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  1. @September 22@binjinThere were two enormous explosions in the port of Beirut this afternoon creating a huge area of devastated buildings with many casualties. This is another calamitous disaster for poor Lebanon. Jordan is several thousand kilometres from Lebanon and one hour away by plane. The Jordanians will not be aware of this event in their neighbouring country until they watch the news channels, like the rest of the world.
  2. @Ririgagarin03 I had the same impression though I think both the back of head shots are of SYJ
  3. @mamipoppins I agree that the dark background makes reading much more difficult. I have asked Soompi if I can revert back to the old style. Awaiting their answer...
  4. Correct me if I am wrong but I think VAST was being taken over during this period so a business meeting that made HB leave Mongolia quickly would be understandable.
  5. Today the Emirates made  an agreement with SKorea to facilitate business and other professional visitors  and foregoing quarantine restrictions.   Maybe Jordan will follow or the filming will be moved to one of the Gulf States.

    1. QueenieBee


      Cool, thanks for the info! :)

  6. To return to the BAA I think that we should look at the results from the point of view that it was AMAZING that CLoY received SO many nominations. Considering that there were rumoured script problems (from the political point of view) during the making it was a brave decision to nominate in so many categories and demonstrates how their peers see them. This is no way denigrates the acting of the other contenders who were also marvellous but seeing the brief judges' comments where CLoY was not even mentioned, it is clear to me that in the present situation of the "balloon" problem and the closure of the NK/SK liaison office it was never going to be possible to award this extraordinary drama anything more than one prize. These nominations are our reward for the recognition of a drama that surpasses all national barriers for acting, script, direction, cinematography, original sound tract and more and is becoming loved and appreciated internationally. The universal praise this enterprise has received is lifting it to another level, not just a local K-ent drama and all those concerned will be rewarded with future offers accordingly. As for our beloved BinJin they will win many more prestigious prizes in the years to come.
  7. In my part of the world it is polite not to leave a female colleague or friend  sitting alone like this in a public space, but one should go and say good day at the very least.  In my observations of the South Korean culture they are all extremely well behaved and polite to each other in their speech and manners and very aware of the hierarchy of age.  To me this incident represents a well mannered young man demonstrating that he has been well brought up.

  8. I have followed this forum for several months now and feel that today I should show myself instead of just standing back and enjoying your contributions. It has been my refuge during Corona lockdown and the prior political upheavals going on in my country in the Middle East. I laugh, smile, sigh and gloriously agree with you all on the subject of BinJin. (A special mention of the quite brilliant fake subs coming from binjingrocery and binjindiary is appropriate at this point). This forum is a sisterhood of solidarity, with a few precious males as well. I, at a respectable ahjuma age, started watching CLOY because of SYJ and stayed because of the sheer pleasure of watching the RIRI story unfold, the ducklings, the ahjumas, the whole ensemble, director, writer, cinematography et al. I was saddened that CLOY did not receive more prizes it so richly deserved yesterday and can only assume that politics played a heavy role. HB/SYJ are quite simply my happy pill. They are individually and together a total delight to watch and I am catching up on ALL their previous work. I think they are wonderful ambassadors for K-ent in their approach to their profession, their hard work, their commitment, their beauty, and their unique modesty and gratitude. They are the engine that pushes CLOY to worldwide recognition. Maybe the Emmys would be a suitable award competition for this beautiful drama. Regarding the BAAs, I agree we should all remember how professional an actor has to be to stay at the top of K-ent for so many years, scandal free, hence the formality of the occasion on our BINJIN. I definitely felt that HB was gutted not to get Best Actor, his emotions always are on show, and he found it difficult to speak during the clip where they both thanked their worldwide fans. My impression was that SYJ was protecting his reaction from the cameras by her warmth and positivity. But how typically caring and charming of them to make this special "thanks" to all of us who did indeed register for Tiktok, and vLive (since deleted), voted our fingers off and then sat through 3 hours of a foreign language show just to support them! SYJ's "Thank you so much" was a more unusual choice of words than a simple "Thank you very much" and shows that she put thought into the wording. My opinion on this ship?? It is indeed very much sailing, a few small waves arrived yesterday, but today is calm again and the safe harbour can be seen in the distance.
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