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  1. I hope the club will be back soon. We all need some space where we can talk freely -.-
  2. Omg @Kari ive been thinking about the timing, too. It’s very suspicious.
  3. The "war" on Twitter happened because of people who find happiness on raining on someone else's parade. You know, YJ stans were just celebrating her new CF but apparently some people started tweeting about how our girl is a copycat and even called her names. Anyway I don't wanna go into details about it in this public forum. But what is clear is that the "war" didn't start from our camp. PS: It wasn't the first time that they rain on our parade. What makes me angry is when YJ stans start to fight back, they play the victim card.
  4. how does he treat her like a baby? What did he see? omg no wonder why Ye Jin acts so feminine when she is with HB hahaha.
  5. I remember reading how the poster said they are "affectionately traveling together." I wonder how affectionate they were
  6. yes, i don't think YeJin calls HB "oppa." But in one of their interviews, she said sometimes he's an oppa, sometimes he's a dongsaeng. (not sure about this though) Oppa, when used by a gf to her bf is kind of a flirty or lovely way of addressing him. That's why they say, you should always address a man as "sshi" when you barely know each other. Because they might think you are flirting. This is what I've learned from a friend. That's why I said it depends on how you "decide" to address each other. A Korean friend told me they are very particular with the formalities so sometimes they need to ask permission from the person if they can call them "oppa, or eonnie, hyeong, or noona" Oppa can refer to both an older brother or bf. Of course. I saw a lot of drama couples that use "sshi" even when they are already together. You saw how RiRi address each other in CLOY, right? PS: In one of the thank you speeches of LBH when he won an award, he addressed his wife as "LMJsshi" or sometimes "(their child's name)eomma"
  7. "sshi" is a little too formal for BinJin who claim that they are close friends. But they can choose whether to address each other with "sshi" or "ah." Of course, professionally, they should address each other with "sshi" or "actor _____/actress ______" in public or in front of the media. Using "ah" in public even if you are close friends is informal. Unless someone is older than the other and uses "oppa/hyeong, noona/eonnie," then the older one can address the younger one as "ah". Also, same-age friends usually address each other with "ah". In my case, my Korean language partner asked me to just call him "oppa" as he is older than me and he thinks addressing him "sshi" is too formal. Same with my girl Korean language partner who told me to address her as "eonnie". Usually it depends on how you two decide to call/address each other. Couples in Korea have endearment such as "jagi/jagiya" (sweetheart/honey), "yeobo" (honey *usually for married couple), "uri aga" (my baby), and even "oppa" for the girls to their boyfriends. I hope this helps.
  8. Oh yeah I didn't see the IG post above. It will be good if it's today. Hope to see what they're cooking for us soon!
  9. Yeah not a new video taken today. It was taken when she was shooting for Jennyhouse. You can see the blue clothes she wore at the back. Nevertheless, she's really a goddess.
  10. hahahaha whenever there's new about BinJin, I search it first on Naver. That's my most trusted website when it comes to BinJin news.
  11. it's not deleted. It is still there. I find it absurd because that website also reported about HB and x reconciliation. As much as I want to believe in this news, I found no article in Sohu site. I used Google trans though while checking because I don't speak Chinese.
  12. I’m not sure. But a lot of K-celebs used it before. Even Ye Jin herself was active there, posting pictures of herself and her celebrity friends. :)
  13. I believe Sophia’s mom is just Ye Jin’s close friend. Ye Jin has nephew/s from her sister. She posted them before ages ago. So I believe her nephew/s is/are already in middle school or highschool now. Maybe she posted the souvenir to confirm that she indeed visited a friend in LA.
  14. Is it confirmed that it is related to Smart? Because if it is, that means activities from her IG is included in their contract to promote the product. Haven’t seen SYJ promote a product or CF on her IG, or any activity on her IG that is related to promoting a product.
  15. Lol to the people who keep on saying that HB was cold towards YJ and even calling SYJ being "friendzoned" by HB. Aren't you aware of the pandemic happening around the world? The event calls for social distancing. What do you expect BinJin to do there? Get lovey dovey and ignore the precautionary measures given by the event? It's a formal event, a gathering that honors directors, writers, and actors and actresses. Both Bin and Jin are not the type of people to make such event about them. All the people in the event probably know about their dating rumors, hence, the cautious actions from SYJ and HB. It's funny though, I find SYJ being more extra careful than HB. And one evidence was when she checked on HB for half a second when they were on stage as if she would get arrested by doing so. So funny but cute at the same time. I know haters would argue that there were people who walked arm in arm, even arrived on the red carpet together, but nah, they are not BinJin and they don't have any dating scandal. I'm pretty sure both HB and SYJ are aware that any skinship from them will create buzz not just among the shippers, but all over the world. Japan is even reporting their LA pics that happened a year ago, the Philippines keeps on reporting about the two and can't move on from their chemistry, and even JTBC calling them a couple. HB has publicly expressed his concerns for this pandemic, SYJ, too. So I am not expecting any confirmation from them anytime soon. Both are considerate people and we should respect their privacy as well. It's so clear to me that they have something precious to them to protect. And we should respect that. Speaking of privacy and respect, we should refrain from commenting and flooding their friends, their agency, and all the people around them with comments about BinJin. Please, HB stylist even turned off her Instagram comments because it was flooded by comments from shippers. Also, some shippers tend to overanalyze things sometimes. Example, the car, both stylists following each other on SNS. Please guys, these things should be discussed privately as these are assumptions. Pretty sure, we all don't want another denial from V@st. If I am SYJ or HB I would hate it if anything I do or anything about me will be given a different meaning just because that's what people wanted to see. So let's all ship responsibly please. Last thing, for all the haters of this ship especially for the fangirls who can't accept SYJ makes their oppa happy, you all are already "fanzoned" by HB since 2018! Just saying...
  16. You are entitled to your own feeling. If that's how you felt then be it. I lost count how many times you posted here only sharing your negative vibe on BinJin. Even if mostly here post about the candies they got in Baeksang, but you still choose to ignore those and instead encourage your negative feelings on BinJin, then there's no sense in "correcting you." No one is forcing anyone here to continue shipping. Follow your heart, dear.
  17. LOL actually they are full of BinJin content. Instead of focusing on their sh*p, they actually took time to watch BinJin interaction in Baeksang. Funny though, BinJin shippers always base their opinions on what they see in BinJin (whether it’s candies or coldness) while the other is only full of assumptions and can’t even provide any real evidence. I understand though, since there’s nothing going on in their sh*p, they will try to sink our ship with all those negativity just to sail theirs. They can ship all they want, but if they try to attack Ye Jin, that’s a different story. Let’s just spread good vibes and love to both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. After all, there’s no BinJin if you’re going to drop the other.
  18. The mini dolls were sent to both Vast and MSteam. You can see it on the fan’s IG.
  19. Hi been a silent reader here since this thread has started. I didn't bother to make an account until today because reading your insights about our couple already flutter my heart, plus I do some dissecting, too, on my own. But I think it's time to say my two cents regarding these baseless rumors going around Chinese ent about the other half of BinJin getting back with his ex. First, nothing has been proven yet. No concrete evidence aside from the mere assumptions of fans whom I think more of a fan of the ex rather than a fan of Bin. Second, K-media is not picking the issue. When the first rumor went around about their alleged China sighting, that was a week or two weeks ago, I checked Naver, Twitter, and other Korean sites, but there was never a single article about it. And to think that it has become one of the trending searches in Weibo, don't you think K-media should have already written an article about it? But they didn't. My guess about it is either they consider it as something not worthy to write about because it's not true, or they know Bin is in a relationship with another woman and I hope it's Jinnie. With this, I prefer to think about the latter. So chill guys, Koreans are not even bothered. Third, when the first rumor came out, I read a Twitter post by a Korean that there in Korea they are not even bothered of the issue because they know what's the truth. But still, take it with a grain of salt as no one really knows who is dating who. For now, I still believe Bin is responsible enough not to put Jinnie in a bad light or drag her in any issue after CLOY success. Fourth, aside from Bin saying not wanting to go back to the past, didn't he also say that he isn't sure if the love he felt back then was really love? I read that in one of his interviews, and I think he meant about his past relationships. And personally I believe the reason of his denials was to protect Jinnie in any bigger scandal as she never had any scandal in her 20 yrs clean career that could damage her reputation. Sure we're not in the position to tell them who to date and who to not, but as long as there is no concrete evidence and rumors are only coming from hopeful fans that they ex reconcile, I wouldn't be bothered. We should learn from Jinnie herself, an unbothered queen. That's my two cents and I hope everyone would stop worrying about it.
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