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  1. After watching PH2 and reading the latest controversy in PH3, I am done with this drama. Someone dies, then it comes back. Another dies, but wait, he/she is actually alive. After PH2, I said if Logan Lee comes back, I am done. Sure, he came back in PH3 as a different character, but seriously??? It was over the top from the beginning and has gotten worse as the drama progresses. DONE.
  2. From the latest Vogue Korea article: " Maybe we knew first. The fact that Hyun Bin and Son Yejin are going to fall in love." The Vogue Photoshoot was August 2018 and Vogue knew? But, but Dispatch said they only have been dating for 8 months. Yeah, okay, Dispatch if you say so. #ICBM http://www.vogue.co.kr/2021/01/04/공개-열애-시작한-현빈-손예진/
  3. Like you, I have always believed from day 1 that our OTP is real. Watching them during the TN promos sealed the deal for me. You can see how whipped HB is with YJ. I have never seen him look at a woman like that before even from 10 or more years ago. So yes, while Dispatch reports they have been dating for 8 months, for me and many other BinJin shippers, it is more like 2 years they have been a couple since June 2018 when he joined her in South of France during his break from his MOTA filming. And the LA Grocery on her birthday. How could Dispatch ignore this? But now the confirmation came f
  4. Another synched post today of their CFs, minutes apart. Both in white. #ICBM https://www.instagram.com/p/CJJJybPJOOl/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  5. Aww...HB's BFF, mentor, partner and his family loves our Jinnie. No coincidences here folks. They are as real as they can get.
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