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  1. Kiwi's tweet translation: "People should stop panic. This shipper world works like this. Everyone will try to rock the boat, so you just have to hold onto it. Believe what you want to believe, but don't believe that stupid rumor" Rilex people....always bear in mind that shipping world is not for the weak-hearted. You still believe.. you stay. You don't have faith anymore.. you leave the ship. It's that simple. - There is a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but in reality there is a fundamental difference between looking at a picture and read
  2. Thank you @lady artiste for taking time translating viv reading for this forum.. I love Vivi tarot because i like her style of reading. Its sharp and straight to the point. She is definitely one of the best tarot reader so far on YT, imo. I've watched all her videos except for KGE-SHK and i was shocked ...their relationship was toxic for her? Reallyy?? How dare he hurt my babygirl!!! Ok i'll go run and watch a.s.a.p... I don't believe in tarot readings but if it's for fun, why not. It feds my delulu heart and makes me happy. By the end of the day, LMH-KGE fate lies in
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDjJhanpily/?igshid=3e8m85yo8bbc Syhhhhh.... chill guyssss. Slowly okeyyy...
  4. Already my dear.... *ruunnsss*** As for Goblin, KGE family went to visit her on set because the location of her shooting at that time was nearby her family's home. GY even mentioned that KGE oppa who is younger than him looks more mature in appearance . KGE oppa is only a year older than KGE, which makes him basically dongsaeng to LMH. I wonder how shall he address LMH? haha... More or less like this, plus his charming self and peculiar laugh.. Mr. & Mrs. Kim
  5. LMH birthday done....KGE birthday done.. now let's celebrate ours! HAPPY 800 PAGES EVERYONE!!
  6. sorry i’m a noob.. but can someone explain abt this IG border thingie.……I keep reading people mentioned it but still im lost
  7. Chincha no offense to X-factor..and this is never in any means to degrade her...NO NO NO.. BUUUT... i just wanna say that i think KGE butt is waaayy cuterrr than X... sorry Despite our gurl slight built, she definitely has a small waist and curvy behind... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpZjrU3fZq0 Check this out.. I will virtually whack LMH head if he doesn't notice that... OK sorry again ..
  8. He already did!! But please do your lucky writing so crumbs will keep popping,, He changed his FB profile to his pic while he was in Paris last time it seems... This one!!!
  9. I just finished watching SIMH for the 3rd time. I love the simple yet significant role of her in this heartwarming movie. She is just brilliant! SIMH & Canola are my favourite movies so far... the humble story of real people's struggle in real life are always winning in my eyes. Can't wait to watch HERO... my gurl will surely be shining shimmering splendid in the movie
  10. @Heretorant Chingu please share your experience meeting KGE in person. How was she from your perspective of non-fan at that moment? I love to read personal experience of people who has met my gal
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