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  1. Yehey!! We finally see YJ updating her IG and what a wonderful update it was. I get the feeling that this month is going to be a good month for us with HB's birthday on Friday and YJ's fan meet. I feel an announcement coming soon. So it looks like one of the flowers that YJ posted was intended for HB. The card accompanying it had YJ's name on it but the message was clearly for HB an honest mistake by the florist. Surely YJ must have read the message on the card but she still posted the picture. At any rate, mistake or not, all the flowers and cakes that are sent to HB are sent to YJ's house anyway because you know, ICBM. And HB was YJ's helper in setting up the flowers and cakes for her shoot.
  2. Agreed. Testing is not done at the airport, only temperatures are taken. I would imagine that HB had been tested while in Jordan and was tested again upon his arrival. And I read that he tested negative. However, even if one is tested negative, Covid symptoms could still appear that's why they have to isolate for 14 days. Symptoms would have appeared around 7 days during isolation if he got the virus. And it is okay as well to quarantine with family as long as proper health precautions are followed. I do believe that HB is self isolating with YJ, if not upon his arrival but after a few days of self-isolation.
  3. He only has one craving - his wifey of course who was waiting for him. And if it tis rue that he tested negative, they can happily quarantine together. Welcome home, my favorite panda.
  4. Was there actually a picture of HB buying woman’s clothes in Jordan? All I saw was a picture of a dress.
  5. While anxiously waiting for HB to return to SoKor, I have been rewatching some of HB's and YJ's older movies. Just finished watching The Last Princess. It is my 3rd time watching and each time I cry. If you are a new YJ fan and have not seen The Last Princess, you must watch it. YJ gave an amazing performance in this movie, worthy of the Acting Awards she received for her role as Princess Deok-hye.
  6. I have always said, ICBM On another note, this ICBM from shippers have been going on for at least a couple of months now on Social Media yet we do not hear any denials from both agencies. Hmm...
  7. Sorry but that is actually what I meant above that I don’t think it is right when some people embed their account names on videos and photos that they do not own.
  8. It is a commom practice in Social Media people using photos or videos that are not owned by them. One would think it is a copyright issue but I guess as long as the person is not usng it for commercial purposes, i.e to make money, it is not a huge issue. I do that often on my IG or FB account but I will never embed my account name on the photos or videos if I don’t own them. And yes, I see it all the time on people’s social media accounts and I don’t think it is right. By putting your name on the photo or video itself might become problematic to the rightful owner.
  9. I like KWB. He was very good in The Heirs. I am glad that he has beat cancer. I wonder when he and SMA will tie the knot. They have been together for more than 5 years. They are a lovely couple.
  10. Don't be sad. Don't jump ship. I have a whole loaf for you, not just crumbs. You want?
  11. So now it is out. Belma Kang , SYJ and HB are 3 very close friends. This is not a crumb, it is a cookie. I know we should not put too much weight on lovekpop95 but it is fun to read though. We have enough cookies, not crumbs, from BJ themselves to prove they are together. Oh, hello my panda!!
  12. Together they have over 37 years of working in the industry. They could have met and worked on a project when they were younger but they did not. I believe in fate and destiny and HB and YJ were destined to meet and work together when they did on TN. They started as colleagues in TN, then became close friends, then lovers. I wish both of them all the happiness in the world. They truly deserve it. ICBM!! There are new pictures of HB from Jordan circulating on Twitter. He looked so dark and thinner. But handsome just the same. I hope it is true that he will be going home by end of this month.
  13. And here's one to put a smile on your face and to remind you why we are here.
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