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  1. Omg , I need cardio respiratory resuscitation! I just just woke up and all this is really happening? Sailing at full steam!! I’m soooo happy!
  2. I am a silent reader since March 2020 , but since yesterday the excitements reading this forum has been to much to keep silent . I just want you all to know that this forum ship crew is exquisite , full of the best BinJin fans with the highest human qualities ever. I am very happy sharing my spare time shipping here this wonderful couple with you guys no matter which will be their final landing( which I pray patiently that will be marriage) . So here are my 10 beautiful words or phrases. 1- love Sparks 2-hope 3-faith 4-Cloy 5-happiness 6-synchronize unconscious gestures 7-mutual respect 8-unconditional support 9-cute sweet moments 10- BinJin ( Oh and sorry for my English , I am in my 60’s and a grandma from Puerto Rico)
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