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  1. guys, did she unlike some of the photos she liked earlier? i checked binjinsgrocery and yejinsbin just now and i dont see her like, but she still liked the one posted by oripoon
  2. i think a lot of us would be okay if cloy AT LEAST got the best screenplay or director award. i mean writer park ji eun did cloy justice by wrapping up the main story and the side character’s story so neatly. the script is bulletproof, it is so well written. director also serve us great visuals. acting was on point, osts were great. for me cloy is perfectly balanced, make us cry and laugh. i’ve been watching kdrama since fullhouse days and i can say this is the only kdrama that keep me going back and rewatch over and over again and not getting bored. how many of us have been rewatching, seriously? cloy is robbed. this is just me expressing my opinion. lets all be nice to each other. peace
  3. hello guys, i’ve been mostly silently lurking here and binjin thread but i was so dissappointed cloy didnt get any major award that i have to ask, do the baeksang judges have to watch the entire nominated dramas to pick the winner? or do they just watch a few clips? it feels like they didn’t watch the entire dramas because cloy is just the best drama ever imho.
  4. hey guys, don’t forget to verify your tiktok accounts. keep voting for binjin.
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