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  1. Lol I know. I am soooo happy for them, I have been a Yejin fan in like forever haha. I followed their love story and the grocery receipts are the smoking gun proven beyond reasonable doubt that something is brewing between them and that alone sold it for me haha! I can almost hear the wedding bells lolz it’s stuff of legends, I tell you!!!! they met casually when they were at NJH and SZ’s ages but only when they worked together in a movie where everything started to blossom omg! and what great timing- both were already settled in their careers and ready to commit. I get teary eyed. Lolz
  2. Thanks guys. To be quite honest, we can't really predict what will happen, but thinking that they are both well rounded individuals by themselves, I am quite sure they will do what will make them happy. And it makes us fans happy too. So I am just going to root for their success individually. And in love of course may it be together or with somebody else. Anyway, it seems like KWB and SMA had been together for like forever, lol, aren't they married yet? Maybe not since he had the scare and had been recovering.
  3. Really? That's very telling. Personally, I would usually get rid of everything that will remind me of my ex, that includes deleting photos, returning stuff, anything that would remind me of him. That's how desperate I am to move on from the heart break. But that was just me. NJH though, on the other hand, he still had her photo on his IG, and vice versa. I looked around and some fan said that LSK regularly archives her photos but never the one with NJH. Hmmn.. however, it does happen that if you still have fond memories of your ex, you wouldn't want to entirely delete them from your lif
  4. I was watching that 3 meals a day epi with Joohyuk and So Dam. Joohyuk loves to crack jokes every chance he gets and the noonas were like..they just try to keep a straight face and So Dam was just shaking her head lmaoooo. Their faces all look like they just laugh at his jokes because he’s cute ahaha but the jokes are like too dry for their tastes. Suzy on the other hand, could have literally rolled on the floor. Lol. Things may fizzle down when they get paired with other people just like what Inbinjinitrust said. Suzy, for example, had a movie with Bogum, another pairing people are anticip
  5. Agreed. I read somewhere he was friends first with his ex having been working on modeling gigs and eventually dated even before wlfkbj. And it does seem like deja vu lol being in the same exact circumstances as the previous and I understand why he would be extra cautious navigating this. Do you know if things ended badly with them? It could also be that the agency they belong to back then didn’t handle it discreetly and delicately which could be one of the reasons why he left. And I am with you, I’d rather them take it slow. They have a blossoming career ahead and they are a point where they h
  6. Omg. The analysis! Lmao. I give you @firebabe @inBinJinitrust a pluses lol I can’t stop giggling. I have not been following them that long to make out a good opinion, so when I see how they act with one another offscreen I still dismiss it to be being awfully close; and I can tell that they like each other. What I love about them is they pretty have the same sense of humour, JH pretty much have a dry one and it would take someone who has the same wavelength to get it. Hence the laughing each time JH just blurts out something even if its on a dad joke level lmao. Forgive me for being a devil’s
  7. Expensive couple is expensive. Guys the withdrawal is real, I already exhausted everything with them and still not enough. Anyway, hopefully we get more contents. *looking at you soop* I hope they won't stop spoiling us until their next project.
  8. Aww I miss them so much already. *crying* Personally I want season 2 but when I think about how the rabids will come out of the woodwork raising hell again, I was like, nah, I'll wait for an entirely new project with them. I am with the knetz population, don't date yet, film another drama and 2 more movies and they can do whatever they want for all I care. lolz Also with NJH set to enlist if not next year or the next after that, I am sure he'll fill up his plate. And Suzy too, she's going back to singing, am I right?
  9. Also I saw on twitter they both love Kimchi Jiggae lolz. Twins. What about Bogum? Some fans want them together too apparently. But as @wildcherrysaid, her type gravitates toward a taller guy. lol But you can't deny, it's going to be one tough call. Bogum is also aesthetically beautiful.
  10. LOL. That was hilarious. It was very fitting too, they are actually running away from rabid zombie fans. I am holding out hope that they would top the first kiss or will there even be a second one. *insert Michael Scott's noooo gif* I don't know what the hold up is, maybe it's because it's pandemic? They don't want to risk the actors getting sick because of the saliva exchange? LOL. On the other hand, a part of me wants this to be all over. The toxicity really got to me. Hopefully the writer will do them justice by giving their characters a proper send off and an well deserved ending.
  11. It's really a whole freaking mess. I was totally flabbergasted and disgusted on how far the fans can go. It's a shame and at the same time shouldn't be tolerated. I salute Suzy for being brave though, she just doesn't give a damn and taylor-swift-ed the haters ('shake it off' lmao). She just appreciates the work of everyone involved, the heck with the naysayers. I fully understand why NJH won't update his IG as much, with the amount of hatred he gets in the comments, and I assume some go as far as dm'ng him, and they are even rabid fans who kept creating dummy accounts just for the sole p
  12. Yass this thread is moving along! The chemistry though offscreen and onscreen. Awww... Anyway, doesn't NJH's leading ladies all noonas though? If he broke his streak for Suzy, she is indeed special. I mean who wouldn't? She is charming, funny and at the same time, very talented. Not so hard to fall for. lol. What I like about her is that she seems to be earnest and she values the relationship she had with everyone. Screw the naysayers, nor the gossiping. She never fails to support and gives credit when it is due. Is it me I feel robbed that Dalmi and Dosan don't have th
  13. OMG your posts give me life. lolz I was ready to hibernate from this thread but your posts keeps reeling me back. Haha. Thank you. Is it me or I find it funny when Dosan tried to erase that 3 year old whiteboard drawing? It won't budge no matter how hard he scrubbed. lol It's an appropriate allusion to his 3 year old pent up feelings that seems indelible. Seriously though, this could have been resolved in 30 seconds or less by just merely communicating. Is it difficult to just admit that "I am a noble idiot, I lied to you but you lied to me first, please take me back." I guess for the w
  14. Ey, I like Binjin too. Since they are older and a lot more seasoned/experienced than the pairings you mentioned, their chance of being in it for the long haul is greater. LOL. But who knows right? Shipping stops when they announce their official better halves. Anyway, as I have seen in the social media so far, that was indeed Suzy's birthday. But I don't really follow them constantly so..but if its true so cute and sweet right? The directors, the writers and basically all of South Korea are shipping them in RL. lol Who wouldn't though, they are both gorgeously looking and from the looks of i
  15. Aww. I have been out for a week and missed a ton of juicy tidbits. lol Anyway, I'll be hanging out in here more because..well, I was trying to keep my life toxic free and the main thread that once was great now it's..well let's just say it's becoming too much for me. Anyway..let just go squeal at these two. Haha. I love that we have these little tiny group here. Did you guys see the Swoon's claw machine game? They are a riot. It's good that they seem like really good friends, I have heard of co-stars not liking each other. Imagine if you have to kiss that co star and act lovey dovey when
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