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  1. Yea now that I'm re-watching it, I'm looking at their scenes with a new perspective. LG singlemindedly pursuing JTE (AHEM, in real life too lol) in those first few episodes even thought she was annoyed with him was sexy as hell. I personally feel the direction/director lacked a little bit because he had two gorgeous people with insane chemistry off-screen and just couldn't translate that on to the screen in those first few scenes. Actors can only convey what's in the script and whats expected of them by the director and these two acted the hell out of whatever they were given. As the script and direction got better along with the fact that they were super into each other, the chemistry was just on fire. My personal opinion of course, no hate! In other news, did captain lose his phone? Or run out of his internet plan? Where you at sir?
  2. Y'all I caved and started re-watching TKEM. Suddenly I'm all nostalgic about how in the first few episodes I was like 'meh' and didn't see the chemistry - especially that kiss in Ep 5 in which KGE did the typical wide eyed/dead face thing when kissed. I remember thinking "oh well another drama with boring kisses and zero intensity" and boom! Ep 10-16 attacked me with such feels that I was clutching my pearls. LMH and KGE making out on and off-camera and hugging like there's no tomorrow and laughing at me like "bisch you thought, now watch this!". Ladies, now when I look back I see how naive we were when it was so glaringly obvious. Anyone else feel like that?
  3. ROFL.. Girl stahhhpppp 3.99$ for 2 pieces and a drink ?!! Blasphemy! You reduced him to McDonalds chicken nuggets... He's atleast 9.99$ with a side of aggressive hormones or sappy loverboy. You choose
  4. That part never gets old . Its hilarious because he's complaining so seriously but ends up saying the wrong word. It would have been 1000x funnier if KGE would have actually called him Noona when they gave her the mike! Missed opportunity!!! It says song not available! I'm really curious to hear it because you keep mentioning it. Anywhere else I can listen?
  5. Give her that damn award already for remembering her lines after this. I'd have blanked out and my system would need to "reconfigure settings" to be even 2% coherent after being kissed on the neck by this gorgeous AF man. On another note, I love how the BinJin page that was started last year is like at 1050 page something and this one is already at 900 in 3+ months LMAO. I love BinJin, don't get me wrong, but the constant denials and secrecy is honestly boring. And then we have our Captain wearing his heart on his sleeve and doing all the cheesiest shiz possible which is such a refreshing change from other obsessively secretive K-celebs. How could we not stan a man who's that crazy about his woman. I'm sure people like to keep their relationships private, but I'm living for this man being completely, visibly & deliriously in love and wanting to tell the world, albeit, in the most secretive way he can!
  6. WHY. ARE. YOU. SO. FUNNY!!!! Ladies (and the one gent) can we crown AgentQuake as the resident jokester?! "Dress the dog up like a mermaid" LMAOOOO
  7. Ya'll I saw a comment on YT that KGE murmured "chunnunda" during that kiss. I re-watched a few times and I'm convinced that's what she said! It makes sense too - because she's throwing it back to their beheading (sexayyy) kiss in Ep 12 when she said chunnunda too. So she probably said that again as a joke (ad-lib possibly) which is why they both smiled LOL.
  8. I feel at this point their comfort level is so high because of all those tight hug and kissing scenes that they're way past the professional boundaries and its like "your body mine, my body yours" scenario hahaha.
  9. Unlurking now lol because I found something in the BTS. Since there is no timestamp and I'm a Gif noob I can only describe it. When he runs and catches her the first time, after they yelled cut (you can see one of the camera guys running in to protect them from hitting the camera), when he lets go off her and walks away, his hand clearly brushes her right boob lol. You can see it clearly in slow mo And they both turn and look at each other hahaha. Can someone confirm? Also, I've been lurking from the start and want to say thank you guys! you have been amazing with all the analysis and breakdowns. Keep them coming!
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