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  1. For the full experience, do check out her tumblr page https://coreastories.tumblr.com/ She has a mixture of both news articles and straight stories relating to TKEM, and even a oneshot regarding THAT LMH video posted on 2 Jul https://coreastories.tumblr.com/post/622697404632793088/a-ride-along-the-river Another author I will recommend is Coreanroyal https://coreanroyal.tumblr.com/ She has created her own dispatch postings, so gossipy and fun, and also written fanfiction about TKEM. Her dispatch postings are related in some ways to her fanfiction as wel
  2. See this BTS photo? I just love the fact that their bodies unconsciously slanted towards each other! And we can see KGE was so comfortable with LMH here, the way she was sitting, totally relaxed.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/KimGoEunGgone/ This should b her Facebook page She seems to post quite a few times in the past week. Her latest update is a B&W selca So pretty... And she looks happy
  4. This just pops up on my YouTube recommended list I was imagining it to be our beloved couple... Sigh, even the height difference is similar. Here's my sincere wish to them that they will be able to display their affection as openly as rain and kim tae hee. There will always be haters and doubters, but if the 2 persons involved in the relationship are committed to making it work, they will pull through, regardless. I don't have either twitter or IG as I find that there can be too much toxicity and people seeking for clout or reactions out there
  5. IT'S found in A dictionary https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.urbandictionary.com/define.php%3fterm=Throuple&amp=true
  6. Coming out of lurker mode to express my happiness and excitement !!! OK... Back to boring RL. HAVE FUN, FELLOW RCLS
  7. Yeah, in this time of drought, we need whatever comfort we can get. I highly recommend this KGE /LMH fanfic Let Me Count the Ways by collectsfallenstars. She has a deft way in fleshing out the BTS of the show into the love story of the actors. If you are here, collectsfallenstars. Love your writing!!!!
  8. KR Netflix released another TKEM/Goblin mash-up. Lol can't understand Korea, but why does it seems that they are stanning more KGE/GY?
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