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  1. Hehe. JY was indeed complaining about the guards losing the ladder game. JTE doesn't know how to lipread, she was deliberately teasing LG by taking the chance to cuss him out. Woof woof.
  2. She probably got Luna to steal LR while she went to get the manpasikjeok from SJ. In a way, she leaves SJ with no choice but to hand the flute over because she would never handover LR otherwise and LG would not have been able to save the world. I don't think that original Luna grew up without memories, if anything she simply grew up abandoned without parents thus having nothing to remember of them. While it was Luna's fate to be abandoned by her parents, it wasn't her fate was to remain a street kid and criminal eventually dying young of cancer. In a world without LR, some choices made by people are different and in this reset world the PM's mom decide to adopt her. ROK's LR was born with polio, but original Luna only got cancer in adulthood. Her new fate might mean her illness was never occurred or was delayed since she got a chance at living a proper life. She also now have the resources to seek treatment unlike the original Luna. In the reset world LJH didn't die early and was raised well, the same goes for LG. I think people in parallel worlds don't necessarily have to end up differently for balance.
  3. Rewatching the episode, the part where LG finally found JTE and asked how she managed to retain her memories, she says "Let's skip that. I've also been through many things myself". Haha. She conveniently skips telling him that she was the one who risked her life to escort LR into the in-between place, not SJ. She would have shocked the hell out of LG if he found out that she found out about his plans to let baby LG die. I also realised that after the restoration of the worlds, many things disappeared but some didn't. One was the PPL necklace, the other was the sprouted seeds that JTE brought over from KOC. When the fate boy said that he thought the yoyo string would break by itself (thereby signalling their fate together was up) but it sprouted instead (referring to the seed), I think that convinced him not to break the string himself. JTE's blind hope helped them find each other again. JY actually does get shot once. He first shields baby LG with his body, with the bullets hitting him in the back on the vest. He then turns around to shoot at the minions, and this time one of the bullets actually gets to him because you see blood. This is why his hand was trembling when checking baby LG's pulse, he was already injured. This is also why LG went back to get injured JY, he couldn't get out by himself.
  4. It's finally over! While I am so glad we got our happy ending and so much time in Ep 16 devoted to showing happy times with LG JTE, I felt strangely empty now that everything is over. I no longer have anything to spend my waking time obsessing over, I no longer can countdown to Friday in excitement every week. Some thoughts: I think we all have our own idea of what a happy ending would be. I envisioned them finding the beautiful solution to spend the rest of their lives together, not just only on the weekends. On one hand, I understand why it had to be this way. Both doppelgangers are alive in each other's world, they cannot simply move over to the other world because the DNA and fingerprints are exactly the same. Lady Noh's background wasn't elaborated on, but her doppelganger in KOC is likely not alive for her to be able to live peacefully for so many years. On the other hand, I wish LG found a more beautiful solution that allowed them live together forever. I am glad the last episode took so much time to give us a proper ending for everyone. LG saving SJ from his car accident was a nice touch, and without LR destroying his father's business he grew up rich as well. I love that PM's mother adopted Luna who became a police officer while PM ended up in jail. Luna with a happy home appears to grow up healthy without cancer, in the original timeline she would have died in the streets in 2020. And I love that KHM was always fated to be a police officer whether in ROK or KOC. KHM could only love JTE in secret in ROK, but in KOC he now has Luna (now named Koo Seo Kyung). I thought it was funny he used a parking ticket as an excuse to meet her on her birthday since she was off-work. I am relieved LJH's mom made good decisions and sent LR doppelganger to a care home, and that LJH grew up so well. That uniform looked damn good on him. I love that so much time was spent showing us how LG and JTE met again, and spent the rest of their time together. Too many dramas do a very quick wrap up in the last 10 minutes to show a very brief happy ending. It was absolutely hilarious when JTE put on the mask to avoid showing her face to Lady Noh. I completely lost it when LG went the extra mile to switch the mask on very casually in front of Lady Noh. I vote this as the best PPL scene of the whole series. The scene at the security room was unexpected, and in my imagination after that JTE got to spend the night in the King's chamber to reminisce the old times and relive the beheading. Hee. I feel like the parts in the entire drama series that we were unsatisfied with and felt could have been developed more, or felt like it deviated from the original script, may have been changed due to filming difficulties during Covid-19. The actors were scheduled to film for 8 months, I am sure a grander production was planned. I think scenes involving large crowds have been scrapped due to social distancing, and changes to the script must have been made because Covid made it impossible for them to access certain filming locations. I am glad the production team still did their best to bring us such a well done drama. I have never watched such an intriguing and well written drama that kept me waiting every week in excitement to find out what happens next, and spending all that waiting time reading this forum to understand what's going on and to read theories. My very last little wish, is for post production editing of the whole series especially for the first half. Hopes are slim, but I really hope they re-edit everything for Netflix or DVD release. I don't think there was a problem with the filmed scenes, but good editing would make the drama a lot better. I think some gags in Korean are lost in translation. In particular, I wish I could understand what Lady Noh and LG were saying about him keeping the talisman in his coat pocket. She held her fingers up to show 2, I wonder what that meant.
  5. To me, it was also as a means to communicate with JTE in 2020. He suddenly disappeared after being poisoned, without saying goodbye to her. She has no idea what happened to him, or where he went, especially when he didn't bring JY with him. Both JY and ES are in ROK, he wouldn't have gone back to KOC by himself. Him visiting her when she was 5, was to tell her where he was and to reassure her that he is on his way. Visiting her when she was 27, apart from being a status update, I think he also wanted to change 2016 JTE memories so that they would have more time together in 2019 and less regrets afterwards.
  6. For the first time, I feel relieved instead of left out that I have never watched other time travelling shows before (BTTF, HP, Time Traveller's Wife, Avengers and others that have been mentioned in this thread. I just don't watch movies). I think I was less confused about the time travelling in TKEM because I didn't have any past knowledge from other movies to build upon. I am also very good at taking things at face value. Haha. From what I see, JTE 2020 never lived through any of the new timeline either. But because she is one and the same JTE, she simply gains new memories of the past that was changed. For LG, while he was in that in-between place travelling to get to April 2020, I would assume he either gained those memories while in there or after he got out. While it was mentioned that there is no air or light in that in-between place, there was nothing mentioned to make it impossible for the new memories to reach LG while he is inside. I am actually happy they retained the 1st timeline memories together with the new ones. It means we still get the LG and JTE we have been watching since ep 1, only upgraded because they fell in love much faster the 2nd time round. LR's goal was never to be king, so his goal wasn't to stage a coup. In 1994, he killed the king only because he wanted to steal the flute. His plan was to escape to the new world or eternal life after getting it. After 1994, his sole purpose was to get his hands on the other half of the flute. He replaced people who could work for or be of use to him, to help him eventually retrieve the flute. When he found out the flute was with LG, he started recruiting people in more powerful positions in KOC who are closer to LG. His highest chance was with the PM, who was aiming to be queen. Eternity and infinity is a little easier to understand with my (rather absymal) understanding of religion. Several religions promises an afterlife, perhaps in heaven (like Christianity), or in nirvana (like in Buddhism). I think that was what LR was after, the ability to achieve eternal afterlife. In my terrible understanding of Buddhism, upon attaining enlightenment and reaching nirvana after death, the being is liberated from suffering the cycle of life and death (reincarnation). There is no longer any physical manifestation of Self, just the existence of emptyness. This is why there is nothing in that eternal and infinite place, it is meant to be empty of wants and therefore suffering. LR found a shortcut to that state through the flute, but ironically incurs terrible karma and great suffering in his quest to attain it. I should mention I am glad TKEM's vision of eternal afterlife and infinity was CGI-ed to be this beautiful. My negative mind before TKEM envisioned it to be like a black vacuum of infinity, and it honestly scared me instead.
  7. I have no words or thoughts after ep 15. Mind blown. I have completely given up trying to guess the ending. I will just sit back and re-watch all episodes while waiting for ep 16. I have zero idea what to do with myself after TKEM ends next Friday. Some things I didn't understand or didn't know how to interpret, if anyone can help me: The flowers from future LG disappeared, what did that mean? We have that future LG now at the end of ep 15, and I think we will see him going back to the JTE in ep 10 because the same voiceover of how deeply he loves JTE plays in the ep 16 preview. Does it mean that future LG ceased to exist? When LR said he sent LG and PM to hell, he did 2 things. Kill Sejin, why? Just to ensure the royal family has no heirs? If anything it pushed LG to go back to the night of treason, what good for LR came out of pushing LG to action? Switch out PM's mother, why? He had earlier realised PM is useless, but still asked her to kill LG or bring him the whip and leaves her with LJH's mom photo. I was already wondering what she could possibly do. Why does he still expects PM to do his bidding in ep 16 with her mom as hostage assuming she's not already killed? Unless this is just his lesson to the PM for being greedy but useless. Thoughts: I love how ep 15 is just full of LR fail. He told SJ to kill LG or get the whip. Fail, SJ is on JTE and LG's side. Kept LJH's mom alive for 26 years just for LG's mom memorial day. Fail, she poisoned herself. Tried to shoot LG in the face when time stopped. Fail, he got shot by JY first once the time freeze ended. I also love the time LG and JTE spent in the hospital. I thought he was hugging a recently stabbed patient a little too hard though, that must have hurt. I love that they both saw how their time together in the past changed, with them falling in love much faster. I wish they showed us how the beheading scene changed (lol). I think that those changes carried on to current JTE as well, she was a lot more affectionate with LG at the hospital. From the way things are going, it appears what we've been watching from ep 1 to 14 was the first timeline of LG and JTE meeting. I hope we get to see what happens to everyone in ep 16 to get closure. Without the flute breaking in half, does Luna still live on the streets and get cancer? Does the real KSJ still get into an accident, and does KHM's mother still get hopelessly into debt? What becomes of Nari and MSA? Where have the chief been going all this time? Will LJH and his mom (and the pregnant lady) still live in squalid conditions with an abusive partner? Does JY still end up bffs with LG? Will KSR still be the PM of KOC? Does Lady Noh still stay by LG's side as he grows up? And why did she go to KOC and stay there for so many years in the first place? I didn't notice much PPL in ep 15 apart from the Yogiyo food delivery app and necklace. I wonder if they will seize their very last chance in ep 16 to slap us in the face with PPL from every single sponsor. lol. Edit: Rewatched and realised fried chicken appeared as well, when LG came back to the present. Damn, forgot about that. So all we're missing is the multi-purpose balm and kimchi.
  8. Thoughts after watching ep 14: We only have 2 episodes left, I really don't know how everything is going to wrapped up in time. Since ep 15 is going to be lengthened, I hope 16 will be lengthened as well. I am glad some of the open ends got wrapped up in this episode. I've always wondered where Lee Sang Do's wife went since Jangmi couldn't find her and her kids. It was painful to see LG stuck in the past having to travel 26 years to get back to JTE. I love that he leaves new memories for JTE as a way of communication, and also asks her to be kinder to him and spend more time with him when they meet again at Gwanghwamun now that he knows their time together is limited. With her new memories where JTE hugs LG first, I hope we get to see how this changes their subsequent relationship. It seems LG and LR wasn't able to change anything by going back in time. The sikjeok was still broken in 2, the ROK murders still happened. I think we will see LG go back in time again, that is where the 2nd pair of shoes will appear. The 2 pair of shoes are definitely different, one has a star embossed on the sides while the other was just plain black canvas shoes. I doubt this was an error. Things I didn't understand: When both LG and LR were in that in-between place, the photo of JTE on LR's side fell to the floor and burned. There was sprouting of leaves, which I assume are the seeds JTE planted. Why did the photo sink to the ground (non-living thing), why did it burn (no air) and why does it cause the seeds to sprout (no light)? Is it because both halves of the flutes was in the space at the same time? I totally did not understand this scene. It's strange that it was planted at LG's side but it sprouted at LR's side. LR must be very confused everytime he travel between worlds, like what is this plant doing here? Why was yoyo kid talking to LJH's mom? Why was she even squatting in an alley for a smoke, talking to a kid and her bodyguard was not doing anything? Is yoyo kid going to save her? We see after that she's passed out on her bodyguard's back and they are bringing here away from the gas-lighted apartment. Where are they going, and why did LG ask JY to look for her? This LG that we see in ep 14 going back in time is the LG that we have been watching for the past 14 episodes. It seems this is the first time LG is going back in time, that's why JTE originally didn't have memories of meeting him when she was 5 and 26 (in 2016). It's also why she treated him as a nutcase when she met him at Gwanghwamun in ep 1. Then where did the saviour he met in ep 1 come from? Why does he need to leave the rabbit hoodie for Luna and give her the access card to the race track? All these already happened in ep 1. Ep 14 just looks like a self fulfilling prophecy - LG experienced all this in the past so he makes it happen now as well. How did everything start in the first place? What sort of confusing timeloop is this? My very liberal arts brain cannot comprehend the logic of this. I always assumed there should be an original timeline, before LG's intervention. Sidenotes: Can JTE stop drowning the magic lily seeds in water? Seeds do not grow just because you keep spamming them with water, and I'm not sure if the flute can save rotting seeds. JY is still being a little b to JTE. He had ONE job, to protect his king. His king got poisoned. His king gave him ONE job while he goes away, to protect JTE. JTE gets stabbed. Is the sword unbreakable simply because it never gets used at important times? This post is too long....how do I hide portions of text? I only see spoiler and quote options available.
  9. I thought that it was a sign of balance between the worlds deteriorating as well. In the special preview, the "showdown" between LR and LG in that in between place looked gloomy like this and it scared the hell out of me. It looks like the worlds are breaking down.
  10. I can understand where you're coming from, but I see this situation a bit differently. Imo, the role of a best friend is to tell them what you think about the difficulties of the relationship but also understand + respect their feelings and decisions and wish the best for them. Not go behind their backs and try to drive a wedge in their relationship by egging someone else to take the girlfriend away. That's low. This is why I related JY to a C drama concubine. This is not best friend behaviour. He has crossed the boundary of a friend and a guard when he went behind LG to talk to SJ that way. He has no right to dictate who LG should and shouldn't love. Instead of having LG's best interest in his heart, I think it's his own that he was concerned about. SJ was right, JY ought to be shot for what he did.
  11. I was rewatching episode 13 and the part where SJ admitted his crush on JTE and walked away, JY's face was hilarious. I don't know how many here watch Chinese period dramas set in palaces where jealous concubines vie to be the emperor's favourite? JY had that face, the face of that jealous concubine trying to scheme her way back into the emperor's good books.
  12. Having SJ as the first saviour would actually make sense. Like the others said, he is a sharp shooter. The 2nd saviour was obviously not hitting anyone with his shots. I can think of a few motivations for SJ to want to help LG 1) JTE was killed by Luna 2) To prevent LR from getting the flute, and switching him over to ROK. 3) There is some horrible backstory about the accident of the real SJ in ROK that could also have been prevented if LR didn't get the flute. The other speculated saviour, JY, doesn't have much motivation to want to join LG in this. Unless this is the "I will follow wherever he goes because I want him to be happy " mindset he was telling SJ about.
  13. If both saviours are LG, did JTE from a different timeline buy LG a different pair of black shoes?
  14. The internal monologue for sharp shooter was, hilariously, LG's voice. LR: He was tall. LG: He was skilled with a gun, knew the structure of the Cheonjongo well... LR: He clearly knew who the enemy was. LG: He was fighting with all his might for me. The one who saved me... LR: The one who saved you was yourself. LG: It was me. So that's how everything comes together. I don't know if the soft toy shooting game was made to throw us off and assume LG is terrible with guns. It's common knowledge that the guns are rigged to be inaccurate. Perhaps JTE used to go often enough she knows how to work them?
  15. For all the crimes Luna have been reported for, the worst on the list was assault. She wasn't wanted for murder, so I assume she has never killed before. Although she said she wanted to kill the betrayer in KOC, she never did. If her intentions in ep 13 and 14 was to kill LG and JTE respectively, what would she get out of it? I don't think LG was drugged, he was suffering or in pain so it had to be poison. When JTE was drugged she simply lost consciousness. From Luna writhing in pain in her van, did LR promise an organ transplant (which we know can be easily arranged at the care centre) in exchange for killing LG and JTE? Given how good she is at stealing, I would think she would have been tasked to steal LG's riding crop as well. How does LG do all the time travelling work without the flute? Rewatching the episode, JY being nosy and trying to keep LG and JTE apart is overstepping his boundaries as LG's guard if you ask me. Even if he is LG's best friend and only has his interests in his heart, he has no right to decide the direction of their relationship. For someone claiming to follow LG into whatever battlefield he goes, he apparently isn't on board with this relationship. JTE knows their worlds are far apart, this was already evident in episode 5 and 6. She didn't think LG would go back to ROK for her, that it's possible for them to meet again and be together. That's why she didn't react to his advances although she was already moved by him. It was only when LG in his navy uniform told her that he'll go look for her after he wins the battle (she was surprised that he would cross worlds for her), that she accepted the relationship and decided to wait for him. For all the difficulties they faced in getting together, I am infinitely annoyed with JY thinking that he knows better.
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