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  1. I'm with you. If they're not in relationship... I don't believe in humanity anymore! Fighting for BinJin
  2. So happy to hear that our Ye Jin is quietly busy considering her next move. I'd like to think that she is even more carefully considering her next project not just because her image and soar popularity but because her other half need to be factored in too.... my delulu wish
  3. Oh wow, this thread is moving too fast.. Can anyone who know Korean culture help me please? I've just watched one of TN interview and noticed SYJ worn a ring on her left hand ring finger. In western culture, we associate that with relationship status. Is it not the same in SK?
  4. That's it, I can't stand it anymore. I need to get out of my hiding place and say hello to you all lovely fellow shippers. I've been lurking quietly for the past month since watching the cloy. I'm glad to find this forum to share my newfound hobby....lol. Turn out I'm not the only odd one. I don't want to miss out the fun we have in this ship. Cloy was my second Kdrama after winter sonata almost twenty years ago. I can't watch drama series, I can get invested too much which is dangerous for my household hehehe.... my husband and daughter have already given me stern look because at any given moment, they will find me glued to my mobile looking for updates or watching the same thing over and over again....oh dear! I think like someone mentioned here, in ten years time my daughter will say the same that her mom was so crazy obsessed with kdrama named cloy that she ignored me... If it isn't because of Netflix (lockdown time), I won't ever watch Kdrama anymore. I do truly believe that our ship is almost reach its destination. As far as I can remember from my limited knowledge, there is no public couple that has this kind of intense chemistry. Though they are professional actors, they don't have to behave like that on the BTS right? I don't think a man and a woman of that age can be just close friend. There must be something! The only close guy friend that I have is my gay friend which I've known already since kindergarten which of course got a tick of approval from the hubby. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and continue my chores for the day. So excited for Baeksang! I'm sure we're going to get crazy on the day. It's too bad I missed HB new look but I'm so happy for SJY, she deserves to be happy! Be patient and we will have something to celebrate soon. Have a great weekend everyone! Cheers.
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