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  1. Hi. I'm sure we all been missing them. Surely a lot has been going crazy and missing them too. I found this youtube FMV clip. It's nice and soothing to watch.
  2. A little something that I've found, cute video compilation with HB's Shallow as a background. Miss them even more! https://youtu.be/BqYFFRbzYB8
  3. Hi. I saw a post in twitter that says people are going overboard already in analyzing everything too much and try to connect it to BinJin. I think they are somewhat correct (sorry), just like the earlier post about HB's assistant and Jennyhouse post. Maybe we are reading too much between the lines and maybe we are already invading their privacy for posting their accounts or posts and relate it about HB and SYJ's happening. It will be a good news if it is really about them and I am sure the BinJin nation will be jumping up and down and social media will surely explode of tweets, likes, shares, etc. But we just have to be mindful not to screenshot and post those kinds of stuff. They (people around and close to Binjin) might feel offended and harassed and it might result for them not to share anything and be afraid that whatever they post fans will assume it's about HB and SYJ "big reveal". I am just afraid that we will push them (BinJin) further back instead of coming forward. I do not want another denial statement from either parties. I think and 100% sure that they are a couple already, getting married? probably in their minds or even planned out stuff already. So let's just be a bit more responsible, cautious and mindful in posting. Checking their friends and staff social media are okay, but screen shoot them and post it in social media i think is not necessary. There's club and forums like this that we can discuss or brainstorm instead of publicly posting it and people will start grabbing them and reposting it. Just my thought. Sorry. No offense to anyone here. I just want us to be extra careful on what we post publicly so we will not scare them off.
  4. I just opened my twitter and a screenshot from dispatch was the first thing I saw and I was like "what this edited?" And it's confirmed from dispatch! My gosh! I can't help but smile. Suddenly, My day turned from okay to awesome! And my husband noticed the change in my mood. He said "i am suddenly in a happy mood" hahaha! Dispatch.... i have a feeling. A great feeling! This is not coincedence anymore, yesterday syj made headline in naver and dispatch. Then today, it's hb.... with a better article?!? Oh! Meaningful article, i mean. Let's all pray harder guys that we will soon habe to dock this ship
  5. I really now believe that she is on top of everything. She knows our sentiments, she knows what we post, what we hope to happen because she's lurking in instagram often in the #binjin (i am pretty sure now!) because she knows how to lift our mood when we are all sad and becoming hopeless. This happen twice already. 1st - bad reaction circulating around socmed about HB's cold behavior towards here in BAA and people favoring JHI (sorry to mention him here) because of their BAA pics. **then suddenly, she did the liking spree and feed us with all those BAA BTS letting us see that they are a couple still. 2nd - Today. We are all worried about them being incognito for few days already then HB's upcoming overseas filming. Then, bam! She posted 2 videos, showing us how happy she is right now to let us know that nothing to worry. This couple truly values their supporters. They don't let them be disappointed and sad. Another reason that justifies me being a shipper (biniin). I admire how they value their supporters. Rest assured that we will pay you by being a responsible shipper. Thank you!
  6. Hi. Can i ask what is the "night walk sighting" you mentioned, when is that? I think I overlooked that topic and I got so excited when I read this phrase. Thank you for sharing! Sorry to quote
  7. This was posted by ©️ binnie_jinnie1982 on IG. I watched this clip in youtube before but I just noticed now in this clearer clip that SYJ held on to HB's arm or hand when he walked passed her and walked too ( after him giving her a squeezed in the arm---maybe saying let's go out) but then HB's bodyguard walked passed her too then she let go. I think she's about to go with him and leave the event too (damn bodyguard, hehe!) But this is the first time I saw SYJ held on HB in that way. And i find it so sweet and cute! And there's a continuation video of this that HB waited for SYJ to board the TN bus since he won't be joining her on their way back, he waited for her instead of leaving right away. He held her hands and tap her back again while Director TN was silently witnessing their sweetness right in front of his eyes! (Which made sense, because I read somewhere that HB during TN shoot stayed in the set even after his shoot. He is known to leave the set after his work, but in TN he stayed...maybe waiting for syjf to finish?) i dont know if this is allowed, i just copied the link but the video showed up. I will delete it if this is not allowed her.
  8. I'm thinking.... they gave us so many clips (BAA, CFs and IG likes) back to back the past few days. I'm thinking if they (their agencies and them) did that to calm their fans on throwing negative comments on the way HB was at Baeksang. So that they will indirectly inform their supporters that nothing to worry and that they are okay 'together'. Maybe SYJ didn't like the thought of her HB getting looked down, judged and criticized. Now that they conveyed the message to the public, they are now in MIA. I hope something or anything about them will be posted soon.
  9. Since there's no update from our treasured BinJin for today, I've been rewatching everything about them specially their FMV's in youtube. It made me smile and realized while watching them, how extraordinary that we were able to see their love story unfolding (right in front of us effortlessly). It is so bizarre that unknowingly they've shown us how it all started and how they have fallen for each other. By watching them since 2017, they both worked so hard to have what they have right this moment. It was obvious that SYJ really did made an effort to really get close to HB. I really think she likes him even before, that's why you will see how "girly" see was during TN. How proud she was to post on her IG like saying "i was able to made him to this cheeky stuff ladies, because I got it". How she flirts. Also, it was so obvious how HB was captivated by her personality, I am sure it is not her looks that caught him at first. It's her unique personality and her positive attitude as well as her being just her even though it's HB whose in front of her. Then when HB's so deeply hooked, she knows how to control it and not gave in so quickly. She knows her feelings but she didn't jump right in. She took it slowly. And that made HB even more challenged. And i think that made them even more stronger, that is why they can surpass every storm right now. I just hope that what they have right now is even stronger as the journey will still be rough (for sure), i just hope there will be no more denials from both parties about what they really are now (a lot of rumors from the other "make believe shipping" been circulating very false stories). I'm just so happy how they turned out to be. Very real. Very authentic. A love story that is really theirs. A story that deserve a happy ending. Sorry it's a long post. I just feel sharing it. I'm happy that my first shipping experience is with them. So worth it
  10. Since I am missing them together in one frame again, came across this short gif in IG (credit to owner) https://www.instagram.com/p/CA9M9Cipk6A/?igshid=1waxg221cshnp this is their CLOY presscon. SYJ tugged HB so he can answer the MC's question. This might be posted here before, but I just really find it so natural again. HB really does do the shielding and in just one tap of SYJ he follows. Very obidient close friend. We really miss them, eh? The shippers are posting old vids of them... our way of making them alive in our memories. Will never get tired of watching everything about BinJin. I can do this all day...
  11. Hi, it's fantastic tuesday here where I am located! my cheeks and jaw still hurts from yesterday's blessings. i watched the video clip of their "wedding slides" and it's wonderfully made. while watching it, made me really think how lucky each of them to have found such a magical relationship, we may not personally know them or haven't have any direct interaction with them, but we all feel the authenticity of HB's desire to protect, shield and love her. SYJ on the other hand sweetly surrendered and voluntarily became a submissive individual which shows her willingness to compromise in order to make it work (whatever that they have). I'm sure most of us have been watching all their clips from the past, just to see them once again. Never get tired of watching all their YT clips.
  12. I really love watching over and over their video walking. Just soothing to watch. We didn't get a red carpet walk, but we got this instead! Whow! I love watching SYJ aura in the video. She is like a "submissive girlfriend/wife". Suddenly she became dependent to HB (looks so cute though! Proof that she really like the guy to be submissive) and it is just weird that whenever they're together no one dares to approach any of them, it's like it's awkward for someone to butt in and ruin their "pink bubble" watching them in the video it's so couple-ly vibes. Natural and effortless. Looks like they never left each other's side the whole event, SYJ didn't mingle after the event. HB either. They just stick to each other's side, i guess? What a lovely sight!
  13. I know all of us around the world are so happy and our binjin hearts are skipping, let's not forget "think before we click" be a responsible shippers! Avoid tagging anyone who is related to SYJ and HB. Let's just enjoy and savor the "view" this is our reward guys for being such a good "kids" to them
  14. Can we get the longer video of that please...? Oh my god! They look natural! "Cold and awkward" your face bashers! It really is just HB's front look in public. Look at how "couple-ly" look they have just by walking side by side. More like a "husband and wife". We just didn't see the big picture, eventhough HB didn't stand next to SYJ in the group photo, before that they walk together and talk! Made my tuesday! Thank you to that person who took the video, heaven sent!
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