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  1. I just saw a post of KGE getting out of GY car during goblin time and people are commenting on that post that this couple will come true by the end of 2020. "I always know something was there between them" , "their relationship is this and that and blah blah blah
  2. Dude was sooo aggressive here. Poor go eun don't know how many times it'll get smashed after marriage
  3. If the red heart is true then it must be the reason he might've deleted the pic only to post it later with no caption but since it'll be too obvious he had to add another pic to cover up. They know shippers will go to extent of bribing dispatch if they post red heart and black heart with only few minutes difference.
  4. But we'll all be soo depressed and anxious on Friday cuz it's going to be last episode. Can't they give us tomorrow
  5. This man looks at her with soo much love that sometimes I feel like men like him exist? Like you can really see it in his eyes how much he likes her
  6. That may 20 Friday was the craziest Friday I've ever seen. We got date pic, bts, playing in the beach video and an episode to look forward. I want that Friday to repeat again
  7. Kyungnam and goeun actually have chemistry. This girl literally can create chemistry with anyone
  8. Here's the link for petition lol. I hope someone acknowledges how serious we're regarding this ship
  9. I can only see 2 bts. Rest all are taken down. This richard simmons sbs urgh. What is their problem? They won't make it available for overseas people now they're not even allowing fanclubs to do it either. Puck you sbs
  10. Exactly! No dating articles. No talking about their breathtaking chemistry. Absolutely nothing at all.
  11. Maybe because everyone's bombarding her with are "LMH and KGE together in Jeju now?" Questions
  12. Ok one thing we can do is to comment on Myment and bh posts that we want LMH and KGE photoshoot. In that way they'll know what we want. It works by giving us what we want and also works as a boost if they'll announce the dating news anytime soon. Also they'll know how much we love this couple that we're craving for their photoshoot, interviews and what not
  13. Exactly!! All the dramas are getting photoshoot and interviews done except our show. It's time we should take this seriously and bombard swoon with MinEun comments on their post asking them for MinEun interview. Idk whom to ask for photoshoot though.
  14. Even I thought about that but then I don't think we'll get one because wo do Hwan is going to enlist soon and it'll take 2yrs for him to come out so there's no chance
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