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  1. @corey Indeed! I like and enjoy that thread and been a silent lurker for awhile now while getting to know more about JH.. And yes, I have already seen most of his recent works and I’m in awe! I have just actually finished reading the MF Forum.. So now I’m wandering around.. As for the other versions, i’m hearing about those & reading some reviews but havent’t had the chance to check for myself as I’m still in a spell called ‘JH’
  2. And I’m 6 years late.. Accidentally found this drama in Netflix after ignoring it for sometime.. Really glad I gave it a go. I’m really not a fan of Kdrama and FTLY is like the 5th Kdrama that I’ve tried to watch & finished coz I really couldn’t complete a kdrama. I didn’t expect to like this one a lot and because of this, I’ve been introduced to the amazing Jang Hyuk & now I just can’t stop being mesmerized by all his works. Am really glad I found this gem and its sooo nice this thread is still active.
  3. JH as Yi Bang Won is just excellent! His acting skills and emotions are so alive and real, I could actually feel it. And his chemistry with the other actors in MC are so strong! Very good Drama indeed!
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