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  1. Happy 1000 Pages BINJIN Shippers! This is my 2nd time posting here. I've been lurking here since March and make my own account. I was curious about this thread so I join. I'll hope someone will noticed too what I've observed to BinJin Couple or maybe it was discussed here before? I've noticed that in the past individual interview of SYJ and HB when they have separate interview on their different film before they were asked individually about marriage and what age do they want to settle down? But when TN interview, CLOY Presscon, Netflix CLOY interview and CF's interview MC's/Interviewer don't asked them about marriage or settledown even after CLOY Season had ended and today they had separate projects like HB has movie & CF's and SYJ has CF's. I am curious about the MC's asking questions. But I have read the past comment here before that when SYJ had her interview about dating rumors (I can't remeber the exact answer but I'm going to rephrase it and correct me if I'm wrong) "she answered that on the next film project that she is doing she told the press that make sure she will have a good dating rumors and when a goodman show up she will get married" (please correct my phrase). I am curious about those interview maybe because during TN Season and CLOY Season they don't want to talk about what status they have so their show will not overshadow by their relationship status. Maybe because they want their relationship status in private so they can freely enjoy each other time. So soon they can announce in public that they're getting married or they're already tied the knot as these pandemic end. Let's support them individually or if they had accept a new project together. Let's wait patiently and pray for both of them (career, health and married life). Let them be. Let's give them privacy and space. If both of them ended up together and they will announced it in public we are lucky that these ship is sailing. Just be happy on those receipt that they give to us (LA Grocery, Golf, TN fan meetings, Bus Selcas during TN fan meetings, Switzerland Photos taken in Christmas Day, Restaurant, Incheon Airport off to Mongolia for CLOY filming, Birthday in Mongolia and Jeju Island during CLOY filming, Orange Lemon Plant, Baeksang Arts Award, IG Liking Spree and CF's related) . Let's continue and keep sailing we never know maybe tomorrow, next day, next week, next month or next year they will surprised us with an explosion of bomb announcement with a flying colours on what we were waiting and expecting for.
  2. I just want to add an info about her. In her late 20's they went on a vacation with her parents at Dos Palmas, Palawan Philippines before. I saw it on twitter posted by a BinJin shippers.
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