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  1. I hope the club will be back soon. We all need some space where we can talk freely -.-
  2. The "war" on Twitter happened because of people who find happiness on raining on someone else's parade. You know, YJ stans were just celebrating her new CF but apparently some people started tweeting about how our girl is a copycat and even called her names. Anyway I don't wanna go into details about it in this public forum. But what is clear is that the "war" didn't start from our camp. PS: It wasn't the first time that they rain on our parade. What makes me angry is when YJ stans start to fight back, they play the victim card.
  3. how does he treat her like a baby? What did he see? omg no wonder why Ye Jin acts so feminine when she is with HB hahaha.
  4. I remember reading how the poster said they are "affectionately traveling together." I wonder how affectionate they were
  5. yes, i don't think YeJin calls HB "oppa." But in one of their interviews, she said sometimes he's an oppa, sometimes he's a dongsaeng. (not sure about this though) Oppa, when used by a gf to her bf is kind of a flirty or lovely way of addressing him. That's why they say, you should always address a man as "sshi" when you barely know each other. Because they might think you are flirting. This is what I've learned from a friend. That's why I said it depends on how you "decide" to address each other. A Korean friend told me they are very particular with the formalities so sometimes they need to ask permission from the person if they can call them "oppa, or eonnie, hyeong, or noona" Oppa can refer to both an older brother or bf. Of course. I saw a lot of drama couples that use "sshi" even when they are already together. You saw how RiRi address each other in CLOY, right? PS: In one of the thank you speeches of LBH when he won an award, he addressed his wife as "LMJsshi" or sometimes "(their child's name)eomma"
  6. "sshi" is a little too formal for BinJin who claim that they are close friends. But they can choose whether to address each other with "sshi" or "ah." Of course, professionally, they should address each other with "sshi" or "actor _____/actress ______" in public or in front of the media. Using "ah" in public even if you are close friends is informal. Unless someone is older than the other and uses "oppa/hyeong, noona/eonnie," then the older one can address the younger one as "ah". Also, same-age friends usually address each other with "ah". In my case, my Korean language partner asked me to just call him "oppa" as he is older than me and he thinks addressing him "sshi" is too formal. Same with my girl Korean language partner who told me to address her as "eonnie". Usually it depends on how you two decide to call/address each other. Couples in Korea have endearment such as "jagi/jagiya" (sweetheart/honey), "yeobo" (honey *usually for married couple), "uri aga" (my baby), and even "oppa" for the girls to their boyfriends. I hope this helps.
  7. Oh yeah I didn't see the IG post above. It will be good if it's today. Hope to see what they're cooking for us soon!
  8. Yeah not a new video taken today. It was taken when she was shooting for Jennyhouse. You can see the blue clothes she wore at the back. Nevertheless, she's really a goddess.
  9. hahahaha whenever there's new about BinJin, I search it first on Naver. That's my most trusted website when it comes to BinJin news.
  10. it's not deleted. It is still there. I find it absurd because that website also reported about HB and x reconciliation. As much as I want to believe in this news, I found no article in Sohu site. I used Google trans though while checking because I don't speak Chinese.
  11. I’m not sure. But a lot of K-celebs used it before. Even Ye Jin herself was active there, posting pictures of herself and her celebrity friends. :)
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