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  1. Even TWOTM had wrap up party. But I'm really really really really craving for MinEun interviews please let us all do something about it
  2. Sbs did us dirty. To an extent Netflix too. We hardly got any interviews. Forget about wrap up party and photoshoot looks like it'll never happen. But we want more of MinEun interviews. Like swoon has released soo many interviews and games for other drama couples and we got nothing except Jenga and who me. I think we all should collectively go and comment on swoon posts about MinEun content. In that way they'll know we're craving for MinEun and they'll atleast do something about it. Who knows maybe they'll call MinEun for new interviews and games on fan requests maybe ?
  3. Guys I just read an article. No offense. Just sharing with y'all. This is about cloy couple. Given their undeniable chemistry on the show, fans and media immediately started speculating as to whether they are in a relationship IRL. During a press conference for the K-drama in 2019, when a reporter asked the pair if it was burdensome to shoot together because of the dating rumours, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin laughed it off. "As you can see, we laughed it off. It did not affect or inconvenience in choosing work. We worked together, and we were friends because of the work.
  4. Do LMH and KGE know how people are going crazy for them and shipping them like mad and want them to end up together at any cost and that they have international fans support?
  5. Hey I'm totally in love with romancing ms sunshine. Waiting for next chapter.

  6. Someone here writes MinEun fanfic "romancing ms sunshine" right? It's too good. Whoever is writing it please continue. I feel butterflies in my stomach everytime I read it. Waiting for the next chapter. If there are more more MinEun fanfics please post the link here. Many of us will read.
  7. Wuhooo happy 300 yay!!! Cheers To more and more discussions. May the official announcement come soon, sooner , soonest. May this thread reach to 1000 soon. Haha I love y'all. Thanks for creating this page. MinEun, TKEM and this thread has been the reason for my happiness since quite a few days. Even after the show ends never stop discussing here. Fighting!
  8. Please let me give you a tight hug. You made me emotional with your post. I'm single and I never even thought about my love story like I'm thinking about MinEun story. I'm even ready to give my happy ending to them(if I have one) I just want them to end up together and get married and have loads of babies. Please this is a fairytale love story
  9. Why on earth did bh entertainment posted a couple picture????? Woah do I hear wedding bells?
  10. I'm telling you all Lee min ho is actually reading this forum. Lee min ho if you're reading this.. hiii. Iove you and KGE soo much and I want you both to get married and have babies soon. You have all our international fans support. Please drop more hints and yea please post a selfie of yours and KGE.
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