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  1. Also why would an agency post a video of its actor forgetting a line? Unless they're trying to send a certain message to certain someone. Usually agencies boast about their actors and their extraordinary work
  2. At this point he's really really really teasing us. He knows we're waiting for a selfie or a couple pic
  3. Oppa will always be mine!!! I'll never let him marry anyone else other than me. His gaze makes me pregnant dawww
  4. Oppa is mine! He'll only marry me. Also don't get excited he's the same with all his co-stars. It's called acting. *Runs to watch the bts again for 6272849022th time*
  5. Exactly! I've never seen a male lead hugging female lead by her waist in a Kdrama. Almost all the hugs in this drama are waist involved but the new hug tops the list. It's like his hands just don't want to leave her waist
  6. They're too intimate and too sensual. In which angle is this looking like a normal costars behaviour
  7. I swear if anyone comes up with "he's the same with all his co-stars s*it" he was NEVER like this with anyone before. Playing with co-stars hair, touching her, holding her hands, hugging her like his life depends on it. He NEVER done that before
  8. Oh my god. You guys I can't stop laughing. Please keep it coming. I want this today. I don't want to be sad
  9. We all know how everyone's ideal woman type is KGE also how she friendzoned them. I think after friendzoning them no one proceeded further. But LMH did.. even after KGE sunbae zoned him he didn't stop and went on expressing how he likes her. The new photo of him with KGE and head court lady noh is the proof. Both are sitting beside him but he held both in a different way. The difference between mother and girlfriend/wife.
  10. Thats exactly what I saw. Omg this is not even in the drama. He did that outside. Looking at that pic itself you can say how close they are and something is definitely cooking between them. Which normal co-stars would do that?
  11. Maybe that's why they gonna kill Yeong charecter? But eun sup should be alive. What if both die? Haha I'll go jump off a cliff. Simple.
  12. That sleepy tinker who spoke s*it is also an Indian bro. I agree indians are less toxic when it comes to bollywood but you see such toxic obsessive male lead fans in tellywood who think they're born to marry the male lead. Some are born with such traits I guess
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