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  1. I would like to add that if KES is not comfortable writing scenes like that, then they can pick some Fan fic that would be perfect for that particular scenes. I would be happy to suggest some of them that is very detailed.
  2. Delulu aside, I kinda get her point. Judging how less energetic KGE in that BTS, she could be probably having PMS.
  3. Ohh, this reminds me of the scene where JTE introduced Lee Gon as her Boyfriend to her father. Are we having Dad-meets-BF moment here again? hahaha too much delulu will kill me!
  4. @MsMagic @Heretorant They are playing with our sanity! Lol Prob. a stupid question but I am not well-versed with IG. Is there a way to filter tagged photos? I am asking because I am following dz_ej's account and saw her tagged photos which was very few but one stood out most! Edit: IG tagged photos can be filtered. And I've seen a lot of IG posts tagging KGE's staff but not one has end up on her profile so...
  5. I am not sure if this was shared here, but I just came across this tweet about the movie featured on the last scene in TKEM "Barefooted Youth". The main leads of the movie, end up together!
  6. As I have said, a website's credibility is questionable to me when it's full of advertisements. I think they only care about the website traffic and not about the credibility of their contents because traffic = dollars.
  7. The moment I saw that heavy advertisement on that site, it lost its credibility to me and stop reading at "His fans are now said to be begging him to date Kim Go Eun" lol.
  8. As much as I'd like to back read, my eyes are straining because of the new UI Design. May I request dear Admins if you can't bring back the white BG ASAP, atleast make the font color WHITE? Pretty please? Not all of us here are Teens with 20/20 visions, We have Ahjummas and Noona/ Unnie with an eye of a hundred year old (Yep! That's me!) here.
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