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  1. To be honest I was a little bit skeptical about just one negative trait of HB's personality which may break a relationship. But I can see that he has changed for YJ and I hope he will continue to do so. I know many men change one of their negative traits after they met the right woman. Son Ye Jin is the most beautiful,perfect, wonderful woman in the world.Hyun Bin This is the best compliment for any woman as it includes inside and outside beauty. I hope to hear BJ good news in 2020.
  2. YJ's English accent is so sexy & is ready for Hollywood. She asked for the scripts 2 weeks in advance to make sure she could deliver them well.
  3. We should thank YJ for being so generous in sharing crumbs with BinJin shippers, she knows how desperate we are. She even shared Smart filming with her fans. I think HB will be happier if YJ agrees to make their relationship public via Korean media but she has chosen not to do so as she never public any of her relationships. HB respects YJ's choice as he loves her. I believe YJ/BJ only makes wedding announcement (if any) via Korean media.
  4. The flowers case: I read somewhere that male character of "cut to heart" has a hunchback and I don't think YJ has enough time for the drama if she plays in Cross. She also said that she is worry about the covid pandemic.
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