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  1. @eLizza Thank you for recommending the gem that is Still 17!! I just finished it yesterday and i loved it! It's my next favourite k-rom-com now after CLOY! (although i haven't watched that many rom-coms yet, still skeptical in finding good ones..especially ones with good dialogue and characters) Also agreed with you there are many similar traits btwn the ML and RJH's character! I share the same sentiment - i'm such a sucker for naive, caring MLs like these two! Wonder if you know of any other dramas with similar characters, would love to check it out! Now that i've watched it, i totally get what you mean!! A heart warming, feel good plot twist, totally loved it! @TotoroSY let us know when you've gotten to watch Still 17, would love to hear your thoughts on it! I've just started Hospital Playlist, liking the humor so far Just wanted to say, I'm so glad for a helpful community here - not only in regards to all things CLOY, but the good recommendations on other series that's been helpful with post-cloy withdrawals Also, 4 more days to Baeksang!
  2. LOTR is one of my top movies, along with a few handful of others hehe! But you're definitely a bigger fan than me haha! Here's to CLOY breaking barriers and mindsets in film awards and k-ent!! Thanks for sharing that article, I love how it resonates with many people, especially modern, aspiring career women! I can never get tired of that market scene...the way RJH looked at her with that slow eye blink and warm, comforting smile with the candlelight...ayo, all hearts are slayed right there and then if they haven't yet before that scene Thank you for the recommendation! Have added the show to my Netflix's list. I really love and appreciate good character development, especially in dramas..although sadly, it's not easy to find dramas that's strong in this area. After watching several dramas post-CLOY, I realized how many dramas fail to live up in this aspect or I find myself being so annoyed at poorly written characters lol. Can't stand lead characters that are dumb especially or lack common sense, I think that's my pet peeve hah! Btw, @TotoroSY I've finished Strangers, thanks again for the recommendation previously! I like the chemistry between the leads although there was no romantic development but hopefully they'll expand on that in season 2! Currently watching Healer, can't remember if it was you or someone else who recommended it here previously but so far I'm liking this series! The leads are cute together and the overarching plot is simple but interesting The ML's character feels like it's Superman-inspired lol. Oh my..I never saw it from this POV until now!! Still so much fresh angles to discover about their characters I definitely need a re-watch again to analyze and take note of these details lol. Have you watched When The Camellia Blooms? I've saved it on my Netflix too but have yet to watch it..mainly curious for its many nominations in Baeksang, I think it's the only drama with more nominations than CLOY.
  3. totally understand hahaha! From what i heard/read...I guess MoA doesn't focus too much on the romance part at least heh. *High 5* fellow LOTR fan!! Haven't watch GoT yet as I've no HBO haha. Talking about LOTR...remember when they swept the Academic Awards back then? It was nearly unheard of back then right for a fantasy genre to win Best Picture? Yet they did, along with many other awards! So who knows...as much as people may put a tight reign on their expectations for CLOY at Baeksang because it's a "rom-com"..never say never eh? I personally feel it's unjust to push aside a film/drama just because of its particular genre. A job well done is a job well done, regardless of the genre and I hope awarding bodies will start to look beyond the genre names. I hope so!! he's already so naturally swoon-worthy that any well-written characters in a romance drama/film would make him the golden standard of a life partner for many lol. On the topic about lead characters in k-dramas...has it been a long on-going trend/norm where the male leads are usually rich, proud, cold and domineering and the female leads are damsels in distress, the average girl next door, etc.. Wonder if that was a very common/typical characteristics for k-drama leads in the past decade? Maybe the landscape is changing but I wonder if one of the many reasons people find CLOY very refreshing is because of how different RJH & YSR's characters are written - both on equal footing in terms of giving in the relationship, equal backgrounds (political power & money power), both equally smart, capable and sacrificial. It's not like one of them is better than the other but they're both so strong, likeable and endearing individually (which is amazing despite their past) And when they come together, they don't take away what each other already have, but they add on to each other in a healthy, mature way. I mean...i honestly hope someone can give me ANY reference of a k-drama with anything close to how these 2 characters are written - because I would genuinely like to check it out. But for now, I know of none yet. And to me personally, this is one big reason why CLOY works so well. So i hope CLOY will also be the precedent & trend-setter for future k-drama leads..cause man, we seriously need more strong women characters, less jerky-male leads and better examples of what a healthy relationship is like haha.
  4. Thank you for the detailed insights and info!! For someone relatively new to korean film awards, you're very well informed! Yeahh the 1st hallyu wave ala winter sonata days oh myy haha! Glad to find people with similar experiences here Ooh I found Healer on Netflix, added to 'my list' haha thank you!! Have saved MoA too on my list but will probably watch it after my RiRI emotions have subsided to the point I can see either of them in another on-screen romance. I've been lurking on the BINJIN Shipping Thread! That thread is so active hahaa and I noticed some familiar names there too "Ideal male image of modern society" - Can kick butt, protect, cook, make coffee, ride you home on a bike, buy your groceries, take a bullet for you - all while being a respectful, upright gentleman. Sorry all you single men out there, we understand it's a hard standard to beat Talking about the term "king of hallyu dramas"...I know SYJ is called the "Queen of Melodrama" in SK...but is there a "King of Melodrama" titled bestowed on any actor? Haha! I've not seen HB's other works but just from CLOY alone and from some articles written, it seems HB really shines best in the romance genre. If anything, I see it so befitting that the "King & Queen of melodrama/romance" coming together in CLOY is practically a once-in-a-lifetime gift to us fans! Thank you for the input too! Yeahh SYJ has a LONG list of awards and accolades it's crazy (yet totally warranted)! I was wondering though..I realized from HB's profile that all his award wins/nominations are from his drama projects..Not sure if the list there is updated but I find it quite surprising that he doesn't have more award wins/nominations than some other actors who are less known. Hope it doesn't sound like a comparison, just that it's genuinely surprising given his A-list status and his depth of acting talent and skills, etc, he would have raked up a looong list of awards because it's well deserved. So I guess it's a surprising fact is that he hasn't received as many nominations/awards for his many film works and also by other awarding bodies like Blue Dragon, Grand Bell, etc. I recognize he has some outstanding achievements such as being the youngest actor to ever win the Daeksang which is daebak!
  5. Some questions on the Baeksang Awards, hope someone can help enlighten me 1. Will the artists, film industry peeps, etc. be attending the ceremony live? I read somewhere that there won't be an audience due to covid19 but not sure if this is referring to live guest audience or everyone? If they are attending, it'll be so amazing to see the whole CLOY cast there! 2. I read somewhere also that normally a particular show will not win all/most the categories they're nominated in because it will be distributed between different shows? Not sure how this is like based on past year patterns..and I'm pretty new to this whole baeksang awards thing. It would be so satisfying to see CLOY take home Best Drama, Actor, Actress, Screenwriting, and Director at least but...if the above mentioned is true, I guess I should lessen my expectations? Even though they completely deserve it in all the categories haha. 3. The Daesang award can be open to any categories (show/actor/actress/etc.)? And will there be 1 respectively for both the tv & film category? 3. Is the baeksang awards the highest accolade for the film industry in SK? I know they call it the "Oscars of Korea" so..does it mean to win a Baeksang award is considered the highest form of recognition ? Thanks in advance! Learning quite abit about K-ent these days! Phew, good to know! I hope the thread will come more alive during the baeksang awards haha! And yess I think like us, many people truly didn't expect much or didn't have any expectations (like me) in starting CLOY...then, just like how the OTP fell head over heels in love, so did we with the show lol. It's been a loooong time too since I was this in love with a drama (esp korean!). My 2 favourite k-dramas back in the day was All About Eve (2000) and My Girl (2005) I was still in school back then hahaha and then k-dramas just dropped off the grid for me since..I wasn't even interested about shows like Goblin/DOTS despite the hype and nothing brought my interest back to k-dramas until well..CLOY haha. Thanks for the recommendations! I definitely would wanna watch The Negotiation unfortunately it's not on Netflix so gotta find it somewhere else..I just started Strangers thanks to your recommendation! Ep 1 is good enough for me so far..looks like this will be on my watch list for now. Will push REPLY 1988 to another time haha. I've been more of a crime/thriller series person for some time but deep down i do enjoy the romance/rom-com stuff...just that it's really hard to find good ones that makes me emotionally invested in the characters and doesn't make me cringe. CLOY is the golden standard that's hard to beat.
  6. Finally done backreading this thread haha! I think it actually helped in my withdrawal healing process lol. Reading back the discussions, etc. on this thread kinda helped me re-live the show in a way So now I've finally caught up and the funny thing that's a tinge of melancholy that I've even come to the "end"/latest page of this thread...oh my, what has CLOY done to me seriously. I understand the thread has significantly quietened down since the finale as people have gone back to their lives but I really appreciate having this place to be able to still talk about CLOY with like-minded people Not sure how it works around here but I hope this thread will still remain alive and somewhat active in the coming days...at least until we've all past the 6 months period and moved on haha. I love this question! Will need to rewatch again for more examples but the few at the top of my head are: For SYJ : - The whole DMZ border scene @ Ep16. Nothing short of phenomenal. When I was thinking about previews for Baeksang previously this scene is always in the must haves. - The interrogation scene @ Ep15 - The breakdown she had @ Ep12 when she thought they've left SK For HB : - The DMZ border scene too. - His tearful scene @ Ep 14 when SR woke up at the hospital - Finding SR again at the carpark at ep 11 - Emotional confession with his dad @ Ep 9 - When SR was kidnapped at ending of Ep 8 Love this observation, which I didn't realize until you mentioned it. It only adds to my love for their characters knowing even better now how mature their storyline and relationship development is So amazingly and seamlessly woven into the story too!! Thanks for sharing this! Out of the many reviews written, this is one that resonates with me alot - from how she started the show with zero expectations and falling into the CLOY love trap haha and her descriptions of the acting, characters and overall charm of the show ♥️ Woahh writer-nim!! So cool and well deserved! What an impact CLOY has been indeed. Also, thank you for your consistent updates and inputs @TotoroSY!! I think someone mentioned it before, thank you for taking the time and effort to post and share so many info and news on our beloved show! On this topic, I've actually started re-watching k-dramas again after my looong hiatus pre-CLOY. I guess you can call them my rebound dramas hah. But out of all I've watched..obviously nothing comes close to CLOY. I guess no matter what CLOY will always be my bias/UF but in all objectivity, I doubt there's another drama that I would find to be as well-rounded as CLOY is in terms of cast, characters, plot, humor, dialogue and production quality. That's what makes CLOY really outstanding and a classic. The dramas I've watched to date are: - Itaewon Class (it was an entertaining drama post-CLOY since it was more light and family/business focused. Couldn't handle a romance drama for some time after cloy lol) - Mr Sunshine (interesting drama for background on korean history but the pace was way too slow for me..i think i only found the last few episodes enjoyable) - MLFTS (same writer Park Ji Eun, it was interesting to see the similar themes/characteristics but definitely a far cry from her latest work. I'm so impressed at how much her writing and work has grown since) - DOTS (first 3 episodes only, couldn't get pass that sorry) - Vagabond (started off interesting but it started to fall apart towards the end imho. the ending was just..no) - Signal (The one I enjoyed most from this list - mainly for its interesting/unique plot) I have actually yet to check out HB & SYJ's past works (CLOY was their first work I've seen since my k-drama days ended way back) but I couldn't bring myself to watch their previous works yet simply because.....I can't bear to see them on screen with someone else (HAHA oh my I think i need help) I just want to retain the memories and images of them being on-screen only with each other for now lol. Funny thing is my husband actually knew about HB more than me cause he watched/knew about Secret Garden from his younger days. Anyhow..if there are any really good dramas out there that would be worth watching to ease this withdrawal, would love to hear from you guys I'm thinking of checking out REPLY 1988 as that had a good rating and seems to be have been recommended/mentioned by some here previously. 3 months in now, we're halfway through the condolences period guys! Although deep down we know...like our OTP, we will never fully move on with another I haven't shared my full review/thoughts on CLOY yet here..not sure if I should but..if i do, will definitely need to gather my thoughts to write it out..yes without sounding over the top haha.
  7. hi everyone! New to this forum and i've been silently reading the past pages in this thread (400+ pages is no joke lol) and enjoyed the various conversations, discussions and reviews here! I finished watching CLOY back in mid-April and as befitting its title, this show crash landed onto my heart and got me hook, line and sinker. My last korean drama I remember watching was back in 2005/2006 LOL and thanks to the lockdown and hype surrounding CLOY, I finally started watching it in early April without any expectations...and look where it got me lol. Just a quick note - I'm from Malaysia and when I started watching CLOY in April, it was constantly on my Netflix Top 10 list...and the past 2 days I realised, eventhough it dropped out from the top 10 a while previously, it was back in the Top 10 AGAIN and it was no.8 yesterday..3 months after the finale. It's pretty rare (or hardly ever happens as far as I know) to see a show in the top 10 for this long. Definitely well deserved. Also love how CLOY has been recognised and positively reviewed worldwide as many has mentioned - from the big names no less! I saw the TIME article the other day but now it's on Al-jazeera too? I really, really hope the Baeksang judges realize what an impact CLOY has made to the SK entertainment industry and also on people's interest & awareness of the SK-NK history and geopolitical climate. I honestly can't say that there are many korean dramas that has had this level of impact
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