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  1. I low key shipped MrQueen couple, and I still think they are awesome together. Idk if he is really dating with Seo Ji Hye (if they say no, I respect the answer), she is gorgeous as well.. if they are just friends she is a gorgeous friend. I support him because I understand how fragile his mental health is, his has been through a lot. Mental Illness is important. I see people cancelling him because he didn't want to hold hands with someone, and claim his agency exposed that he had dating issues back then. Well you can get depressed by rejection, you can actually get depressed for no reas
  2. It's the meteor show, but it kind of game me the hope of reincarnation and that they might get together in their next lives.
  3. I know i am late but the end of the spin off is so perfect, this is the official ending for me.
  4. Idk about the end, I am not very fond of it. I hoped he will be given the chance to stay or go back and choose to stay with the King or something like that. I am sad we didn't see the Prince, and how he never saw his child, I mean he was in his womb and felt his kicking... Still, I am happy with the journey, I loved the actors and the story and this series were so complex-free about sex. The chemistry between the leads was amazing, and their scenes were gold. The goods outnumber the bads.
  5. I just watched this and my favourite moment was their conversation around the fire. When she said that he is going to lose, but she will still "put all her eggs in his basket". This is true love. This is a fun, unreal story, but the emotions are so strong. The intimacy between our main couple, the love seconds leads had for them. Ima miss this one, i enjoyed every part of it. Let's wish for a happy ending
  6. Do we actually know the real So Yong, to say that he doesn't deserve her? So far we know she had people tortured because she was upset and everyone in the palace was afraid of her. Only her close people said "nice" things. I mean everyone in this story is a grey character, nobody is completely evil or an angel, and if CJ didn't owe to her to like her. He was actually willing to kill that awful person from Kim clan, he didn't know the actual So Yong, he knew a girl from a prestigious family who made other people suffer like they did to his family.
  7. I just read a recap in dramamilk and as the King leans in for the kiss, Queen thinks it's ramen time and she wants it? I stand with the Queen we she deserves one more sober ramen time!
  8. TF. Not only they are trying to say that Queen's baby isn't King's they also want to kill both of them?
  9. I can't believe that a Chef from 2020 and a King from Joseon Dynasty are the best couple of 2021, i love their interactions so much!
  10. Maybe with a revolution he can unsurp the throne and if he has the support of the biggest family and people's it's a done deal. He needs to make a mistake or die without a heir.
  11. So they dared to go full Chinese version I am surpised they did this scene now, but i guess her dream was foreshadowing. I still wait for the subs but i see that the cousin now wants to be a King and even her family wants her dead. A heir maybe is what she needs now in order to remain a Queen.
  12. I do not understand something. The cousin tries to expose the King, but can the King be deposed? Historically, many Kings have been deposed to various reasons, will the cousin usurp the throne given there is no heir and he started the "revolution"? If he falls, what happens to the Queen, can she remarry? I can see why the cousin does this, he thinks the King is a bad person who tried to kill his wife, but what will happen to the Queen?
  13. I am so salty this isn't on Netflix and we will not get any cute games-interviews.
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