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  1. You guys are openly discussing about shipping KGE with others? Did y'all forget LMH and his agency are lurking here? How can y'all leak the question paper like that?
  2. Look at that hug. Look at her hands caressing his back from bottom to top. I never seen such hug in Kdramas
  3. Imagine a good kisser like KGE missing her target when I saw bts of reunion kiss.. I was like woah where is she going? She missed the target but the Minho not waiting anymore took the chance and made it right. KGE is one among the very few Kdrama female leads who knows how to respond to a kiss and how to kiss back.
  4. Goblin had got official photoshoot and interviews as well. LDW and YIA doing commentary for bts and also GY and KGE exclusively watching their scenes and being interviewed. TKEM didn't even get what goblin got
  5. Also you gotta be extremely close to a person to caresse her hair when she's upset. I mean you don't do that to someone you feel awkward with.. especially of opposite gender.
  6. I thought of mentioning it but again most people won't know that brand and end up concentrating on the cement rather than the couple so I choose not to. Nothing should come between the couple not even the cement.
  7. Same bro. I shipped the hell out of JiJi couple. JCW was clearly whipped. He even said to pdnim in bts "can we go home now? I want her to meet my mom" that was a shocker. He always used to hold her hands, be near her, impromptu hugs, take her with him when the shot is over. They did everything a couple would do. Guys Lee gon said "it took 25 years to meet you" to JTE. JCW actually said "it took 8 years for me to meet nam ji Hyun.. I don't know why it took 8 yrs for me". He said this in suspicious partner press meet. I still don't know why this ship didn't sail maybe
  8. Didn't say computer moved her closer. Obviously his right hand pulled her closer. He lifted her with both his hands. In order to put his hand under her jacket he have to move his hand from behind to front of the jacket and again take it to the back inside the jacket which is not possible in that 10 seconds and the movement inside the coat is actually the hand it's due to way she's moving during the kiss
  9. Exactly!!! As much as I want his hand to be inside her coat but doing so in public will be inappropriate. It actually got caught on the computer hence the balloon like air inside her coat
  10. I think everyone felt bad because there was no laughing out loud scenes in this bts. But but but.. there are few things that cannot be ignored 1. Giving red Roses to co-star is not normal especially when you give white roses to the director 2. Caressing her head twice that too with utmost affection and love 3. Standing with go eun during the tae ra byte scene practice ( let's say it's because he's very kind and professional) what about taking her pic / video? 4. After that reunion hug. He smiled and hugged her sideways. He always gives this shy/
  11. No way In the parallel universe they look like siblings. The way Minho comforted her just shows how soft he is towards her. I mean c'mon if a girl you like is crying what else will you do? Just stand and watch her cry? Definitely I didn't get a sibling Feeling. Never. Also LMH being cold? Where?
  12. Everything's fine but this.. Minho was comforting her but she's moving away. Is it because she doesn't want him to see her cry? The two times he caressed her hair she moved away. Ouch that hurt me ..
  13. Finally here after reading 15 pages. Guys fam is going crazy on sbs and swoon posts. People are commenting on sbs other drama posts regarding ep16 bts. That's how thirsty our fam is. I'm totally Loving this craziness. People are even threatening swoon woah. I really want king cast to know how much we love them and how we're going crazy for them
  14. Hey there fellow Indian. I just knew about jenshad cuz my friends used to ship them. But from the things I heard and from the fancams I watched they're pretty cute. But Jennifer's story is different she's been divorced so it'll be hard for her to trust someone again even if she does I don't think she'll come out in public because you know how judgemental people are. Our MinEun are different again. Like Imagine how seriously involved you have to be to post a pic with a woman when you're a big hallyu star and most followed Kdrama actor especially when he never done that before. For MinEun not a
  15. Finally reached the 500th page wuhooo! Congratulations everyone for your contribution and sleepless nights.
  16. I saw the bts of this scene and both were sooooo awkward. They weren't even looking in the eye forget about talking and we know how our MinEun laugh their asse* off when they're filming kiss scenes
  17. Ahh I'm below 25 not married, never been in a relationship either but still I can see that man is in love. We all have those woman instincts. By seeing the way a man looks we can say If he's gentleman or a pervert or he's trying to hit on us. And just like that we all can see min ho is smitten and hopelessly in love with go eun.
  18. She's indeed worth all the risk. Ahhh this story is straight out of a Wattpad top selling romance fiction. When they announce their relationship I hope someone writes a book about their love story
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