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  1. ^^^OMG, I can't stop laughing on the Yejinshi loop, and it was even more hilarious with his chuckle in it. Nothing like a good whipping from mom, she didn't even lift a finger. LOL. It was a lousy week here in So Cal omg, after all the hell that was breaking loose and all the craziness in the world, what a nice escape! It feels so good to be looking at his face as he vomits rainbows and unicorns expressing his adoration for his close friend. @RiRiGaGa Late to the party as usual, your writing skills are so legit, bruh. You have a way with words. You sound like you can already make a good career out of writing plus more feathers on your cap with nursing and law school, you'll have a full feathered sombrero! Happy for you! *slow claps* So well educated, I hope someday I'll be blessed with a kid as passionate as you. Seems like everybody is on high with all the Binjin (LOL even if it's just HB for now, mama koala so freaking silent, Mama Koala come out of hibernation, we want to see your glowing face) content we are having. We have been blessed (for me it's already a blessing haha, so easily pleased that I am). HB is like a gift that keeps on giving. I was bracing myself for all non-personal, dry and conventional interview but heck, I am so pleasantly surprised that he went ahead and give himself away no fuzz, no holds barred. OMG I so love him. Ahaha so candid. I wonder what would mama koala say. I imagine her just laughing it all out because she knows him all too well that nobody can't stop him from spilling no matter how tight the lid she put on it. Ahaha Daddy can't contain himself, it has to go out of his system. God knows what would happen if he keeps it bottled up. So psyched for Baeksang, a few more days...they'll make a killing for sure, and it's going to be all the death of us.
  2. ^^is that the one (Master of the House) where Seung-gi was like, totally star struck nervous that he goes to the restroom quite several times to relieve himself and poor sod, couldn't keep an eye contact with her hahaha. That was really hilarious and so relatable. Heh. Anyway, yeah, I believe that HB's face is all natural, sans jaw surgery. It's possible that your face muscles (does muscles even shrink or it's the face fat that melts out?) shrink out when you lose weight making you look either gaunt or chiseled (but in his case, it's quite the opposite, he looked more chiseled, enhancing his facial features). And it only goes better with age. Nicholas Hoult (my other stan across the pond, heh I was like squeeling with glee with the Mad Max fury road reference in CLOY, but I digress) was like that, he was all this chubby little boy when he was in his pre-teen but alas when he reached puberty, his face shape evolved from having soft curves of a Volkswagen beetle morphing to a clean, angular and beautiful Ferrari. The same with HB, and I find it really unfair, because I can't help screaming at them pictures with a resounding, "why?!" hehe
  3. I was catching up with The King today and I was like, why isn’t I as excited nor squealing in glee as I was with CLOY? They have longer smooching scenes, the leads clicked and it basically had the same premise- having star crossed lovers belonging to different worlds. But I cried buckets of tears every time RJH and YSR are being torn apart and had to say their goodbyes. And I kept tearing up each freaking rewatch, ugh. And the hilarious scenes still makes me laugh as if its my first time watching it. Maybe CLOY’s plot was closer to reality and it helped tremendously that the leads had a solid chemistry that goes way back. Not saying that the drama I am currently watching is lacking but I guess mama koala and papa eucalyptus tree really set the bar up high that anything that comes after it, well, just falls short. But husband watched TKEM with me but he won’t stay glued with CLOY. I was like, what the heck?! I am going to rewatch this a couple of more times and you’ll better be next to me, no dozing off! Lol Anyway thanks guys for the baseball info. I really think Mama Koala got that baseball cap in LA. Maybe a gift from her close friend who decided to show up flying thousands of miles away unannounced on her special day? That’s just rude you know? Then you have to take him grocery shopping because there’s no food where you were staying and he had the audacity to cook for you?! Gosh, that’s just annoying. And so now you owe him and to return the favor you were now forced to work with him and see his glowing handsome rude face everyday, get to pretend kiss him, laugh with him and hold his hand under the table so no one knows you are just being nice to him. And he has to wait for you to finish work so the two of you can share a ride and share a beer in the couch with one of you spacing out because you can’t freaking believe you were close and you were sharing everything including the bodyluv pillows. Not to mention you need to smell his hair everyday to make sure he takes showers after going to the sauna and before seeing you at work again. And then every time he gives you the mesmerized heart eyes, you feel the need to get even by tugging his coat, caressing his chest and touching his arms to show that you don’t give a damn. You want to call him out because he drinks too much..of you, like he drinks you in every time he looks at you like you are the next best thing since sliced bread. It must have been hell of months for you two going thru the motions because it shows that the two of you couldn’t wait for this to be over so you can throw a party together, treat your family and friends, registering both your names, signing your lives in a piece of paper, vowing to grow old together. Yup, in the future when you look back, you’ll figure your life was full of regrets because you married your best friend and you get to wake up next to his offensive dimpled handsome face and it annoys you to no end because every freaking day, he never fails to show you love and devotion. Who on earth would like that?!
  4. Ey I just saw that Dad HB is a baseball fan. Do you know if he is rooting for any international team, like the LA dodgers perhaps? Lol wasn’t mama YJ wearing a baseball cap with LA dodger logo on it when she was enroute to Mongolia? I know the cap was sage green (vs LAD’s blue) but still. Am I stretching it? Lol
  5. “Gookie oppa”approves! What else can we expect from our in house HB expert?! You put them to shame. So called journalists have nothing to lose anyway; all they care about is the web traffic; reporting credibility and integrity of the information be damned. I find it funny that their so called “insiders/sources” were biased fans whose guesses are good as anyone (such a disgrace to honest and hard working journalists, smh). So peeps don’t reward them by reading nor believing every bit of word they say because they are just that; empty baseless writing fabricated to stir the pot and gain traction. Let’s not give them the time of day, save our precious adrenaline for anything Beer and Gin, I mean, Bin and Jin (promise I am not drunk lol) and not get worked up with lame hunches. I think they are selling their ship short by painting their idol in a bad light: pining and hung up to the past. She doesn’t strike me as one though, very much like Pop Eucalyptus Tree, they would rather keep moving up, onwards and forwards, without looking back. That being said, I hope mama koala throw us a bone, crumbs, scraps..(I’ll take anythingggggg) soon. I have been rewatching every Binjin related content ever created too much that I may need an intervention. Lol You know that it’s getting way out of hand when you look at actual people around you and all you see are Yejin’s and Hyunbin’s faces lol. I hate them both for doing this to me.
  6. Question for veteran K-drama celebrity fans, regarding Korean award ceremonies: do people pose together for pics (whether as friends or co-stars/date/plus one) or never at all? Like the American awards here, most don't, (some never or rarely get photos taken with their significant other during the red carpet photo opp) but for some married ones or those that have been together for years, do.
  7. Hopefully things can ease up a bit and they can eventually travel again like a ninja. I doubt they’d pick LA again, or any place in the world for that matter. After the sensational hit that is CLOY, the only place in the world they can go incognito away from prying eyes is his own island (I read somewhere he owned one, not sure how reliable that piece of info was).
  8. It so hard to decipher where filming ends and real life begins with these two. When the director yells "cut!" do they snap back immediately to their real selves or they're still in the moment? lol Are HB and SYJ, method actors? Cause I believe it's not easy to snap back to reality when you spend months living the life as your character and you will need the same amount of time to revert back to the real "you" when your film or your show wraps up. Imagine if you are hopping from one set to the other and filming back to back? Oof. That's exhausting. There is a big BUTTTTTTTTT though (by that I don't mean my rear end lol ). If you get to see and work with your special someone everyday, I guess that changes everything. You don't have to work on your chemistry (I mean obviously they still have to work some tweaking here and there) but it looks effortless, so very au naturale. Now I think the problem is how to pace themselves once they get so very carried away. Like that video for example. I also see mama koala love to touch the papa eucalyptus tree whenever she gets a chance, like caressing his chest ever so gently (in the bts) lol, his arms (during that scrapbook making, or was it calendar?), nudge him, or even tug the seams of his coat. Pfft. Yup, best friends my foot.
  9. ahaha I was just kidding! When it comes to mama koala bear and papa eucalyptus tree, everything's a fair game. No worries, not suing for copyright infringement here even if I am in Cali-where lawsuits are fairly common. Besides- you write metaphors- while multitasking, seriously girl, how awesome is that?? I was ROFL on the christmas lights strung together, imagine if they were blinking, like signal lights, obvious. LMAO. I love your creativity. Even my pun sometimes isn't punny. lol Gosh HB is so friggin tan, and unshaven and ruggedly handsome (whew! *sprays cooling mist on self*). Ovaries all over the world took a pummeling. I wonder where and why he got so tanned like that. Like uber tan, like he spent a whole week on a beach (are there beaches in SK?), probably golfing. I was watching Crazy Stupid Love the other day and Steve Carrell described his wife as the perfect combination of sexy and cute, which I think also an apt description for both our mom and dad. Mommy has smiling eyes that lights up her entire face while dad has dimples that are a foot deep. Imagine their future kids? Instant genetic lotto winners. Awww.. I wonder if mama koala bear enjoyed being kissed by papa eucalyptus with a 5' o clock stubble. I don't though, I get hives whenever my husband tried to rub his unshaven face with mine for fun, it's so itchy...
  10. Hey where’s the credit? I called them mama koala and daddy eucalyptus tree first! Muhahaha just kidding! You speaketh the truth though, legs are locked in real tight so no slipping down the daddy eucalyptus tree. Slow news day I guess, so everything gets recycled. So I am with you guys, strut and ignore. Personally I am not worried, daddy eucalyptus tree is still very much into (he got it real baaaad) mama Koala bear and its flashing like a neon sign. I remember the scene where the ducklings are low key teasing him as the “loverboy”. I wish I remember the korean slang term but basing off of the actual receipts compiled, daddy eucalyptus had already defected long ago to the whipped nation and he’s there to stay.
  11. Haha, Mommy Koala really loves to tease Daddy Eucalyptus tree. Lmao. I can't with these two. Your explanation made the math calculation even more hilarious because he really stepped right into the trap thinking it was from a fan that he even wants to know how old she is right now. Muhahaha. And I can't believe how YJ can still put up a straight poker face after hearing him seriously wax poetic himself in response to the compliment. If I was her, I would have howled myself to laughter like there's no tomorrow. LMAO. And his reaction was priceless as if he can believe it himself getting tricked so easily, his face was like, WTF?! I want to know who were your accomplices! What's funnier is no one helped, it was all the slick and mischievous mother Koala. And she did it in a way that nobody even the victim himself would suspect. Well played Mommy Koala Yejin, well played! You know, now that you mentioned it, she did know so much about him. From his shower habits down to his personal remote. Seriously, how on earth would you know that he goes to the sauna first before taking a shower? Unless you (a) saw it yourself (b) you joined him once or a couple of times or (3) he is intimate enough to tell you. Hmmm. Wink wink nudge nudge. But I tell you this, she loves smelling his hair. LMAO. Maybe that's why they didn't go with the koala-hop-straddling-the-tall-eucalyptus-tree (I can't stop laughing at the image when she jumped into him wrapping her legs around him and he was just standing there frozen lmao) in the end because it will look so much like "Ireland" when they are in Switzerland. *badum dum tsss* and welcome to the vortex, I pretty much live here and here you go! *throws a jacket at you*
  12. I wonder what the inside joke is with the "Gookie Oppa" thingy? He looked squirmish lol. And 37 going on 17 sounds about right! lol. He's a trooper though because when mommy koala Yejin tried to climb him like a eucalyptus tree, he just stood there holding her no matter how exhausting it is (he did drop her to catch his breath lmao) and when she crashed onto him like a freight train and they look like they are going to barrel around together he held her tight and regained their footing to stop themselves from rolling down the Swiss Alps together. And also the on the spot math algebra lmao- even if you are genius, it's going to take a while. I take it he wants to show off his math skills but failed terribly lol. Plus if you are in front of your crush, you fumble anxiously to gather your wit and it's almost impossible to get the correct answer.
  13. I live for metaphors! lol He's acting like he's in his teens omg, it's hilarious. Even Yejin is surprised herself if you can see her face and her quip, "why are you like this, Ahjussi?" meaning he's all hyped up all of a sudden and it's weird lmao. I just love Yejin though, she's still in her funny witty self (her vivacious laughter is contagious, I laugh when she laughs ), but mind you, there's no vanity, nor whiff of ego at all. Even when HB was only teasing about having no problem with his looks, Yejin was like, "isn't anybody have some sort of insecurity about themselves at some point?" or something like that. And when they were trying to compliment each other, she went straight to groupie mode so he won't suspect and HB was all serious and sincere with his haha, but husband doesn't want to lose from wifey either so he addressed her in an old moniker. I just love both of them- they are like the parents that I never had. lol
  14. Word. I am all for the uncertainty of it. Setting reasonable expectations and keeping the balance between reality and fantasy is the key. These two crack me up and fill me with wonder whenever they interact. That alone keeps me occupied and had kept me from going over board. After all, they are actual people- with their own lives and are free to make their own choices. I love them both enough to cheer and support them on the sidelines wherever their choices take them whether its being together (if they aren’t its a shame because they fail to see what we see) or not. But for now, I’d just relax and have fun! Because HB being so unguardedly loose around YJ (he struck me as a serious introvert at first and seeing him being all transparent and giddy around a lady for a change) and YJ, being a tease herself goes all the way in for the prey lmao. I am telling you I love it so much that I am willing to stay the ship just for the journey. They are pure magic together and they know that. Anyway, I have a question. That montage featuring all HB’s works had me drooling (wipes face ). Do you know which movie was it where he is wearing a baseball cap and a college jacket (i think) flips it backwards and goes in? Because that was sizzling hot. Lmao
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