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  1. I lost count how many times I read your post @RiRiGaGa and still amazed me.. I lost count how many times I smiled and how my heart flutters with all the receipt you have mentioned.. Keep sailing and keep safe. July 31 is such a gift to all of us. Last year's CLOY script reading and today's' DENIAL.. Oh my heart is full.. Game over
  2. well said! we only need confirmation and voila, all our receipt will be validated. BINJIN shippers will definitely in cloud 9 when it happens... lets' brace ourselves, we don;t need covid to die,our BINJIN can do it in with their confirmation and we will just all asked, are we in heaven??? happiness at is best
  3. When I first saw YJ video, I immediately noticed the bodyguard, though I am not sure coz it was a fast clip, I have a gut feeling that it was HBs' bodyguard. And yet true, that guy is not present or visible in HBs' flight to Jordan. All the physical attribute of the bodyguard are all present, so I guess it was really him and HB left him with SYJ.. I am from Philippines, and so called "LOVE TEAM" (pairing one actor to an actress) is very common in the film industry especially if that "love team" became popular to the mass of people. Considering our BINJIN has been a phenomenal love team of Korea and CLOY success, it's not possible that they will really get by SMART telecom to be their new endorser because they know that it will be a big hit to Filipino people and will boost as well their sales and the brand. II thnk as well that there will be a CF featuring our BINJIN together, and probably both of them might be visiting Philippines when this pandemic issue is over. maybe it will be a series/ episodes of CF that will have a simple story. Oh, Philippines love BINJIN couple and this kind of "LOVE TEAM" will be a sure hit. i am wondering if other brand or network is thinking to get them as well. But I hope yes, cause it will be our chance to laid eyes on our BINJIN couple again. Let's keep on praying, soon our ship will dock and all the BINJIN shippers in every part of the world will be delighted... Keep safe.. Let our delulu mind enjoy all the pink bubbles.. we are all happy and delighted!!! This pandemic unite us all.. Miracle is in it? All the good thing are happening, 5 years ago when their first interaction in FIPAN happened and now all this CF collaboration.. Oh our heart's is so full.. happy sailing happy weekend and happy sailing
  4. yes sis, i think she only have CLOY and random CF for 2 consecutive years and it's very unlikely to her. Though there are some offers but she declined those. Anyway, we are all hoping that she's really busy in her personal life focusing on future and luxurious moment with HB.. HB is also having lots of CF and will be busy in Bargaining shooting, but I hope again that he's just finishing his commitment so they can proceed in their future plan.. Let's keep on praying and keep on shipping. In their perfect time, I hope the boat will dock soon Keep safe guys..
  5. Sis the one I underlined is exactly my thought. Same day updates for both of them Amazing.. Coincidence, no, it's fate.. And suddenly all of us are alive again..So many heart bubbles today. Our ship is smoothly sailing.. Keep fighting BINJIN..
  6. I found this old interview for HB and SYJ, just sharing Our face time with Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin: ‘She has great qualities’ By: Ruth L. Navarra Philippine Daily Inquirer / 05:25 AM February 28, 2020 Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin of “Crash Landing on You” hold up Inquirer mascot Guyito during an interview with Lifestyle Super K in Seoul last year. “Crash Landing on You” (CLOY) was a big hit, and fans of the K-drama attributed their obsession with the series to the palpable chemistry between its lead actors, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin. The series was not the actors’ first time to work together. They starred in the hit 2018 movie “The Negotiation.” Lifestyle Super K went to Seoul in 2019 to attend the press conference of CLOY. Having worked together before made it easy for the stars to do CLOY, they said. “Negotiation,” however, was a crime thriller, not a romance. Hyun pointed out that he and Son did not shoot plenty of scenes together in the movie, but on CLOY, they had plenty of opportunities to be together on and off screen. “She has great qualities,” Hyun said about Son. “I was curious about so many things about her like how she prepares for and acts out the scenes. When we meet on set, she has a lot prepared for the scenes we’re about to do. This challenges me to do better and I learn a lot from her.” Asked if she thinks Captain Ri is worth the heartbreak, Son replied: “In a way, the character Se-ri was very selfish. Living in South Korea, she never failed at anything and nothing ever got in her way. And she begins to change by meeting Ri Jeong Hyeok. She feels things she’s never felt before, and through her attraction toward him, she changes as a person. So for Se-ri, Jeong Hyeok is her destiny and someone who completely changes her life. So he’s worth more than a heartbreak.” https://lifestyle.inquirer.net/358210/our-face-time-with-hyun-bin-son-ye-jin-she-has-great-qualities/ just missss this twoso much happy shipping guys
  7. True sis, they are not "new" in K industry and no longer teenagers to make such as fuss actions for fame or either for fan service as we all know in K industry there is no such things as "love teams" (where you are only allowed to be pair in a particular person). I really believed that what we saw during TN and till this date is something special. I guess it's beyond chemistry thing. We witnessed how HB consistently care and adore SYJ and vise versa. They compliment and complete each other. More so, SYJ valued honesty. She is so genuine and we, her fans really felt her sincerity even in her simple insta post. HB on the other hand is a more of reserved person but we clearly see how he goes out from his cave since TN days. And for someone who was claimed as serious and reserved looses his grip is a clear sign that he is really into her and as genuine as SYJ. Guys, 3 years is too hard to fake emotions. So by that, in grocery I trust
  8. Oh sis the lyrics is so beautiful, I felt the same as you did.. singing the song for her
  9. Since it was Korea kissing day yesterday, I checked some of the kissing scenes of HB in some of his previous project. It was really huge different. His kissing scene with others even though the scene is quiet romantic doesn't gave a passionate vibes. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong but he is a good kisser, no doubt on that, His nose is touching as well the face of his leading lady, but when you really looked at it, you can focus merely in their lips and it has only a desire kind of vibes and not as romantic as i expected. Unlike his kissing scenes with SYJ, it is very passionate and it's like even their faces are kissing. Like it's too deep that their whole faces are into the kiss and the way he closed his eyes is so natural, like ummmhhh probaly how he really do it in when no camera or people around...forgive my delulu mind but it's just full of depth and love with SYJ. Also, in their interviews, SYJ was very vocal that HB is the only person whom she thinks can play Captain RI. In their TVN interview she said that Captain Ri will protect her no matter what. And how similar HB to Captain RI, it's 100 % for her. and she also mentioned that thinking it's HB who played the role makes it easier for her to act as Seri.... It only boils in one conclusion. 100 % similarities means that's how HB treated and taking care of her and as if she is acting just so natural since it's HB is the one portraying the role. it's like saying that their acting in CLOY is not acting at all because that's how they normally interact with each other.. oh my heart and mind is sooo happy.. Maybe SYJ only commits herself for CF because if she will accept movies, they might be very busy and will not have enough time for each other. So she let's HB to finish his movie commitment first, and both of them will have same free time to enjoy and hopefully to announce the good news.Oh my deluu mind again. Keep sailing guys.. and keep safe..
  10. Agree sis. Their non verbals are solid proof. And one more thing, the genuine smile, laughter and happiness that radiates with them. It's so real that we can feel it in our bones.
  11. Hello shippers. Congratulations we are heading to page 900. Well just to give my thought regarding the comparison issue here. As for me, there is no such thing for HB and SYJ, as both of them are really incomparable. Why compare when both of them even pass through that kind of thing. Ones’ weakness (if there is any) is the strength of the other. I believed this is one reason why they really jibe to each other. HB personality compliments SYJ and vice versa. I don’t think that they will go this far if they have an issue to so cold “missing” pieces in their character. All I can say is, they are loving each other no matter what they are. And I think this is the true essence of loving someone. You go beyond the tangible part or what is visible to the person. Otherwise if they do, then it is not really love at all. What they have is really special. Something unique that no words can explain it. They are 2 different unique individual who complete each other and love despite complexities. So please let’s stop this kind of thing. Who are we to compare them, when both of them don’t care about "who is better than who". This is very shallow issue. Come on, SYJ and HB is better than that. Guys, they will not have this kind of glowing aura and happy relationship if they only base the value of one another by comparison. So let’s move forward and enjoy the ship. Please keep safe coz we all need our energy and healthy mind and body till they announce the good news.. Happy sailing..
  12. BINJIN FANDOM, we re having a blast!!! Instagram as well is shipping to our beloved BINJIN!!! All are coming out.. Oh my heart is really full.. Woke with this videos.. Really, prayer is powerful
  13. It is so heartwarming knowing that different bunch of nationalities are gathered here in this thread to support BINJIN. Considering all the chaos that's happening right now, there is one certain thing that make lot's of people who doesn't even know each other, came in this thread and share points of views and talked like a " close friend".. certainly, BINJIN unite us as one. So let's spread love and good vibes. Our power couple is also trying their best to extend their heartfelt thanks to this Fandom!. I am so happy! Reading all your comments is like having your favorite food served in your busiest schedule, and SYJ effort to like their fans insta post is an icing on cake!! Keep praying.. Our ship is sailing safely
  14. Yes sis, I feel you!.. How can we stay calm when all excitement and hearts bubbles are all popping in instagram. A simple" like" by our UNNIE makes us all the happiest.. I hope she read all the comments and watched all those fake funny subs.. My heart is full...
  15. BINJIN showering us lots of candies since June 1. And all these funny edit subs are making us more happier... Keep sailing BINIJIN
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