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  1. Does it mean that Bel Malang selected the Ralph Lauren outfit for her Baeksang Red carpet?? That could only explain how both HB and SYJ were dressed in Ralph Lauren on that day! Coincidence, much?!
  2. Same here!! I get Philippines news, or Indian news. But nothing from SK itself. Maybe the algo identifies based on language, so Google only shows me English articles. The 3 pics and the sunflower: where did the sunflower go in the CF? I think it might be for a photoshoot or maybe a Metrostyle kind of interview. The blue dress looks very different from the 1st CF.
  3. Yeah and I wish we had more interviews/ photoshoots/ news articles from Korea also. Right now i can't even find much information from Korea itself. I don't know if Google algorithms block it out for me.
  4. I wonder if we International fans- especially CLOY converts are the ones who track their activities, connect the dots and ship them the most. We didn't exist before CLOY. So there was noone to connect their activities. I wonder what's the situation in South Korea like..I know a lot of Koreans love them, but probably they don't really ship them like crazy?
  5. Hahaha.. I agree. People can't really see the Mediheal - Manyo connection ( it's done in a way to create the least stir maybe? They even ensured that they maintained distance and ignored each other at the Anniversary event so that we have literally zero crumbs from it) But this is total of 4 projects together in a way ( 5 if we count the cameo in SeGa lol) Has anyone ever worked in so many projects together in K Ent ?
  6. I agree!! I felt the same when I watched MOTA. In fact his diction is very clear and he speaks it fluently. So for sure HB puts 100% time and effort into everything he does, and won't take up something if he didn't have enough time to go through it. Anyways I am sure SMART didn't mean it in any demeaning way. Who cares about English anyways. Most countries in the world are successful despite communicating in their native language only. For a non native speaker, ability to speak English is as good as an English speaker's ability to speak French or German.
  7. Well watch HB's SMART ad... It shows a screenshot of Love Alarm's episode list when HB is looking at the phone The names of the episodes are: Episode 2: There is nothing anyone can do when you like someone Episode 3: The miracle of 2 people liking each other My question is: why screenshot of this particular title and episodes only? I mean out of the other K dramas or movies that HB has done and which are being showcased on Netflix- they could have showcased MotA or anything else. But now with the It's meant to be line, i feel SMART a
  8. I can imagine that he must have got an attractive SMART plan as part of his endorsement deal, so referred his " friend" to also use it so that they can stay connected over their long distance calls now.
  9. . It would be great marketing from SMART if they can get HB and SYJ in one CF together. Clauses with Catriona might be different, and she was known on her own merit. Right now Binjin is hot property. Any company that can get them together in a CF will get internet breaking views and media attention- not just in Philippines, but Internationally also. So brand wise it makes sense to bring them together at least in 1 CF that encompasses the entire brand and product lines. And if SMART is the first one to do that, then they would be really SMART.
  10. Yup, from India. CLOY is like the Korean Veer Zaara, albeit so much better. I actually found out that many people do follow K dramas in India but I think it's limited to girls in college/ younger women. One Korean movie that people in India have watched and love is The Classic. You will find many mentions of it even now. Similarly, I got to know that Koreans love 3 Idiots- it's mandatory viewing in schools. Now with lockdown here and with recommendations from friends, people have started watching K dramas but it takes getting used to -mainly because the audience is used to
  11. Aren't some K dramas very wacky though. I liked Itaewon Class apart from CLoY. Faded out after 1-2 episodes while trying out the rest. Indian movies, yes have become too formulaic and lack genuineness. CLOY I feel mainly worked because of HB and SYJ. If u look at it objectively, it has its weaknesses in the script. Anyone who is new to K dramas/ not a sucker for romance / fantasy actually get bored of CLOY after 1-2 episodes mainly due to the NK Setting initially. But for us, it was the chemistry between HB and SYJ that made us fall in love with the show. Crash landing is
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