.
  4. PMY be like: need to look for past photo of me that matches my neighbors clothes with a heart as her emoji resembles
  5. PSJ has a black and white ootd in one frame pluse red carpet...PMY have an ootd in different frame plus red carpet. #lastsongsyndrome: sometimes when they touch our hearts, the honesty is too much (edited lyrics from Sometimes When Touch song).
  6. When TRUE LOVE arises, no matter what the circumstances, it reflects on the outcome. WWWSK was a story of a true love from unsolicited relationship (in which the film didn't ask to be as such ). When PPC had that presscon, they told the viewers to watch it for life, because it's a happy story which they enjoyed a lot filming it (blues clues from what is real . EP13 was a proof and still counting up to 200M+ viewers.
  7. Now I know why even Simba and Leon loves to stay on the sofa... Going back to the "MUSIC IS MY LIFE" line from PPC, PMY mentioned on her yt vlog her fave songs on her playlists.
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