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  1. I wonder when days are dry, and spring waters are needed, where do i get them. Have i told ya'll i love this thread, and love you guys? i silently LOL most of the time cos some of you are absolutely hilarious. It brightens up my otherwise mundane days. Shooting's over, we probably won't get any fan cams. And the bts (where the hell is epi 12 bts?!?!?! ) we would need to watch them over and over again (not complaining, i love the couple!) And and and... most likely, we won't get many updates on IG. No news is good news for me. As long as, both of them are happy. There's a theory - The Law of Attraction. Likes attract likes. I think besides the many talisman we already have in cupboards/pockets/pillow cases , we'll need the positive energy for likes to happen (or happened). hahahah Here's another short chapter of the fanfic, may they become 'US' one day. https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1444529/6/the-start-of-us
  2. Ladies~~ we can do a ZOOM meetup! that'll be sooooo cool ~~ We can do it on a sunday, next week? After the last episode!
  3. there's a chinese saying that goes - 友达以上恋人未满. it means more than friends, but yet not in a relationship. maybe the bts were all.. him trying very hard. hahahaha (we all love hardworking men, dont we? ) and more than friends, but not yet in a r/s. both parties are interested in each other.. ooohhhh flutters! we dont know the NOW, whats happening NOW - but i feel very optimistic mate, the confirmation for me was last friday's IG. i cant wait to hear happy news - news that yes, they are indeed in a r/s. my heart will swell!!!
  4. i think everyone's (hearts) bursting right here... hahaha So a very very very short chapter. I can't write rated ones - though i studied biology. HAHAHA https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1444529/5/our-dates I love this thread, I love you guys.. it's full of positivity and love for these two!!
  5. i second this mate! hahhah his smile seems to have some meaning to it. perhaps - im dating but not caught? hahahah last friday's IG frenzy seemed to have some meanings. His post, the agency's comment, his reply, kge's post, kge's friend's post... i believe it may imply something happy?
  6. got to share this here! as shakira sings hips dont lie... i say, LMH's eyes dont lie too. Look at those eyes ALWAYS on KGE. and there's a part where they are mirroring each other? the one with their mouth. someone posted about if you like somebody, you'll tend to mirror her? ^^ our boy here is too obvious!! but we love it!! hahahaha
  7. our dearest couple went dating... hahahah in reel life of course. but someone commented that, in the video, after filming ended, they were still holding hands!! muhahhahaha love is in the air ~~
  8. sharing this! time flies... 4 more episodes maybe the group could gather and watch the last episode tgt? i hope they do! and the wrap up party too!!
  9. lady noh is indeed from ROK - she mentioned about the 1950 war. that war was between north and south korea. and the poem book she's reading? my guess is, thats written by her sister, who is still in ROK. this travelling between worlds have started a long time ago then.
  10. to my muslim (if any) royal court ladies, selmat hari raya. i wish you and your family, love, light and lots of happiness. it has been great fun (and continue to be) shipping mr giddy n ms sunshine with you all!
  11. FATAL KISS SCENE - with only 1 take? must have been some real passionate kisses out there defo as LMG and KGE.
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