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  1. 13 minutes ago, RosesAreRed said:

    Not sure if this is what @extrodinairey is asking but here’s some facts-  Scientifically, none of us RCLs are considered Delusional. Delusion disorder is characterized by at least one month false beliefs about reality despite conflicting evidence. Contrary to common beliefs, delusion is often a comorbity of another psychological disorder which I will skip since it’s uncalled for. 

    According to DSM-V, these are the types of delusions:

    Eromatic-a belief that a person with higher social status is in love with him of her. 

    Grandiose-belief that one has unrecognizable talent, special powers, etc, have a relationship with someone famous or with God.

    Somatic-refers to experiencing physical sensation

    Persecutory-beliefs that someone will  harm you

    Referential-beliefs that gestures/comments, etc are directed at you

    Nihilistic-belief that a major catastrophe will occur

    There’s more but I think you get the point. Now, a delusional person can function normally but often exhibits irrational behavior such as anger and violent acts and will rarely admit that their beliefs are false and problematic. This can also be treated depending on the chronic nature of condition. Delusions can go away but this can also recur or persist if there’s an inherent reluctance from the person to accept treatment. 

    For someone to be considered delusional, one has to manifest two or more types of the disorder in a span of more than one month. There’s no known way to prevent delusion and as such, this condition is rarely being discussed in clinical study. “Rarely discussed” because the occurence of this disorder is small in general population. CMIIW for anyone with Psych background, DD is only .02% in records. Treatments can include antipsychotic medications, other pharmacological treatment, and psychotherapy. Having a healthy environment with families and friends helps a person to have a grasp of reality as well. 

    I may have left practice a few years now but I can still do my science from time to time.

    Why did I say we’re not delusionals in this ship? We were presented with evidences such as the chemistry we saw in all the BTS, interviews, etc videos where we analyzed (tho sometimes obsessively) body language, verbal cues, and even asked other people’s unbiased observations-these are also forms of reality. Now, we love Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho individually and collectively and even if what we only have is a gestalt desire to see them be a Real couple, so be it. If what ends up here is something that will makes us all sad, then we will be sad together and move on. We love them before TKEM and we will love them after. 

    So if anyone or any group insist that we’re bunch of crazies, well, let me tell yah this, crazy people lives in wonderland and always finds happiness even with a sight of a worn and rusty bridge. Plus, having a mental health disorder anywhere in the world is expensive. I’m sure those people in the back can’t afford it. 


    Are you a medical student? :ph34r:

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  2. 58 minutes ago, mychoiyoung said:


    Actually if you look real close, KGE sort of "missed the target" when she initiated the kiss.

    That's why LMH had to "re-position to achieve bullseye".  This led to the deepening of the kiss.

    If there is anything we learned from TKEM, Pyeha has great aim.

    Just my observation.:heart2:



    Imagine a good kisser like KGE missing her target:ph34r: when I saw bts of reunion kiss.. I was like woah where is she going? She missed the target but the Minho not waiting anymore took the chance and made it right.  KGE is one among the very few Kdrama female leads who knows how to respond to a kiss and how to kiss back. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Miadee said:

    For me after watching the limited no of interviews she has my take is kge is shy and not very comfy to do variety shows or interviews hence i reckon she only does those that is required/necessary for her work and reject the rest. I also felt like this might be the case for the type of content we get fr netflix.

    But over the years she also seem more and more confident in them, esp. what i see fr last year onwards and i was especially surprised in tkem presscon eventhough she was shy after those stares but still carried herself so confidently throughout. 

    Also they seem to do more promotion for her films than her dramas. It was the same after Goblin ended. Didn't get anything except the wrap up party. No photoshoot no interviews


    ..also if she doesn't appear to chunsa today i would think either they already know she will not be the winner and decided to skip attending, or either she has another more imp. schedule on hand.


    Those long time kge fan can correct me if I'm wrong but that is my observation from her past interviews. 


    Goblin had got official photoshoot and interviews as well. LDW and YIA doing commentary for bts and also GY and KGE exclusively watching their scenes and being interviewed. TKEM didn't even get what goblin got

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  4. 34 minutes ago, graceyco said:

    Her body language speaks so much. I do think they're super super close. Aside from the fact that they've worked for 8 months and they've hugged and kissed a lot of times, you can really see how they just radiate with happiness when together. 


    Also you gotta be extremely close to a person to caresse her hair when she's upset. I mean you don't do that to someone you feel awkward with.. especially of opposite gender. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Heretorant said:

    Instead, lovers should be completed by themselves but choose to want to be with each other anyway. That is the best form of love: to love not because you need each other but love because you want to. To love because you need each other means love can die once you no longer find it necessary to be with each other. But to love because you want to means you find something special in that person, special enough that life is better with them even when you’re already completely satisfied with your life. I think lmh is at a point in his life where he’s completely satisfied with his life and to look for a lifelong partner is to share his happiness with her.


    This is soo beautiful

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  6. 53 minutes ago, Niki Idy said:

    This is not a computer at her back, it was his hand, are you saying the computer was what moved her closer to him while they were kissing and is the computer mobile under her jacket :D.   That was 100% lee min ho hand drawing her close to him, and I am loving it :sweatingbullets:, especially since KGE isn’t complaining but enjoying it too. 



    Didn't say computer moved her closer. Obviously his right hand pulled her closer. He lifted her with both his hands. In order to put his hand under her jacket he have to move his hand from behind to front of the jacket and again take it to the back inside the jacket which is not possible in that 10 seconds and the movement inside the coat is actually the hand it's due to way she's moving during the kiss


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  7. 27 minutes ago, carriekllo said:

    Ahh I got mislead by Twitter memes! He didn't put his left hand in her coat. If you watch the unzoom original bts, her coat got caught on the computer monitor. I so wanted to believe it was his hands... Still a great 3 dive kiss though:wub:


    Exactly!!! As much as I want his hand to be inside her coat but doing so in public will be inappropriate. It  actually got caught on the computer hence the balloon like air inside her coat 

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  8. 8 minutes ago, Yeojachingudeul said:

    she cried and him trying to console her (

    She must feel sad and withdrawal symptom

    somehow i saw some comments in ig stating that they look like sibling rather than couple when he caressed her hair while laughing he also said “why did you cry” and patted her head. 

    and hey everyone, 

    i ve been lurking on this thread since early may and decided to unlurk becauseeeee i just can’t refrain myself anymore because of the ultra speed movement from this thread
    Many thanks for providing me lots of insights from mineun couple. 



    No way In the parallel universe they look like siblings. The way Minho comforted her just shows how soft he is towards her. I mean c'mon if a girl you like is crying what else will you do? Just stand and watch her cry? Definitely I didn't get a sibling Feeling. Never. Also LMH being cold? Where?

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  9. 21 minutes ago, AnxiousIntrovert said:

    Hi every1! I’m afraid this is gonna be long but can u bear with me. Really appreciate if u all could read this. 1stly, I’m a silent reader hear frm around 200th page. Been in lockdown for around 3 mnths, tkem helped me to lessen my loneliness. I had 2nd thoughts about writing here. I’m in my late 20s nd my husband has been away working due to covid for around 3 mnths nd 2day i got to know that he has to go for another 3 mnths. So i just snapped nd decided to write. :angry:

    2ndly, About minho and goeun. I’ve been a fan of minho since bof nd watched all his dramas except lotbs. But did not watch any bts or followed his private life behind camera. The only series of goeun i watched is CITT. Becox i was bored during lockdown. But never knew her name or searched her life behind camera. I loved minhos dramas and goeuns citt too. I watched tkem becox it was minhos comeback drama. I loved it from day1. So I checked twitter for tkem nd saw the presscon nd bts. i fell in love with both of them like there’s no coming back.:wub: I followed both of them on instagram. started seeing the lovestagrams nd i just kept falling in love even harder like minho nd goeun fell in love with each other:wub:. (Yes they are in love, i bet my bachelors and masters degree in law on that :lol:). This is my 1st time engaging in drama nd shipping .

    3rdly, about my 1st ship JENSHAD. :wub:. I didn’t actively engage in shipping but i read all about them nd watched the fan edits nd started shipping silently. are there any indians and BEPANNAAH fans here. Becox mineun reminds me of jennifer winget and harshad chopda (jenshad). Harshad was like minho during the shooting nd presscons of their drama. We could literally see hearts in his eyes for jennifer like minho has for goeun. Jennifer was acting like they are just professional co stars like goeun did in the beginning. Even though they didn’t accept that they are dating they both were seen in each others birthday parties nd mutual friends parties long after the series ended. But they are so private that they don’t even have a single selfie together alone. Nd the funny thing is harshad cut short his work trip in thailand nd came directly from airport to jennifer’s birthday party. Yeah, wearing the same clothes (so much for being professional co stars :D). she cut the cake after he came even though it was so late in the night (again professional :D). This we saw from their friends insta stories becox they don’t share anything about each other. If there was nothing between them why not share selfies like they do with other friends? :blink:. Even though there were iceberg hits i still believe they are going strong becox they have denied dating rumors with other stars. :ph34r:The series ended about two years ago nd they didn’t share a single picture so i am not concerned about minho and goeun not sharing pictures. Nd i want them to date in private first becox even though they are stars they are human beings first nd they have every right to get to know each other comfortably, grow their love even more nd build a strong foundation (ofcox for the marriage :ph34r:) but (Spilling some bread crumbs here and there :D becox i am a shipper too, i have to feed my shipper heart). Currently i am suffering from mineun withdrawal like evry1. But i have complete faith in my 2nd ship also :rolleyes:. Thank you for all your postings nd edits they are all lovely. But i have no talent in making edits so i can just write here. :D.Sorry this is too long. :vicx:

    Hey there fellow Indian. I just knew about jenshad cuz my friends used to ship them. But from the things I heard and from the fancams I watched they're pretty cute. But Jennifer's story is different she's been divorced so it'll be hard for her to trust someone again even if she does I don't think she'll come out in public because you know how judgemental people are. Our MinEun are different again. Like Imagine how seriously involved you have to be to post a pic with a woman when you're a big hallyu star and most followed Kdrama actor especially when he never done that before. For MinEun not a single dating rumour has come up yet which is a lil fishy but I don't think they'll deny if they'll be questioned about the dating rumours. Both are very very honest.

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  10. 7 minutes ago, Prerna said:

    sorry to say this guys but after seeing this I feel she is making a Lott more first moves...it’s like so artificial for me I dunno why ppl feel that lotbs was having more intense and deep kisses....

    I saw the bts of this scene and both were sooooo awkward. They weren't even looking in the eye forget about talking and we know how our MinEun laugh their asse* off when they're filming kiss scenes

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  11. 4 minutes ago, carriekllo said:

    I'm making a sweeping generalisation here but it sounds like most of the RCLs here are married, in a relationship or have been in relationships so I think we all know the tell tale signs of liking someone. The giddiness, nervousness, shyness, softness these two individuals display are just so cute to see. 


    Not making a dig at people here that haven't been in a relationship before so don't kill me




    Ahh I'm below 25 not married, never been in a relationship either but still I can see that man is in love. We all have those woman instincts. By seeing the way a man looks we can say If he's gentleman or a pervert or he's trying to hit on us. And just like that we all can see min ho is smitten and hopelessly in love with go eun. 

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  12. 55 minutes ago, Niki Idy said:

    LMH acting differently like he about to risk it all is Is because he found a woman worth the risk  , and KGE being brave is because she found a man worth being brave for. 


    She's indeed worth all the risk. Ahhh this story is straight out of a Wattpad top selling romance fiction. When they announce their relationship I hope someone writes a book about their love story

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